It’s one of my favorite things to do.

Give me a room of people who want to build a soul-drenched business (with room to grow and evolve), reach their natural weight (without resorting their diets), or rewire their mind for success (and create their own lucky charms) and I’ll entertain, lead and shine a light for them.
No soapbox or podium allowed.

I’ve got a LOT to say.

My speaking style is high on inspiration, with a touch of rebellion. I want your audiences hearts’ racing – and I want them dashing home to put their epiphanies into action.

My favorite keynotes du jour?

  1. The 100-Day Invitation – what would you do if you only had 100 days to design your ideal life? When my brother had a debilitating stroke – at age 38 – that’s precisely what the doctors told him. Using that story as a springboard (it’s got a happy ending, don’t worry!) I’ll connect your audience with their real dreams, raw aspirations, and the goals they’ve been saving “for later.”
  2. Diets Are For Losers – and you are anything but a loser. We’ve heard it all before: “diets don’t work.” But there’s a reason the diet industry is a multi-billion dollar enterprise – we keep looking for quick fixes and rulebooks, while skipping a critical step: creating a positive mindset for weight loss success. Your natural weight, and most beautiful body? It starts with your very next thought
  3. Book It Like It’s Hot – you’re building a business, and you’ve invested so much – your time, your energy, potentially thousands of dollars in set-up and start-up costs. Now it’s time to start bringing home the bacon. But what do you when your calendar is emptier than an arctic tundra? You learn how to magnetize clients, streamline your systems, and book it like it’s hot.

Let’s lock and load.

If you’re planning an event, conference (or un-conference) – or seeking a high-octane coach for your corporate retreat – I’d love to help your people get lucky, on purpose.

Contact me at support (at) shyatt (dot) com with a smidge of info about your event date, speaking budget, and the types of men and women who’ll be pouring into your venue.

Want a grab ‘n go rundown of my street cred and speaking sizzle?

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