Create Your Own Luck : 7 Steps To Get Your Lucky On

I’ve spent the years studying some of the luckiest people on earth, and drilling into the choices, actions and beliefs that create a lucky life. I’ve discovered that you can create your own lucky charms, regardless of your family history, bank account balance, body type or perceived limitations.

My philosophy is simple: If you can crave it, you can create it. And in 7 inspiring chapters, I’ll show you how.

susan hyatt create your own luck

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Extreme Thought Takeover

Are you confused about how thoughts create your reality? Want to learn how to change your thoughts and get what you really want in life?

In this 6-part audio class, you’ll hear real clients sharing common issues from their daily lives. And, you’ll be able to learn how to zero in on the thoughts that are keeping you stuck.

6-part Audio Class +
Free Self Coaching 101 Workbook

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This Ain’t Yo Mama’s Christmas

A simple, five step process to end the Holiday dread and drain, and create authentic Christmas magic for you and your loved ones. This package contains five segments that coincide with the workbook assignments.

Invest an hour in this program, and create a holiday that inspires you!

Video + Workbook Download

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