I don’t know what your best life looks like, but you do.

It’s my job to help you figure out what you want — and why you want it.
And once you know what you want, we’ll replace those sluggish, self-defeating thoughts with empowering beliefs — so you can actively create luck, attract love and opportunities, and put your best body, business and life into motion.

Nothing is too good to be true.

As a Master Certified Life Coach, I see profound, pivotal, seemingly impossible transformations in my clients, every single day. The lifelong binge eater who lost 80 pounds, without dieting. The burnt-out engineer who reclaimed his creative power, and founded a business that’s changing the green energy industry. The nurse-turned-life-coach who’s wealthier, happier and more energetic that she’s been in two decades.

Your definition of “luck,” “passion” and “success” might be different than mine — or the client I worked with this morning — but the tools you need to create them are universal.

It all begins with your thoughts.

susan-hyatt-featuredinLess “self-helpery,” more “bad-assery.”

It took me hundreds of hours of training + nearly a decade of experiential learning to crystalize my own self-help philosophy. And here it is: you don’t need to ‘help’ yourself to heal yourself. You simply need to start thinking and behaving like the bad-ass you already are — by celebrating your contradictions, and leveraging your secret passions into lucrative, meaningful, life-nourishing work.

Speaking of lucrative, meaningful, life-nourishing work…

I wasn’t always a life coach — and I wasn’t always a bona fide bad-ass.

After earning my degree, I began my career in marketing and public relations, before swinging into residential real estate. As a realtor, I sold homes like hotcakes and turned a tidy profit — but my heart wasn’t in it. Neither was my body, for that matter: I was carrying 35 extra pounds around with me — as living proof of my own dissatisfaction.

Discovering the life coaching industry was my mega-watt lightbulb moment. I can help people figure out what they want, why they want it, and how to get it — AND get paid for it? Sign. Me. Up!

Three coaching certifications, one mastery program and 10,000 hours of practice later (whoa!) I’ve officially activated my inner bad-ass. And my inner bad-ass… happens to be a seriously talented coach.

Your dream is as good as mine.

Whether you want to change the world of wind-farm technology, win first place at the county fair cupcake contest, find a publisher for your series of Civil War romance novels, or just run a 5K without wheezing, your dream is as valid — and as worthy — as anyone else’s.

Whatever you want, you can have.

It really is that simple.
How refreshing is that?

Feel like getting lucky?

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