100% That B*tch

100% That B*tch

“I just took a DNA test, turns out, I’m 100% that bitch.” 


I’m here to brighten your Sunday with the news that we live in a world where Lizzo exists.

{Pause for applause break. Yes, continue. I’ll wait} 

If you’re not familiar with Lizzo, she’s a phenomenal rapper, singer, songwriter, classically trained flute player (yes, for real!), amazing dancer (twerk skills: legendary), and body-positivity champion. 

Have you seen her recent VMA performance?! It’s basically a religious experience. She takes us to church.

Just like Lizzo proclaims during her VMA performance, everyone deserves to feel good as hell.

You deserve to feel good as hell.

You deserve to feel physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially strong.

You deserve to feel like you’re 100% That B*tch.

But do you? 

If not, I am 100% the right coach to help you solve this problem.

This week, Lizzo released an online quiz and it’s hilarious. She inspired me to create my own quiz, too!

For your amusement, and instant mood-boosting, please enjoy my personal twist on Lizzo’s 100% That B*tch DNA Test.

Take the quiz to find out what percentage That B*tch” you currently are. 

I hope your score is 100%…and if not? Let’s get to work, boo! Because I want you feeling 100% and nothing less!

You only get one body. Give it love.

You only get one life. Make it count.

Do whatever you need to do…to feel 100% amazing and nothing less.

(Please. Do it. Don’t disappoint Lizzo.)

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