I’m Susan Hyatt, a Master Certified Life Coach, published author and the creator of Life is Delicious.
And I’ve got three sizzlin’ questions for you:




If you’ve got a trio of precise and passionate answers for each question, you go, girl!

I’m willing to bet your life is already mind-blowingly delicious.

But if you’re uncertain, stuck or confused about how to get what you crave and create a life that makes you freak-dance with happiness, this is your party.

Life is Delicious was created for YOU.

And honey — your whole world is about to get easier, sweeter & ridiculously FUN.

Watch LID Video
Watch LID Video

Life is Delicious Program

Registration is currently closed. Jump on the interest list for updates about the next enrollment period.

Life is Delicious :


martha beckTake it from me: having Susan Hyatt walk into your life, in person or online, makes you one lucky client. And about to get a whole lot luckier.
Martha Beck / www.MarthaBeck.com
danielle laporteHyatt, you are fresh and for real. And what’s more, you’re teaching is meaningful and wise.
On stage, your A-league material is as grounding as you are sparkling. Pretty sexy combo, sister.
Danielle Laporte / www.DanielleLaPorte.com
Serena WunderlichLife Is Delicious helped me kick start my life back to a happy wonderful place. I am still not all the way through the 7 week class but…oh what a change! I am in day 60 of the 100 day plan I have created for myself. I am in a new job, happy, with less stress. I feel appreciated. I have stopped eating wheat and junk food. I have lost 13 pounds. I have started a yoga plan and have lost 12 inches off of my body. BUT MOST OF ALL…I have learned to breathe, notice the mind crack, and not let it rule my life. Thank you for opening my eyes, and helping me open the door to letting go of negativity and opening myself up to joy!
Serena Wunderlich

Life is Delicious is a 7-part video program designed to help you understand what you want, why you want it, and how to get it. Simple. Sweet. Kinda sexy.

Life is Delicious covers it ALL:

  • Your inner dialogue and mind-fuel
  • Your daily routines and goal-charting systems
  • Your career ambitions and personal edge
  • Your capacity to take risks and uplevel your dreams
  • And yes — even your money, honey.

It’s a foundational crash-course in Self-Help Badassery.
With a high-voltage spin.

No long, drawn-out lectures, mind-numbing chapters or PowerPoint slides. Good grief, no.

Just energizing videos, practical challenges, and download ‘n play worksheets that will shift how you feel about your life, work, body and bank account … like, boom.

As you move through the weekly modules, you’re going to wake up and enjoy the life you already have — as you actively design your easiest, dreamiest, happiest life yet.

Because life is supposed to be sweet, easy and hot …… and creating what you want rocks.


Short answer: the secret to happiness.

Or more precisely: the secret to discovering and creating your own custom-blended flavor of happiness.

Long(ish) answer: all these goods!

  • 7 video modules, packed with inspiring (and sometimes, hysterical) lessons on creating the life you really, really want. We’re covering passions and life purpose, dreams and daily routines, your body, your bank account, your free-time and play-time, and more.
  • 7 homework assignments to shift you into get ‘er done mode — and put your new self-discoveries into action.
  • 14 downloadable worksheets to take your homework assignments one level deeper (think: glossy magazine quiz, with a soul-diving twist)
  • Lifetime access to a Life is Delicious Facebook community — a hotspot of inspiring conversation, encouragement … and the occasional naughty joke.
  • Bonus podcasts, e-books, and other digital treats to fill your Happiness Basket to the brim.

Life is Delicious is a digital life coaching program that rolls out May 31st.

Starting May 31, you get an inspiring video module, homework assignment & downloadable worksheet, every week — for 7 weeks. Soon as you sign up, you’ll get in and have access to the welcome video–so you can check out the site.

It all happens online, in an ultra-simple virtual classroom.

No techie skills required. If you can handle YouTube & Facebook, you’ve got this.


You got it, hotstuff!

  • Life is Delicious is priced at $197. You can pay with any major credit card or PayPal.
  • Enrollment will be open from May 22-30. After that, you’ve gotta wait ’til the next session, later this year.
  • Your first video module is posted May 31 — and each one follows a week later, for 7 weeks.
  • You get access to the videos, worksheets and Life Is Delicious Facebook community for LIFE. Re-play the videos and work through the program as many times as you like.

(Life can always get a lil’ more delicious!)


Registration is currently closed. Jump on the interest list at the link above for updates about the next enrollment period.

Here’s to knowing what you want, getting what you crave — and celebrating the love, luck and deliciousness all around you, every step of the way.


Q: I’ve never taken an online course, before — and I’m not exactly a computer whiz. Am I gonna get tangled up in techie logistics?

A: Nope! Life is Delicious is a ‘click and watch’ program, designed for non-geeks (like me).

If you know how to open an email, log into Facebook, and stream videos on YouTube, you’re gonna be golden.

Q: I’ll admit it — I’m kind of a self-help junkie. I’ve read every book under the sun, and taken every program I could get my hands on. How is Life is Delicious different?

A: Life is Delicious is smart, saucy and a little bit sexy — it’s definitely not your momma’s personal development program!

The videos in Life is Delicious are inspiring, impactful, funny … and blissfully short.

You can watch ‘em while you’re sipping your morning latte, or winding down for the night.

And the homework assignments are practical, do-able challenges … with immediate effects.

You’re not gonna snooze through this program. I promise.

Q: Can an online video program really change my life? I mean, c’mon.

A: A perfectly-brewed cup of tea can change your life — if you’ve got the right attitude.

Life is Delicious is definitely not for everyone. If you’re the kinda person who would include ‘cynical,’ ‘snarky’ and ‘pessimistic’ as your three core personality traits, it’s probably not going to rock your socks.

But if you secretly believe that life is supposed to be easy, sweet, fulfilling and FUN … and you’re open to rewiring your thoughts, habits and daily routines to shift closer to the life you really, really want … Life is Delicious can and will change your life.

I’ve tested the systems inside Life is Delicious with thousands of coaching clients —

and I’ve used ‘em on myself. No question about it — they simply work.

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: Sure. Ask me no later than June 7, 2013 and I’ll give you a 100% refund. That gives you access to two modules before you have to let me know.

Q: Why are you damn happy all the time?

A: Because it’s a lot more fun than the alternative. Trust me. You’ll see.


martha beckTake it from me: having Susan Hyatt walk into your life, in person or online, makes you one lucky client. And about to get a whole lot luckier.
Martha Beck / www.MarthaBeck.com
Brooke CastilloTake her classes. Hire her to coach you. Read anything she writes. She will never waste your time or money. Susan practices what she teaches and she can show you the way. I am a raving, raving fan, and I guarantee you will be too.
Brooke Castillo / www.BrookeCastillo.com
danielle laporteHyatt, you are fresh and for real. And what’s more, you’re teaching is meaningful and wise.On stage, your A-league material is as grounding as you are sparkling. Pretty sexy combo, sister.
Danielle Laporte / www.DanielleLaPorte.com
Jen LoudenSusan talks about the stuff we hide from, she pulls it out of the dark so we can see it – and wow, it doesn’t seem so bad anymore (like a root canal, it’s the pain of the infection that hurts, not the actual procedure). Then she infuses you with sparkling hope (champagne!) because she has mined her ick and come out living the lucky life. She knows amazing ways to tell you how to do the same – ways that really work.
Jen Louden / www.JenniferLouden.com
Debbie PhillipsWhat happens when you combine mega amounts of cool with huge helpings of smart and a big dash of adorable? You get Susan Hyatt. After seeing her speak, I wanted to bottle her up and bring her home so I have the formusign up abovela in my hands 24/7 for staying happy, healthy and motivated!
Debbie Phillips / www.DebbiePhillips.com
Missy BentleyThrough this course, Susan has helped me find the “me” that got lost along the way. I was miserable and defeated before. By working with Susan, I have gone where it hurt to go because that’s where the answers were. With Susan’s help, however, it didn’t hurt. It healed. Since joining LID, my confidence and zest for life have reappeared in ways that I never imagined possible. Her approach is funny, heartfelt & encouraging. I have applied the LID principles to several aspects of my life. Not only is my real estate business thriving, but I also have a “Bring it on” attitude with life. By trusting the process, my life is more delicious than I ever thought possible.
Missy Bentley, FC Tucker Emge / Serving both IN and KY (thanks to Susan!)

This 7-part video program is a do-it-yourself adventure. Translation: lots of hot stuff, but no personalized coaching from me.

If you want to be the center of my attention & work with me 1-on-1, come on over here…