Clear Coaches

There are some questions that nobody can answer for you.
Not me. Not your mama. Not even Google.

Some o’ those questions?

  • “Should I stay or should I go?”
  • “What if I went strawberry-blonde?”
  • “How can I make a living doing the work that I love?”

That last question is particularly tricky — especially when you’re a professional coach.

And while I can’t answer it for you, I can teach you absolutely everything I know about becoming a respected, sought-after and profitable coach.

From finding your voice … to filling your client docket … to marketing your mojo … to leveraging your story into holy-snap! opportunities to speak, write and get published …

I want to give you everything I know …

… so you can come into your own.

Sound like a good time? It sure is.

It’s called CLEAR COACHES.

Clear Coaches

Clear Coaches

10 reasons you’re gonna FLIP for CLEAR COACHES

1. You will (finally) get clear on who you want to coach — and how.

Live workshops with troubled teenagers? That’s an option. Luxury retreats with corporate leaders? That’s an option, too. One-on-one phone coaching for twenty-something hipster couples? Awesome. This is the kind of laser-focus that makes you feel free, not trapped.

2. You will take action, action, action.

CLEAR COACHES includes six months of training, with weekly checkpoints and oodles of support — online, on the phone and face-to-face. If you don’t make progress, honey, call a doctor. You might be in a light coma.

3. You will attend the World’s Coolest Slumber Party in my hometown of Savannah.

You’ll meet up with your fellow CLEAR COACHES (and cray cray me!) for a weekend of un-freaking-forgettable fun. Pass the sweet tea and buttermilk fried chicken, please!

4. You will receive GENIUS-level training.

Get ready for 36 live classes led by me + 22 incredible teachers. Blogging, copywriting, marketing, branding, video production, pricing, sales, publishing, public speaking —holy greens! Girl-crushes abound.

5. You will be encouraged to watch TV. Lots of it.

CLEAR COACHES includes an HD video series, where I’ll show you exactly how I built my six-figure coaching platform in less than 18 months, while teaching how you to chart your own path. (It’s better than anything on Netflix. Except maybe Downton Abbey. ;)

6. You will lock into the true stories that YOU were born to tell.

The gripping, uplifting, hilarious or just plain inspiring stories that will help you to motivate hundreds (and thousands) of people. The stories that nobody else on the planet can tell. Because they happened to YOU.

7. You will make friends like you’re back on the kindergarten playground.

CLEAR COACHES go on to form joint-ventures and businesses together, kick up their heels at each other’s weddings and birthdays, and stay connected forevs. It’s simply the BEST.

8. You will have permission to swear, let your freak flag fly and completely geek out about personal development with people who get it.

I mean, c’mon — that’s why we’re all here!

9. You will learn how to make money. As much as you want.

And your biggest revenue stream? It might completely surprise you.

10. You will have me — all up in your business.

Not to brag (OK, maybe just a little) but I’ve guided thousands of people into lives and careers that are hot-damn delicious. I’ve been featured on national TV, and in the pages of O, The Oprah Magazine, Cosmopolitan and Woman’s World.

I’m not perfect, but when it comes to running a respected, beloved and profitable coaching biz — honey, I’ve got this sh*t down.

Payment Options:

  • Six Payments of $499 each (after deposit)
  • Three Payments of $959 each (after deposit)
  • One Payment of $2700 (after deposit) BEST DEAL

What You’ll Receive:

I’ll show you exactly how I built my six-figure coaching platform in less than 18 months, but you won’t be modeling your business off my blueprint – or anyone else’s. This is about giving you the skills to access your own business brilliance – and create a coaching empire like none other.

CLEAR COACHES: the warp-speed summary

Clear Coaches is a six-month business-building program for certified coaches who want more clients, more confidence and more clarity about where to focus their time and energy.

You’ll dig into 36 live tele-classes, an online video-driven classroom, plus a mind-shifting weekend retreat with me and your fellow Clear Coaches.

The next cycle of Clear Coaches runs for six months — start date to be announced!

You’ll learn from me — and 22 business all-stars — who’ve learned in the trenches, both the hard way (and the easy way) so you can take the wisdom that fits with your vision — and build a profitable business that’s all your own.

You’ll invest in the complete training experience — with plenty of payment options to make the pricetag a piece of cake.

You will leave the program with your very own answer to a very big question:

“How can I make a living doing the work that I love?”

And that answer? It’s going to make you very, very happy.

Clear Coaches has filled up to the brim — with a ’round-the-block waiting list — for the past several groups.

Get what you need to set yourself up for consistent profitability and crazy-beautiful clarity, as a professional coach. Apply now.

Clear Coaches

Read below about these brilliant people and their classes

Danielle LaPorte
Class Topic: Firestarting Your Entrepreneurial Brilliance

Jennifer Louden
Class Topic: Teach Now and Enjoy It!

Brooke Castillo
Class Topic: How To Create a 6 Figure Practice

Debbie Phillips
Class Topic: How To Be An Entrepreneur On Fire!

Bridgette Boudreau & Jackie Gartman
Class Topic: Coaching You Through Your Mind Crack

Abigail Steidley
Class Topic: Soul Marketing!

Molly Mahar
Class Topic: Creating Camaraderie by Lovin’ Up On Your Tribe

Dyana Valentine
Class Topic: Pitch Perfect: Never Be a Deer in Headlights Again

Alexandra Franzen
Class Topic: The praise. The proof. The powah. How to gather a torrent of testimonials from your first wave of clients—
and hone your craft, while you bump up your street cred

Kris Plachy
Class Topic: Leadership Coaching

Angela Lauria
Class Topic: Social Media for Entrepreneurs

Sarah Seidelmann
Class Topic: How to Magically Manifest the Coaching Practice of Your Dreams with the messages of BEASTIES

Kendrick Shope
Class Topic: How to create an offer that makes you money

Jennifer Armstrong
Class Topic: Minding Your Business While Mining Yourself Using Mind-Body Tools

Kanesha Baynard
Class Topic: Creating Your Content Management Plan – aka – Editorial Calendar

Jenn Suarez
Class Topic: Transitioning from Day Job to Coaching

Nona Jordan
Class Topic: Unwinding your money legacy for business success

Yvette McIntire
Class Topic: Kicking Shame to the Curb

Cookie Rosenblum
Class Topic: Create Your Own Coaching Program

Susan Robertson & Kimberly McMahon
Class Topic: Design Your Formula for Breakthrough Success: An Experiential Workshop

Amy Pearson
Class Topic: Grow your tribe! 101 Ideas for Building A Kick Ass List

Jen Trulson
Class Topic: Cultivating Clarity through Ceremony, Ritual, and a Daily Practice

Jessica Riesenbeck
Class Topic: Tips & Benefits of Working with a Virtual Assistant

Stacey Shanks
Class Topic: Stand Up for SOMETHING: There’s No Time to be Boring, Mundane or Ordinary

Travis Brady
Class Topic: Create Brand Love – Learn branding fundamentals

Lin Eleoff
Class Topic: Smart Ass Blogging … You’ve Got Something to Say, So Say It Dammit!

Sarah Levitt
Class Topic: Keeping Your Eyes On the Prize: Building a Coaching Practice From Scratch

Laura Wagner
Class Topic: Letting Your Passions Rise To The Surface: Following the breadcrumbs back to yourself (I know, right?!) and how it will bring you clarity about your vision, your people, and your message.

C’mon, admit it: you love watching TV.

CLEAR COACHES includes an HD video series, where I’ll show you exactly how I built my six-figure coaching platform in less than 18 months.

Each video is short, sweet and full of actionable advice on creating coaching offerings, pricing your services, attracting the right customers, and leveraging each baby-bump of success into bigger & better opportunities.

But you won’t be molding your business into an exact replica of mine, or anybody else’s.

This is about giving you the skills to access your own business brilliance. Because only I can run my business. And only you can run yours.

Susan Hyatt |  Clear Coaches

The next cycle of Clear Coaches runs for six months — start date to be announced!

That’s a six-month investment of time, energy and elbow-grease, to set you up for a consistently profitable (and enjoyable) coaching practice.

Crack open your day-planner and jot down each of our 36 live tele-classes, led by yours truly and 22 of my favorite teachers: master coaches, business strategists, branding + marketing experts, social media mavens, writers and virtual tribe-builders.

The BEST of my world — lining up to rock yours.

All classes are recorded, in case you can’t make it. And you can always submit questions for me and our guest teachers via email, in advance.

But that’s just the first wave of wisdom, sister friend. Because …

You’re coming to my hometown.

Each tele-class lays the groundwork for a GENIUS strategy session-meets-slumber-party in Savannah, Georgia.

Uh-huh. You heard me: a 3-day girl-powered weekend retreat in my very own hometown.

Date: To be announced

Prepare for an epic weekend of relaxation, fun (the kind of ‘fun’ you used to have before you started stressin’ about marketing your coaching practice — ha!), and stuffy-free, non-boring business planning.

All of us around a table, kicking back, cutting up, making history. What happens in Savannah, stays in Savannah. (Or on Facebook! ;)

Lodging details available after enrollment. (Hint: a gorgeous mansion, all to ourselves.)

susan-hyatt-clear-coaches retreat

Amy PearsonI have worked with Susan individually and have also participated in her Clear Coaches program. As a busy mama and entrepreneur like me I felt connected with her immediately. Getting to know her, I learned that she is so much more than a devoted mom and a successful entrepreneur. She is one of the most inspiring people I know. A true leader. I love that she is humble, down to earth, fun loving and funny. Below the surface though she is one smart mama – resourceful, creative, intuitive, and insightful. On top of that she takes no bullshit! It’s kind of a combination of coaching and chearleading mixed with a little tough love. But whatever you call it she has taught me how trust my own brilliance. Or as Ann Lamott says “to be militantly on my own side.” There were times when I was very close to giving up on my dreams and I can thank Susan Hyatt for reminding me to stay the course. And here I am. Thank you Susan Hyatt!
Amy Pearson /
Bridgette Boudreau People! If you want to move forward as a full-time coach with a kick ass fully booked coaching practice, take this course! Susan is a good friend of mine, but what you may not know is that she has also been instrumental in helping me grow my coaching practice. She’s helped me develop ideas, see and realize my potential and kick me in the pants (with love) when I talk crazy-talk. I know she’s done the same for all her Clear Coaches because I see those coaches out there rocking it. If you are ready to move from dreaming to doing, Susan will help you get there.
Bridgette Boudreau /
Melissa Foster-CookI love learning from women that inspire me. That’s why I signed up to work with Susan in 2010. What she has built in her business is nothing less than extraordinary and it was a truly unique and fabulous experience to learn from her! Her transparency is a breath of fresh air. You get an inside look at how she runs her business as well as inside knowledge from that genius noggin of hers. She’s your number one fan, which plays out in the most generous ways. Bottom line: SHE WANTS YOU TO SUCCEED. And Susan always gets what she wants.
Melissa Foster Cook /
Deb DrozTo be totally transparent, I came into the Clear Coaches program wanting to practice, practice, practice my coaching. For some reason, this is what I thought a big part of it would be. It was not. And it’s a damn good thing. I could have ‘practiced’ for a long, long time, never getting around to doing it for real. Susan, via Clear Coaches, gave me the courage, subtly and gently and persistently (though Susan can be known for her ‘boot in the bootie’), to actually get on with my business. She helping me realize the only thing holding me back was the fact that I was hiding – from my own self, sure, but also from those I could help. So I stepped out there, bigger than I thought I could…and I had a blast. I did not ‘do’ her class perfectly, but I started my coaching business, coaching for free in the beginning, and getting paying clients in the process. But that’s not all – I remembered her telling me I was allowed more than one passion, so… I also started a little side dream business of mine, that I had been ‘practicing in my mind’ for over 10 years. I don’t know exactly how she does it, but you might just need a little of that Susan magic.
Deb Droz /
Susan RobertsonI highly recommend Clear Coaches if you want a fun, powerful and affordable way to take your coaching practice to the next level. I went from sitting in my kitchen with my laptop, spinning my wheels, to having a full coaching schedule and moving full steam ahead with exciting programs and offerings. I now have a completed website, a solid business plan, systems in place, clarity on my niche and the fire to create what I want in my business. Susan is so authentic, supportive and inspiring – she creates a safe space and provides guidance and great coaching to help you move past your fears & limiting thoughts and beliefs. Her authentic energy and style is just plain contagious & motivating! She’s smart and offers solid, useful content in every class to help you create what you want in your business. This program is a great investment. Apply now – you won’t want to miss this!
Susan Robertson /
martha beckSusan Hyatt really gets you going in a loving but challenging way! Clear Coaches provides everything to take care of that next step: the “how to” of setting up a business your way, overcoming procrastination (those difficult, pesky Square 3 steps!), and taking the stress and confusion out of marketing. And she makes it fun! Her energy is contagious; she pushes you in a loving way to own who you are as a coach and what you have to give to the world. I recommend this class as a “must-do” for coaches!
Susan C. Foster
Laura RosenbergSusan Hyatt is a masterful, fun, smart life coach and mentor! She helps you connect with yourself on a deeper level so you can live a more rewarding, on-purpose life. Whether you are considering Susan for coaching, a workshop or to be a mentor, know you are in very capable, warm and committed hands.
Laura Rosenberg /
Sarah LevittSusan Hyatt’s energy and enthusiasm can’t help but draw you in and make you want to learn from her, both as a Coach and a business person. She’s created a coaching practice doing what she loves, and in addition to sharing her own strategies and tips in her Clear Coaches program, she packs in guest faculty to share their wisdom on everything from thought work to video production. On top of that, she offers bonus 1:1 sessions to her Clear Coaches to give individual attention to each participant. She’s a dynamo!
Sarah Levitt /
Diane MacKinnonWith Clear Coaches, Susan Hyatt has given me the tools I need to take my life coaching business to the next level. I have developed the skills and the mindset of an entrepreneur over the last few months and have gained a community of like-minded people who I can turn to when I have questions or need support.
Susan has been a mentor and a friend and she is a wonderful teacher. I could learn anything from her, even “boring” things like how to grow my list or create my brand. I used to think those things were boring–now I’m excited about both!
With Clear Coaches, Susan over-delivers in every way. We have had amazing guest speakers, kick-ass content, and a fabulous entrepreneurs weekend–and it’s not over yet! Thank you, Susan, for your presence, your skills, and your ability to teach those skills to others!
Diane MacKinnon /
Shawna O'Hagan MorrowSusan Hyatt’s Clear Coaches was the best investment for me. Susan helped me to be authentically me and taught me how to get my unique message out to my clients. All of her classes and the bonus classes – with the amazing group of people she has put together – are aimed at helping us to be the best coaches we can be. Every single class was bursting at the seams with information, resources and support. She has helped me get over what’s holding me back – look the fear in the face and take the steps forward anyway. Susan and my classmates have become my support system. I know they have my back and I can count on them. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to build a kick ass coaching business.
Shawna O’Hagan Morrow /
Connie CruthirdsSusan Hyatt doesn’t just think outside of the box. It doesn’t occur to her there is a box. Through her Clear Coaches program, and her honest, put it all out there, writing, her deeply passionate work as a coach has invited me to grow inside and out. I learned how to put my soul into my business; discern what I really wanted to create; and, though I had never fully valued myself before, I quadrupled my income and volume in less than a year. Her brilliant team of teachers and deep care for me as a person helped me step beyond my many fears, claim the role God intended for me, and begin to dance again. Marcel Proust once said, “Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” Susan’s passion waters the soul….and she has a blast doing it! I am so grateful!
Connie Cruthirds /
Yvette McIntireBeing a member of Clear Coaches held so many benefits for me. First there is the awesomeness of being in Susan’s orbit, which is so motivating and inspiring. Her energy is uplifting and kept me striving for excellence. Second is the benefit of having a group of like minded solopreneurs who are experiencing the same highs and lows as you. Working from home is isolating at times and the camaraderie of the Clear Coaches group is priceless.
Yvette McIntire /
Katie McClain Clear Coaches is a treasure trove of magic. I’ve made wonderful new friends. I’ve been wowed by Susan’s wisdom, unending support and cheer. The line up of expertise that Susan has provided has completely blown me away. The teachers I have met in this class are beyond beyond! I’ve stepped out of my fears and am making exciting things happen in my business thanks to this wonderful Clear Coaches experience. Susan has always and will always continue to be an inspiration to me. If I were you, I’d get in on this class right away and create some of your own magic in your business and your life!
Katie McClain /
Kanesha BaynardSusan’s Clear Coaches program helps you improve your mission and vision in building your coaching practice. Her connection to other experts, coupled with the tools she provides, helps you stay engaged throughout the program. You’ll life, cry, grow, and move forward.
Kanesha Baynard /
Stacey ShanksI entered Susan’s Clear Coaches group this year with a dream of a life that wasn’t determined by someone else’s limitations of how successful I should be, a longing for a life that offered the freedom and the flexibility of determining my own success, and a healthy dose of guts. These were the ingredients I brought with me to Clear Coaches. Susan stirred in confidence, direction, business know how with her personal successes, and sprinkled a whole lot of fun on top. Today, I pinch myself daily to have my coaching business take flight! Thanks to Susan for the courage to share her knowledge with the world so we can shorten our own learning curve in our own experiences, and her love of what she does. Susan truly cares about each and every Clear Coach in her group. That is invaluable!
Stacey Shanks /
Beryl Herrin I have received so much from Clear Coaches with Susan Hyatt. She is passionate, committed and has created a wonderful program that brings in fantastic guest speakers and meaningful content. Her energy is infectious and feel without a doubt that she is in my corner cheering me on to my own greatness. This program has been an asset to getting my coaching business off the ground~ she is a “go to” coach and I am grateful for this opportunity. Oh, and did I mention fun and right on? She is!
Beryl Herrin /
Kimberly DelcocoWOW…what a difference a year can make! This time last year I was feeling alone in my entrepreneurial journey. Even though my business surrounds me with amazing women, I needed to be in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. Clear Coaches has been that for me and so much more. Through our weekly group calls, our live weekend together, our private web group and my coach partner I have been able to explore, brainstorm, meltdown, etc. in order to take my business to the next level. Susan brilliantly put together a community that supports us on our entrepreneurial journey!
Kimberly Delcoco /
Cookie RosenblumI worked with Susan this past year on building my coaching practice in her Clear Coaches group. Although I had been coaching for many years, I stayed small and local. My clients came from referrals and I wasn’t sure what my next steps were. Susan showed me how to make the leap into the bigger fishbowl…the world outside of my small town. She met each of us where we were and helped us clarify our desires AND make our next moves. Of course, the buck stops with you, but with Susan on your team, you’ll know exactly what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and you’ll develop the mindset that will enable you to take action.
Cookie Rosenblum /
Clear Coaches is rock solid, super fun and will provide you way more than you need to get you where you want to be in your business. As a brand new coach, I had the desire and passion but none of the structure, know-how, mechanics and crucial support needed to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and into action. Clear Coaches absolutely helped me with all of that and so much more. Susan is such an inspiration on so many levels. Not only does she have incredible business knowledge and expertise, but her energy and presence is beyond motivating. Susan’s huge generous heart coupled with her business acumen is a wicked combination. Also, and so importantly, the women I’ve met in Clear Coaches are absolutely incredible. To work and collaborate with such creative and supportive changemakers was nothing short of magical. Their support and input was invaluable and made what can sometimes be an isolating business super fun. I know I have created bonds that run deep and we are so there for each other which is pretty darn cool. Don’t even think twice. Invest in yourself and your business and enroll in Clear Coaches.
Michelle Reinhardt
Susan’s Clear Coaches class has been the perfect compliment to my MBI training—giving me the tools and confidence I need to take my coaching business to the next level. In addition to sharing real-world examples and advice based on her own wildly successful coaching career, Susan has recruited an amazing line-up guest teachers who offer valuable insight into building your brand, growing your tribe and creating kick-ass marketing strategies. I recommend Susan’s Clear Coaches class to anyone looking rev up their coaching business and uncover their personal path to success!
Carrie O’Connor
Denise Costabile In the fall of 2012, I made one of the best business decisions of my life when I signed up to take Susan’s Clear Coaches Course.
I walked away from this amazing 6 month program confident my intentions of offering something good and unique to the world will be realized. I am a coach who will never regret taking the leap to work with Susan and her tribe. I have hooked up with an amazing cast of characters unlike any other. I am forever changed and grateful for listening to my inner promptings.
I say go with it – sign up today!
Denise Costabile /