307, 2015

How to Create Your Own Style

I’m so excited to introduce Style on my blog! Fun Fridays will never be the same. Considering that I spend most weekdays sweaty and working from home, rocking out my athletic wear, by Friday, I’m […]

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207, 2015

Boxing to #makeascene

I’ve been SUPER bummed about a hamstring and sciatic issue that has benched me from running. Lucky for me, I have a fantastic personal trainer, Eli Green (AKA MEAN GREEN) from Bob’s Gym, who is […]

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107, 2015

I Love Studio Fran

We celebrate places, people and things I love on Wednesdays!

To kick things off, I’m giving a heartfelt shout out to my BFF, super cool mama, #ladyboss, and amazing custom jeweler, Frances Cadora of Studio Fran.

Check […]

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3006, 2015

Tomato Sandwich LOVE

Recently, I facilitated an amazing retreat in Savannah for my #makeascene participants. It was hot, hot, hot in Savannah! Despite the heat, we enjoyed a lavish, catered picnic in Forsyth Park.

Our caterer, Margaret Adler of […]

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2906, 2015


This is the first in a series of Go audio mp3’s to wake you up on your Monday morning and get you going.

So, this first Go mp3 is all about making a scene.

Listen here: (If you […]

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2806, 2015

Oh that? Not anymore.

Courtney, a single momma of a beautiful twelve-year-old son, had never been apart from her boy for more than a single day, except for the unreliable weekends with his father.

Twelve years. No adult vacations. No solo time […]

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2106, 2015

This pain could be your portal.

If I could transport you back in time, 12 years ago, to the two (trying to be three) bedroom home in Evansville, Indiana where I lived with my husband Scott and our young kids, this […]

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1506, 2015

Chill out. It’s tambourine time.

It was our final night in Positano and we’d been promised the meal of a lifetime.

“Mama” — who ran the kitchen at this legendary restaurant — did not disappoint.

Course after course poured out of her […]

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706, 2015

How 7 of your fav authors, bloggers and business owners {really} get stuff done.

I recently finished reading Paris Letters and it was one of those bittersweet experiences where you don’t want it to end.

The writing was so good. The story was so powerful. I wanted to travel back […]

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3105, 2015

How I went to Italy, ate pasta, devoured cheese, drank wine, and lost weight.


My personal trainer eyed me up and down.

“Hey, you’ve lost weight.”

I gave him a “Puh-lease, whatever” snort.

“I’ve been in Italy for the past three weeks eating pasta and cheese nonstop,” I laughed. Weight loss? Impossible. […]

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