DIG DEEP is a class for people who want to write about… real life.

Family. Kids. Love. Businesses. Breakups. Heartache. Recovery. Reinvention. Victories. Big lessons. Ordinary moments. True stories that leave readers feeling hopeful, comforted, and inspired.

If that’s the type of writing you want to do, this class is for you.

Stop waiting. Start creating.

In DIG DEEP, we show you how to set yourself up for a successful writing session—how to organize your thoughts, decide what you’re trying to say, and hit your points clearly.

We also dive into the emotional side of writing—how to build confidence, release perfectionism, and stop nit-picking everything you create.

No pressure. No deadlines.

DIG DEEP is an online class with no time pressure. Go at your own pace. Enjoy everything in one sitting—or space it out.

Your words can make a difference.

Imagine sending out your latest newsletter, blog post, podcast, or book and getting an email from someone saying, “Thank you. I needed that. You helped me feel less alone. You seriously changed my day.”

You can do it. You can write from the heart—and impact people’s lives.

This class can help.

Registration is open!

This class is $497. Sign up today, then watch your inbox for a confirmation email. You can log into the online classroom right away! Instant joy!

Before making your purchase please take a sec to check out the payment options and our refund policy. Thank you!

Why take a writing class?

What if you’re not interested in being a professional writer? Or what if you don’t really care about starting a blog or a podcast or anything like that? Is there any point in taking a writing class like DIG DEEP?

We think so.

When you strengthen your writing skills, there are so many rewards.

— You become a more confident public speaker.

— You become a more memorable teacher, coach, and consultant.

— Customers fall in love with YOU—the human being behind the business.

— Your kids pay closer attention to what you’re saying and (gasp!) they might even take your advice.

Even if you’re not interested in “writing a book one day” or “getting published in a magazine,” it’s still worth it to invest in your communication skills.

DIG DEEP is one way to do that.


DIG DEEP includes 7 videos that you can watch at home anytime.
Thought-provoking. Motivating. Professional lighting, editing, and production.
You’ll want to binge-watch these videos, one after another!


We show you how to be a journalist in your own life, find great material to write about, and never run out of ideas.

We also discuss how to write about tricky, sensitive subjects—rock bottom moments, past relationships, and messy situations with your family—without over-sharing or over-exposing anybody in your life.


What do you want your readers to Feel, Know, and Do?

We show you how to set a clear intention before you start writing so that your message lands loud and clear.

You can apply the Feel-Know-Do process to any type of writing—from gritty stories to ordinary emails. This 3-word process makes your writing so much stronger. It’s magical.


You don’t have to go from “zero” to “three hundred page memoir” overnight. Tiny goals are beautiful. Small writing projects can be just as impactful as longer ones.

We show you how to choose goals that make sense for you, so you can finish what you’ve started, and feel proud and excited—instead of continually disappointed.


Tweaking your newsletter for the 87th time because it’s not “perfect” yet? Yikes. Perfectionism turns writing into a slow, stressful, miserable experience. It’s a total joy-killer.

We show you how to silence your inner critic, stop nit-picking your work, and stop worrying about what other people might think.


We’ve got a story about one of our colleagues that might make you cry—and make you re-think the whole idea of “fame” and “success.”

We want you to beam love into the world through your writing—even when “only one person” is reading. Stay focused on the people you’re trying to uplift, inspire, and serve. (They need you.)


Successful writers aren’t necessarily more “talented”—they’re just extremely persistent. They don’t give up on themselves. They don’t quit after one negative comment. They keep writing.

We’ll show you how to develop that kind of devotion, too.


Why do certain pieces of writing feel so moving and powerful, while others… not so much?

In this final video, we examine 7 powerful pieces of writing—blog posts, articles, speeches, and essays—and unpack what the writer said, why it worked so effectively, and how you can create the same type of impact—but with your own writing.


Each DIG DEEP video is accompanied by a downloadable workbook.

These workbooks are short and easy to skim. Inside each one, you’ll find a summary of the video’s key points, plus exercises to help you develop your voice and build more confidence in your writing.


This checklist includes 25 places where you can get your work published—indie websites, big-name websites, blogs, magazines, anthologies, and more.

We tell you exactly what types of writing each publication is looking for—and how to submit your work for consideration.

We’ve handled hours of research and legwork for you. Instead of Googling and scouring the Internet for publishing opportunities, you can focus on your writing.


We want to shine a spotlight on your work.

When you purchase this class, you’re invited to submit a piece of writing—a true story, an article, a manifesto, anything you want—for publication in DIG DEEP: The Magazine. It’s a magazine about courage, motivation, and messy, imperfect, beautiful human stories.

We release this digital magazine for FREE to both of our mailing list audiences—over 20,000 readers combined.

There’s no pressure to participate in the DIG DEEP magazine, but if you want to go for it… the option is there for you!


Listen to this audio pep talk whenever you get a terrible blog comment, a mean email, a nasty review, or when you feel extra-self-critical and perfectionistic about your writing.

Download the MP3 onto your phone so you’ve got it handy whenever you need it. It’s an encouraging chat for those “AAAAAHHH!!!” moments.

Not quite enough? Need another pep talk? Or want to ask a question? We’ve scheduled LIVE Q&A SESSIONS throughout the year. Tune into the video broadcast, type a question into the chat box, and we’ll answer it live!

Who is Susan? Who is Alex?

Susan Hyatt

Susan Hyatt is a Master Certified Life Coach based in Evansville, Indiana, where she lives with her husband Scott, two rowdy teenage kids, two dogs, and one cat, and a bottomless pile of laundry.

Susan has written two books, and recently signed with a top NYC literary agent to represent her next project. Susan runs a blog—HOT TOPICS—and a fiery, motivational podcast called GO! She’s been sharing stories online—and building a fan base—for over ten years.

She’s also been featured in magazines like O: The Oprah Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, and Woman’s World, on conference stages across the country, and on national TV.

Susan hasn’t always been a prolific writer. She used to be an incredibly gifted procrastinator who dove into bags of Lay’s chips to avoid creative work. Over the years, she has learned how to silence her inner critic and write consistently.

No matter how frustrated you feel with your writing, or your life, Susan wants you to know that you can get unblocked. Change is always possible. (She’s living proof.)

Susan’s personal motto:
“You weren’t born to be passive and silent. Make a scene!”

Alexandra Franzen

Alexandra Franzen is an author, writing consultant, ghostwriter, and speechwriter. Past clients include tech companies like Hewlett-Packard, celebrity-driven brands like Rachel Zoe’s DreamDry, and empowering fitness companies like Curvy Yoga.

Alexandra runs a website—just shy of 1 million visitors per year—where she shares personal stories and advice on writing, creativity, motivation, and how to create a positive ripple in the world.

Her writing has been featured on websites like Time, Forbes, Newsweek, HuffPo, and Lifehacker, in song lyrics, and stenciled onto paintings. She’s released several books in the past—and recently signed a double-book deal for her next two projects.

Throughout her career, Alexandra has survived publishing rejections, plagiarism, vicious blog comments—every type of writing-related drama you can imagine. She has cried onto her laptop. She has considered giving up on writing many times. But she’s found ways to dig deep, stay focused, and keep going.

She wants to help you find that inner grit, too.

Alexandra’s personal motto:
“Today is not over yet.”

Praise for Susan & Alex

“At a meeting at Random House HQ—with Franz to my right—I told my publishing power-team, ‘If anything, uh, happens to me, Alexandra can finish writing the book.’ I trust her that much. And I know her talent, that well.”

Danielle LaPorte

“Susan Hyatt is a tremendously talented and enthusiastic life coach. Her style, which is both empathetic and pragmatic, helps fuel her clients’ belief in themselves and their enthusiasm for making real change.”

Martha Beck

“Alexandra Franzen is a GENIUS. I consider her one-in-a-million level talent with a killer combination of speed, intelligence, wit, charm and a gigantic heart.”

Marie Forleo

“Alex: your workshop helped me un-clutter my mental landscape and find the words that have been waiting for me. Thank you.”

Jessika Hepburn

“Often, in my day-job, I feel like I’m a right-brain gal in a left-brain world. Alex, attending one of your workshops was a huge recalibration for me—a soul tune-up.”

Kim Berube

“Since coming home from your workshop, I have been writing… differently. My posts are getting shared a lot more (10x more!) and I’m receiving comments and messages of appreciation. I feel like I’ve tapped into a secret ingredient. Thank you.”

Monica Fraser

Payment & Registration

DIG DEEP is $497 USD.

— You can pay in full, or we can divide your payments into 2 installments of $249 each. These will be billed automatically to the credit / debit card number that you provide—with 30 days in between each payment.

— After making your initial payment, check your email. We’ll send you a password to unlock all the materials. Dive in! Party-time!

— The class is yours to keep and enjoy for life. No time pressure. Go at your own pace.

We can’t wait to help you release perfectionism, build confidence, and write your heart out!

Full Payment $497 USD.


2-Part Payment $249 USD now and the rest 30 days later.