About Susan

Ten years ago, you would not have recognized me.

I was stuck in a career that I hated. Thirty-five pounds over my natural weight. Sleepwalking through life and turning to food for comfort.

I was going through the motions. No fire in my eyes. Existing. But not really alive.

One day, by the pool, my daughter took a photo of me and proudly showed it to mama. Looking at the photo, I felt like breaking a concrete block. Because that burnt out woman in the photo? Hiding from her potential behind a layer of extra pounds?

That was NOT the woman I was born to be.

After that moment, I shifted into high gear. I did therapy. I got coaching. I worked with one of the best weight loss experts on the planet. I began to undergo changes that people literally could not believe. Slowly, at first, then faster… a powerful, energetic, passionate version of “me” began to emerge.

Quite bluntly: coaching saved my life.

Through coaching, I gained the ability to silence the “inner mean girl” in my mind who was constantly telling me that I sucked — sabotaging every possible chance at happiness and success. Once I learned how to shut that b*tch up? My life was never the same.

Life coaching is an incredible process of transforming your mindset, then your habits, then your whole life — with a partner pushing you higher the whole time.

After experiencing the results of life coaching for myself, I knew I wanted to give this experience to others as well. I signed on with the best trainer on earth — Dr. Martha Beck, Oprah’s go-to life coach — and completed my initial certification and then Mastery level training with her. (She’s just as awesome in “real life” as she seems in her books, by the way.)

Today? I have a thriving coaching practice, serving clients privately as well as in group programs and on retreats around the world.

That was my breaking point — in the best possible way.

My clients are mostly (but not exclusively) women. All ages. All kinds of backgrounds.

There’s no single “defining feature” to my clientele, except this:

– All of my clients want more out of life than they’re currently getting.

– All of my clients are ready for a change, a new chapter, a higher standard of excellence.

– All of my clients understand that life is short and precious — and that personal responsibility is the key to success.

Ready to create a life that is hot-damn delicious?

Check out my programs, book some private coaching, or come hang with me on Facebook and get a deeper sense of what I do and how I roll.

No matter what you choose to do next, here’s my challenge for you:

Do something today — anything at all, no matter how small — that makes you feel excited and grateful to be alive.

Thanks for reading my story.

My official bio and credentials are down below, if you’re into that kinda thing. Otherwise… keep exploring all the resources and programs on this website…

and I will see you soon!


Official Bio

Susan Hyatt is a Master Certified Life Coach whose fierce, fun and fresh approach to personal development has won her thousands of fans on Facebook, glowing praise from icons like Dr. Martha Beck and Maria Shriver, and a sold-out coaching calendar — with many programs selling out in six hours or less.

Her motto? Life is precious. Go make it delicious.

As a woman who used life coaching principles to lose thirty-five pounds, upgrade her career, and revitalize her marriage, she’s a coach who truly walks her talk.

By telling her raw, honest stories — in print, online, and on stage — Susan is on a mission to prove that if you crave it? You can create it. Nothing is out of your reach.

Susan has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Womans World, Seventeen, and O: The Oprah Magazine, and has appeared on stage in front of live audiences from Seattle to the island of Aruba.

When she’s not coaching, blogging, or lighting up Facebook with her rant of the day, you can find her powering through dead lifts at her local gym or lacing up her sneakers for a 5am run. She lives in the Midwest with her husband Scott, aka the Silver Fox, her punk-rock-feminist daughter and Muay Thai-obsessed son.

Learn more about Susan’s private coaching options, retreats and programs like Clear Coaches, Make a Scene and BARE at: SHyatt.com.

Credentials + Certifications

  • Master Certified Life Coach trained by Dr. Martha Beck, Oprah’s personal coach.
  • Weight Loss Coach Certified by Brooke Castillo, Author of If I’m So Smart Why Can’t I Lose Weight and founder of The Life Coach School.
  • Member of the “Life Improvement Squad” for O, The Oprah Magazine.
  • Featured on Oprah.com and on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).
  • Host of Life Is Delicious TV: a webTV series syndicated on MariaShriver.com
  • Author of Create Your Own Luck: Seven Steps To Get Your Lucky On
  • Widely recognized personal development, weight loss, business and lifestyle expert. Brand collaborations include IKEA and Seattle’s Best Coffee.
  • Featured expert in Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Woman’s World and dozens of other online and print publications.