Choose Yourself

Choose Yourself

A few months ago, I got the opportunity to interview a BOSS named Nicole Walters. She’s an entrepreneur and business expert with an impressive list of accolades.

She got to attend the White House United States of Women Summit. With Oprah. And Michele Obama. WHAT?

“AMAZING!!! How did that happen?” I asked her.

“This was an invitation only event,” she told me. “The deadline to even get tickets had passed. So I filled out the form to get a media pass. I had a blog. I bought a new camera.”

I had to laugh. Of course there was. And of course she did.

You’re probably noticing a theme here, yes?

Nobody comes knocking on your door with a life-changing opportunity. You’re the one who has to knock.

You want to win that grant? Apply.

You want that scholarship? Submit your essay.

You want your product to be featured as one of “Oprah’s Favorite Things”? Well, first Team O needs to know that you exist. Send a pitch to the Editorial staff.

You’d like to be named a “top entrepreneur under 40”? There’s probably a form online. Nominate yourself. (Or coerce your BFF into doing it for you.)

You want to give a TEDx Talk? Go to, find an upcoming event, and apply to be a speaker. Or apply to host your own TEDx event. (Yup, that’s a thing you can do.)

All the “impressive” opportunities that other people are getting? It’s not because they’re “better” than you. It’s simply because they went for it. They chose themselves. They nominated themselves. They pulled up a chair at the table—or in some instances, they built the whole damn table with their own two hands. They raised their hand and said, “Me.”

Nobody chooses you.

You choose yourself.

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