What’s the best that could happen?

Have you ever noticed that when you’re wrestling with a decision, your mind immediately leaps to all the negative thingsthat might happen?

Should I quit my job?

No. Too risky. You’ll be broke by the end of the month.

Should I start my own podcast?

No. Who’d want to listen to you? Aunt Nobody + Cousin No One. 

Should I open my heart to this new relationship and see where it goes?

No. People are monsters and can’t be trusted. You’ll be disappointed in the end.

In the psychology world, this tendency is called your negativity bias. Your brain is hardwired to focus intensely on negative possibilities. Why? To protect you.

Your brain is like that overprotective, coddling parent who tries to protect their teenager from the perils of the outside world. No, don’t do that. Nope, that’s not safe. Hmm, are you sure about that? But this parenting approach doesn’t help the child to rise, soar, and reach her full potential. Quite the opposite. It stunts her growth. 

The Best

The next time you notice your brain’s negativity bias kicking in, clap back like a sassy teenager. Instead of wondering, “What are all the terrible things that might happen?” ask yourself a new question:

What’s the *best* that could happen?

You might earn more money than ever before.

You might get fan mail from a 12 year girl who loves your show. 

You might meet your life partner, discover that people can be so kind and loyal, and experience a whole new kind of love.

Painful things are possible. That’s true. Extraordinary things are possible, too. That’s equally true.

The best things in life—all the good stuff—it’s all waiting on the other side of this decision. The bridge to get there has one syllable and three letters:


PS. Try this out. Whatever decision you’re wrestling with right now, make a list of the 10 best things that might happen if you go for it. Read this list whenever you feel your brain’s negativity bias creeping in. Remind yourself that miraculous things are possible, too.

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