2303, 2015

“Who loves you, baby?” The science behind positive self talk.

“I feel like I’m backsliding into my old habits,” my client confessed.

It had been several months since our last coaching session.

She’d been doing fan-freaking-tastically for a while — waking up earlier, taking care of her […]

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1803, 2015

Improving Your Self Image

Leslie Morgan and Susan Hyatt tackle ‘Improving Your Self Image With Original Medicine’ Love the skin you are in!!


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1203, 2015

“Self-violence” is not good for business.

I know you’ve spotted them, out there.
You’ve seen the agonized tweets. The stress-case updates in your Facebook newsfeed. The moaning across the table over coffee or tea.

“Running a business is incredibly STRESSFUL. My workload is […]

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903, 2015

Making a Scene at the Wake Up Call {Video}

Check out my new webshow Wake Up Call with WKDQ’s Leslie Morgan! I’m really enjoying doing something fun for my local audience in Evansville, Indiana.

Click to Play
Here is one of my stories of making a scene.

PS. Let […]

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203, 2015

Don’t hate. CREATE.

Not long ago, after posting some fun pics on Facebook of me lacing up my sneakers for my morning run, followed by some motivational song lyrics and a brand new blog post, I got a […]

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2302, 2015

Just because it’s not happening to you… doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

Me: Ugh. It drives me crazy that when boys speak out at school, they’re called “confident leaders.” But when girls do it, they’re called “bossy.”
Person who shall not be named: Well, that was certainly never […]

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1602, 2015

The nicest thing Martha Beck ever said to me.

After completing my Master-level life coach training with Dr. Martha Beck — you know, Oprah’s go-to personal development expert — Martha wrote me a very nice testimonial:
“Susan Hyatt is a tremendously talented and enthusiastic life […]

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1402, 2015

Create what you crave: Or, why I stopped waiting for “Prince Charming” & booked my own damn castle.

My husband of almost 22 years — aka: the Silver Fox — is probably never going to be named “Global Nomad of the Year” by National Geographic magazine.

His idea of a “thrilling travel adventure” is […]

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902, 2015

Just get your shoes on.

Want to know a dirty little secret?
Even after hundreds of hours of training from some of the best minds in the personal development industry (Dr. Martha Beck, Brooke Castillo, I’m looking at you)…

Even after being […]

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502, 2015

“Busy” is a shield. Take off your armor.

Mr. Busy strode into the Crossfit gym with his bluetooth zinging in his ear.
Late for class. Still talking — loudly — to the person on the other end of the line.

“Uh huh… right… no, Thursday […]

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