Just four years ago,  I was pretty stuck in my dreaming. I knew I wasn’t cut out for my current career, and didn’t have a clue what to do about it.  I was worn out from my daily obligations. I felt guilty that I wasn’t more grateful, because, by all accounts, I really did have a great life. But something was missing. There was no soul in my work. I was using food and shopping and my lake house to escape from what was really going on. Pure fear.

I was afraid to figure out what was next. Because my thoughts were pretty anxious about it, I couldn’t imagine what else I might do. And, I kept myself so incredibly busy, that I was able to distract myself regularly from dealing with it.  Maybe you are there right now.  Maybe you find yourself drinking coffee (or worse) all day just so you can muscle through the day. Maybe you daydream about selling your house, your car, your incredible amounts of stuff, and trading it in for a simpler way.  Maybe you’ve resigned yourself to the beliefs that “Work is work” and “Life is hard” and “That’s life.”  Maybe you can ditch the drama, and the coffee, and use some voluntary simplicity.  Maybe, just maybe, you can create what you want on your own terms.

It hasn’t left you. Your destiny. There are many rivers to the ocean, and your purpose is there. Waiting. For you to get over yourself.

For the next 4 months, I ping ponged between “Suck it up” and “Give it up.”  So here’s what I did to get over the whining, and crying, and lamenting and bullshit.  I think it just might help you too.
I call it my Get. Over. Yourself. formula…

1. Get

Spend some intentional time just trying out some different things with no pressure to “make” something happen, or figure anything out. Sign up for a cooking class, take a hike, learn something new, plan a night out, read a new book, experience something fresh. Just create some new experiences.

Additional Training
Scratch and sniff stickers (just seeing if you are paying attention)

Money and peace and self love and buckets of delicious are always, always, always were your fun is.  If you don’t believe me, you aren’t having enough fun.

2. Over

Make a pact with yourself to stop the negativity. It doesn’t help. Have you noticed?  All that venting and tantruming gets you more and more of the same. For just this week, try to stop any complaining. Make your home and office a complain free zone. See what happens.


3. Yourself

You’re in this place because we typically aren’t taught how to honor ourselves in healthy ways. Or we forget. Either way, you’ve (the real and authentic you) been on the back burner way too long.  Time to make some space for living.


I can’t imagine my world, if Martha Beck, Byron Katie, Hafiz, Maya Angelou, Julia Cameron,  and Anne Lamotte didn’t get over themselves and publish their amazing books.
What’s on hold for you? What’s your dream?

There’s someone out there, just like me, crumbled up on her bed crying, hoping for a sign.  Be that sign.  Do your thing.  The world needs it.

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