April 12, 2020
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Can-demic Success Story

{True Story}

Molly runs a yoga studio in a small town.

It’s hard enough to run a profitable yoga studio even during the best economic times, let alone during a pandemic.

When COVID-19 hit, and non-essential businesses were ordered to close, nearly half of Molly’s customers canceled their monthly membership payments. 50% of her revenue: gone. Overnight. A huge financial blow.

Molly empathized with these customers and understood their reasons for cancelling. Nevertheless, as a small business owner, the situation was dire. Panic crept in.

“How will I pay my teachers? Pay rent? Utilities? Insurance? There’s no way my business can survive this.”

First, she had a good long cry.

Then she texted her team to brainstorm ideas.

Then she rolled out her mat, practiced yoga, and meditated for clarity.

And then she blasted Kendrick Lamar and twerked across her empty studio. (Because as we all know, twerking definitely helps with creative problem solving. #Fact)




Molly made a firm decision:

“I’m going to be resourceful and creative. Somehow, I will figure this out. If my business ultimately closes down, so be it, but not without a fight.”

Within two days, her Yes We Can-demic action plan was in full force.

– She whipped together new systems and notified her community: “We’re here for you. The studio might be closed, but good news: we’re streaming online. Watch classes live. Or watch recordings later. Stay healthy. Keep practicing yoga from home.”

– She went online to research what kinds of state and federal pandemic relief funding she’s eligible to receive. Turns out? A lot. She sprang into action, filled out applications, and got the ball rolling.

– Then, her best idea yet. Molly wondered, “What if I could sell literally *everything* inside my boutique?” (Her studio has a boutique in the front filled with gorgeous workout clothes, yoga props, and other fun swag.)

She went live on Instagram and told her followers:

“Hey! Do you want cute new clothes to wear while you practice yoga at home? DM me and tell me your clothing size and favorite colors. I’ll put together a personalized yoga ‘care package’ for you, filled with beautiful things. Pay online and then swing by for ‘curb side pick up’ (everything will be clean, sanitized, ready to grab) and get your goody bag outside. Everything in the store is on sale. Everything must go.”

People went nuts. DMs poured in. Within one day, she sold nearly everything in the shop. Cleared out 90% of inventory.

Check out the photo of her almost-completely-empty store….

Women like Molly are proving that the pandemic doesn’t necessarily spell “doom” for all small business owners.

This pandemic might be an opportunity to help more, inspire more, and even earn more than you did last quarter.

Let the pandemic fuel your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

How could you create your *highest-earning sales day of all time* right now, amidst everything going on in the world?

You can find a way.

Resilient. Resourceful. Creative. Flexible. Focused on service. Unwilling to give up. You are those things.

Oh yes we can-demic.


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