You run a business and it’s going super fantastically. (OK, maybe not “super fantastically” but pretty darn solid.) You’re booking clients. You’re doing good work. You’re helping your clients get results.

Client by client, one person at a time, you’re building a reputation as a smart, reliable service provider. “Word of mouth” about your awesomeness is beginning to spread.

Maybe you don’t have thousands of “adoring fans” or a huge “client waiting list” filled with people who are dying to work with you—yet—but things are definitely moving in the right direction.

You’re on your path. And yet… You’ve got questions.

Many questions that bubble up every week.

You know that you are capable of finding the answers to these questions on your own.

You’re self-reliant like that.

But you also understand the value of having a mentor and a community of brilliant, caring friends who can “see” you—perhaps more clearly than you see yourself.



You, me, and a circle of 8 like-minded women working together to take your business wherever you want it to go.


If you’re interested, apply here and make a deposit of $997 below. After applying, you and I will have a phone conversation to discuss the program together. If we decide it’s not the right program for you, I’ll refund your deposit immediately. No problem.


Timeframe: January – July 2018


Complimentary tickets to any of my Girlfriends Gone Wild dinner parties in 2018 that you want to attend. (Chef-prepared meals, stimulating conversation, new girlfriends—it’s the MOST fun you can imagine.)
Complimentary access to every digital program I’ve ever created.

This mastermind program is ideal if you are a professional coach (life coach, business coach, wellness coach, executive coach, leadership coach, writing coach, etc.) OR if you run a business with a strong “coaching,” “consulting,” “personal development,” “teaching” or “training” element.

This mastermind will be filled with people who are serious about running a highly profitable business and who want to impact as many clients and customers as possible.

If you love coaching but see it as more of a “hobby” or a “side passion,” that’s beautiful, but this program is not going to be the right fit for you. Serious coach-preneurs wanted. Masterminds unite!


Feel lonely trying to run your business—either because you don’t have much support from your family, or because you don’t have very many driven, ambitious female entrepreneurs in your circle of friends.
Need help with strategic planning and marketing ideas—figuring out ways to serve more and earn more, without getting into sleazy / icky / bizarro marketing gimmicks.
Love me (Susan Hyatt) and the way I do business.
Crave more accountability—someone to check in with you regularly, hold you to your promises, and (lovingly) intervene when you’re making excuses, procrastinating, overthinking, or overcomplicating things.

Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes?

Then you will love this mastermind Experience

If you’re reading this mastermind program description, then you probably already know my story—either because you’ve followed me online for several years, or because we’ve worked together in the past. Here’s a quick low-down to refresh your memory:

I’ve been a professional life coach for almost 10 years. I’ve trained new coaches as a team member for the Martha Beck Institute. I’ve grown my coaching practice from “zero” (literally: not one single client) to a seven figure business. I’ve been featured in the pages of Cosmopolitan, Woman’s World, Seventeen, and O: The Oprah Magazine, and on national radio and TV.

Entrepreneurship is my lifeblood. I geek out about marketing, publicity, social media, blogging, sales, community building and customer attraction… I love this stuff and I love helping coaches find their own voices, find their own style of doing business, and come into their own.

I especially love proving that you can express your real personality, be a “feminine leader” (caring, soulful, strong but not pushy), have fun, be totally goofy at times, and still be a totally respected, sought-after coach commanding top dollar for your services.

“Success” doesn’t mean being stuffy and stressed out or pretending to be someone you’re not. Hell no. I’ve learned through my business journey, that the more “you” you become… the more money and opportunities come rolling your way.

You can learn more about my story here.

And… enough about me. Let’s get back to you and your business!


With personalized coaching, sisterhood, and travel adventures to expand your vision of what’s possible for your life. The Boss Business Mastermind is a place where serious progress gets made.

You’ll discover that “having huge amounts of fun” and “feeling completely alive” and “creating an even stronger, more profitable business” can ALL happen at the same time.

The results speak for themselves.

During the First 5 months

One woman completely changed her business model, simplified her focus, and is projected to earn 7 figures by the end of the year.
Another woman quite her side-hustle (where she was hiding) and her business is exploding.
After years of procrastinating, one woman finally sold her home and moved her family of 6 to their dream city and into her dream home.

The total investment is $9,997. This investment includes everything listed in the breakdown section—including private coaching with me and the 3-day retreat in Savannah.

After making your initial deposit of $997, you can complete the rest of your payment in 1, 3 or 6 installments—whatever works for you.

(Yes, you’re damn right: it’s a big investment. You’re about to see what it feels like to say, “I’m worth this. I can do this. I am capable of making this level of a commitment.” This is a higher standard of action and bravery—and I’ll be right there with you, throughout the program, holding you to it.)

Reserve your space in the program with a deposit of $997 today .

No hiding. No waiting. No hanging back, hoping someone else will be brave, speak up, or work hard… so that you don’t have to.

You lead the charge. You be the change. Your goals are worth making a scene over.

Retreat dates: Thursday January 18 – Sunday January 21 

THIS is the year.

See you inside!