While vacationing in Greece, Milana Vayntrub saw something she could not ignore—and would never forget.

Boats. Tiny boats, designed to hold about 12 people, but packed with 40 or 50 people each. Boats sailing towards the shore. Boats filled with Syrian refugees, crying and singing, holding their children tightly, so grateful to see dry land.

The refugees landed with soaking wet shoes, tired, hungry, terrified, and homeless.

In that moment, Milana realized,

“I don’t know how to solve this huge crisis. But I can’t do nothing.”271b6d31978d2b6d9ac8169dbea3cf98

She decided to stay in Greece awhile longer, and she began volunteering to help the refugees in any way she could. Dry shoes. A hot meal. Eventually she produced a mini documentary film about what was happening there, hoping to inspire people around the world to listen to that voice in your heart that says, “I can’t just stand by and do nothing.”

Almost 300,000 people have pledged to join Milana’s #CantDoNothing movement to date. The numbers grow every day. (She’s my new s’hero. What an amazing young woman who knows how to #MakeAScene.)

We all have some type of issue, crisis, or situation that breaks our hearts.

For me, it’s seeing women commit acts of violence towards their bodies with crazy, dangerous diets.

For you, maybe it’s the refugee crisis, poverty, homeless pets, garbage in the streets, homophobia, unethical business practices, the way that elderly people are treated in our society, texting and driving, the lack of female CEOs, or the fact that performing arts programs are regularly slashed from public school budgets.

What makes you want to cry? What makes you want to scream? What triggers the “Oh helllllo no!” lioness roar inside of you?

Whatever it is, you can always do something to make a difference. Your can use your voice, your money, or your time. Your way of helping might be preparing one sandwich. It might be a one hundred thousand dollar donation. It might be publishing a blog post that opens people’s minds and eyes. What you choose to do might be front page news or it might be one small, quiet gesture of kindness. It all counts.

If your heart is saying, “I can’t do nothing,” then do something.

Even if you’re acting alone, doing something very small, your efforts are not futile.

Your “something” might inspire someone else to do “something” and before long, 300,000+ people are doing all kinds of “somethings” to make the world a better place. That’s how change happens. One something at a time.

Never underestimate the power of one courageous woman who decides that she can’t stand by and do nothing.

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