7You march up to that cutie down the street and say, “Hey. Want to have dinner sometime?” Boom. Everything changes.

You knock on your boss’ door and say, “Hey. I’d like to talk about working from home two days a week.” Boom. Lifestyle evolution.

You face your own reflection in the mirror and say, “Hey. I’ve been treating you poorly, lately, but that changes today.” Boom. A new era begins.

One act of courage — big or small — can change your whole life.

But sometimes, you need a little “nudge” from a friend, mentor, or coach to get you to stop hesitating (enooough already, c’mon!) and bust a move.

This free video series?

Consider it a big, loving nudge from me… to you.

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“OMG, Susan! I devoured the first video and I’m already feeling electrified. I just set up an online dating profile AND booked a photo shoot for my new website, which I’ve been putting off forever. I can feel the fresh energy in my life, already. Can’t wait for MORE!” —Mary Blake, Connecticut

Amen, Mary!

Now: it’s your turn.

Dial up the BOLDNESS. This is your week. It all starts when you say: GO.


PS. Don’t want the boldness + bad-assery to stop after just 7 days? I don’t blame you!

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