April 25, 2018
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I have ONE SPOT LEFT in the next round of CLEAR COACHES SELECT.

This is for you if…

  • You are ready to get to work and make some money. #deposits #moneychimes
  • You just need some help getting over the “what should I be doing” hump. (I’ma put you to werkkk.)
  • You know you can be successful but haven’t been clear on how to do it yet.
  • You’ve been standing in your own way for too long.

Here’s what you get…


  • 8 (1 hour) group class call via Zoom
  • 8 homework challenges
  • 4 (30 minute) 1:1 coaching calls with me


  1. An easy to understand business plan.
  2. A compelling signature program to sell.
  3. A sales funnel designed to sell your program, including a “freebee lead generator.”
  4. 20 topics for podcasts, blogs, webinars – personalized for your biz and your personality –  (Your content calendar for the next 6 months – sorted out!).
  5. Your newsletter / communication plan for the entire year – (No more wondering, “Uh, what am I supposed to be promoting / talking about right now?”).
  6. WILD CARD. I will help you create something else if there is a missing link you need.
All this awesomeness, in addition to amazing friendships, coaching, inspiration, and shattering old beliefs, etc.
Total investment: $4997

What people are saying…

Clear Coaches Select is BLOWING MY MIND.  Before signing up I had all kinds of ideas, but no clue how to implement them or even how to create a cohesive message!  Now, not only does my message feel clear, but I’m already creating fully formed marketable content left and right!  For years I’ve been super ambivalent about my coaching career, but without any overwhelm or sleepless nights, this program has transformed me into one of those coaches waking up in the morning going, “I was born for this!”  I can’t believe how fun, exciting, and fulfilling it feels to finally be ALL IN.  I have zero doubt I’ll be able to sell the programs and services I’m developing with confidence and excitement.  Clear Coaches Select is the best thing I could’ve done to take my Coaching business from “side hobby” to kick-ass CAREER.- Jen M.

We start May 2nd… are you in?

Apply here. 



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