910, 2015

Love It! EVV Magazine Launch Party

I asked, “Leather pants are appropriate, no?”

Kana answered, “Always appropriate.”

This is why we get along.

It was my pleasure to attend the holiday issue launch party for Love It! EVV Magazine last night. My fellow #bosslady […]

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810, 2015

Age is Nothing But a Number

One of the biggest excuses I hear women use for not taking care of themselves is their age.

“I’m too old.”

“I’m not a spring chicken anymore.”

“It hurts to move…I’m older now.”

“My time has passed. It’s too […]

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710, 2015

My friend, Carmen

Dear Lovely Readers:

This is my friend Carmen, who passed away a week ago today.

So young, gifted and full of life. She was a fellow life coach who spent most days performing random acts of kindness […]

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610, 2015

Mason Jar Oatmeal– Breakfast for a Week

Something gorgeous is happening weekly in my kitchen. Y’all know I have a new Nonna, right? Well she’s got me HOOKED on these Oatmeal Mason Jars.

Here’s the basic recipe:

-Use pint sized canning jars so that […]

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510, 2015

Tone it UP.

Hello and Happy Monday!

This is Susan Hyatt and it’s GO time. This is the sixteenth episode in a series of GO mp3s to wake you up on your Monday morning and get you going.

In this episode […]

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410, 2015

You can still work yourself to death… even if you are doing what you love.

During my recent trip to Ireland (recap coming soon—spoiler alert: IT WAS THE BEST!) I needed to record a couple episodes of my weekly podcast.

The woman who owns the manor I rented out graciously hooked […]

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210, 2015

Finding the Perfect Jeans for Your Booty

Hey Style peeps!

I’ve got something extra fun for you today. I’m teaming up with Jodi Merrick from House of Bluez to help you find the perfect jeans for your booty. 

We jammed on Periscope – click below to […]

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110, 2015

The Importance of Rest

Usually I’m busy writing to you on a Thursday about the importance of MOVING your glorious god pod. But today I’m resting. And it reminded me how important rest is for the body.

Plenty of my […]

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3009, 2015

I Love Blue Door Ceramics

I love featuring fellow women entrepreneurs on LOVE Wednesdays!

When I was in Italy, I swooned over the pottery, but I was so focused on my retreat, that I never went back to purchase the dishes […]

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2909, 2015

3 Ways to Have Fantastic Meals At Your House

Happy Tuesday, my people!

My facebook friends will know that I’ve been investigating lots of different ways to have fantastic meals at my house. You’d think with a newly renovated kitchen I’d be more inspired to […]

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