More clients? More opportunities? More respect? An exciting new job?
Zero debt—plus an extra $10K in your savings account?

Whatever you crave, one thing is certain:
Being passive gets you nowhere. Taking action gets you everywhere.


GO GET IT! is a new kind of life coaching experience that will push you, uplift you, and motivate you to do things you’ve been putting off for way to long.

It’s an online program.

You will choose one career, business, or income goal and you will pursue that goal—with 100% commitment—for six weeks in a row. This is not a “fluff” program. This is a place where serious progress gets made.

Our participants are lining up new jobs, launching new community programs, getting featured in major magazines, and earning tons of extra cash.

If you’ve been looking for a coaching experience—and a community—that will take you by the hand and rock you into action, GO GET IT! is what you’ve been searching for.


The next session of GO GET IT! begins on October 10, 2016 and runs for six weeks, finishing up on November 20, 2016.

  • Missions are handed out every Monday.
  • Interviews with amazing women land in your inbox every Wednesday.
  • You can ask questions and get personalized coaching on a live call every Thursday.
  • Post a recap of your week every Sunday.
  • Plus, all week long, visit the GO GET IT! Facebook group to get even more encouragement and make connections with people from around the world—incredible people that you might not meet any other way!


All the basic info you need to know about

  • Six week online program.
  • Participate from anywhere in the world. Internet access required.
  • You will: Choose one specific career, business, or income-related goal that feels vitally important to you.
  • We will: Coach you for six weeks in a row, helping you to meet or exceed your goal.
  • We require: A weekly status update on your progress—and we reward Go Getters for getting things done! Last session, we handed out chocolate, gift cards, and even BEYONCÉ CONCERT TICKETS to reward participants for taking action to achieve their goals. Prizes get handed out weekly! Huge motivation!
  • We offer: Three enrollment levels so that you can choose the price-point and style of coaching that’s best for you.
  • We know: That this program works. Read achievement stories and testimonials here.

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GO GET IT! is a six week coaching program created by two women:

Susan Hyatt is master certified life and business coach who has been featured on national TV and in magazines like Cosmopolitan, Women’s World and O: The Oprah Magazine. She’s based in Indiana, where she lives with her husband of 23 years and their two teenage kids. With a background in real estate, sales, and a 7-figure coaching practice, Susan loves talking business, marketing, and money, money, money.

Dr. Martha Beck, Oprah’s personal life coach, was so impressed with Susan that she invited her to teach on the faculty of her coaching academy. Dr. Beck calls Susan “tremendously talented” with a gift for “fueling her clients’ belief in themselves and their enthusiasm for making real change.” Susan is an outspoken feminist whose mission is to empower women to speak their mind, earn more money (let’s close that wage gap!), and build lives they truly love.

Susan Hyatt

Ellen Fondiler is an award-winning entrepreneur, career coach and columnist for The Muse, one of the top career advice sites in the world. She’s based in California and is the proud mom of two grown up boyswho are pursuing exciting careers of their own.

Prior to starting her first of five businesses, Ellen earned a law degree and worked as an attorney specializing in death penalty cases, where each day at the office was literally a matter of life and death. She knows how to remain calm and confident in the midst of high stakes conversations, presentations, and negotiations. She understands what it takes to gracefully transition from one industry to another: from legal cases to landscape design, from design to non-profit leadership, and she has an amazing gift for making people believe they can truly do anything.

Ellen Fondiler


Check out the exciting progress reports from five women who participated in the last session of the program. (We’re so proud!)


“Enrolling In GO GET IT! was a life-changing decision for me. Over the course of six weeks: I got organized, I got focused, and I finished studying for my real estate exam. I’m confident that I will pass with no problem. Plus, I already have two companies vying to hire me! My dream career is closer than ever. It’s seriously happening.”

-Brett Samuels, CliffsLiving.com


“I’m a leadership trainer. My goal was to get a new program I created ready to be launched in the word. I reached out to 30 people (mostly people that I had never considered emailing before) to share info about my new program and got tons of positive responses right away! GO GET IT! was the perfect boost to get me moving faster and reaching higher.”

-Brenda Florida, BrendaFlorida.com


“Three words, ladies: MARTHA STEWART WEDDINGS! It’s happening! I am going to be quoted in an article for Martha’s website. A dream come true. This was a direct result of participating in GO GET IT! The encouragement and structure that I received helped me to set a huge goal and achieve it! I loved the whole experience!”

-Maggie Reyes, ModernMarried.com


I am very excited to announce that on June 17th, Chemo Buddies expanded into its second state, Kentucky, and that’s just the beginning. 2 states down, 48 to go! The GO GET IT! community was incredibly supportive. These women held my hand and cheered for me when my inner weasel told me I couldn’t do it. I am forever grateful. Onward and upward!”

-Jill Kincaid, MyChemoBuddies.org


“I have a pre-divorce consulting and collaborative law practice. At the beginning of GO GET IT! my goal was to generate $10,000 within the timeframe of the program through new client bookings. By the end of the program, I generated $13,590. SHA-BAM! This is a Goldilocks-sized program: not too big, not too small – just right for reaching your goal!”

-Kimberly Graham, GrahamLawCollaborative.com

Let’s make it happen!


You choose one goal.
We give you six weeks of training and coaching to get it done.
Here is a week-by-week glance at everything we cover in GO GET IT!



Select one specific career, business, or income goal that’s important to you.

What do you crave? More clients? A new job? A sold out seminar? An employer that pays for you to finish your PhD? An extra $5K per month?

This week, your mission is to select one career, business, or income goal that feels vitally important to you right now.

We’ll guide you along with questions to help you uncover cravings you didn’t even realize you had.

Once you’ve selected your goal, this goal will receive your full and complete attention for the next six weeks. Eyes on the prize!



How to email just about anybody—and get a response.

Applying for a job? Email. Wooing a new client? Email. Rounding up support for your new community project? Email.

No matter what type of goal you’ve selected, chances are, “sending an email” is going to be involved in some way.

This week is all about Email Mastery. You’ll learn techniques that professional writers use to command people’s attention right away, plus tips on how to simplify what you’re saying, get to the point much faster, and leave a positive impression every time. Your inbox is about to become a much happier place!



How to build genuine relationships with people who can help you reach your goals faster.

What if you meet a potential client at a biz conference and she hands you her card—how should you follow up? What if you discover a cool blogger who happens to live in your same city—would it be creepy to invite her out for lunch? What if you contact someone and she doesn’t respond—try again or leave her alone?

If these kinds of questions make your head spin, you will love this week’s lesson!

This week, we’re discussing True Connection—how to create a strong professional network filled with people who can help you get hired, help you earn more and achieve more, bring you into the right types of meetings, and open all kinds of doors. #SquadGoals



How to inspire someone to say “YES” to your idea, product, service, or cause.

Think about the last time someone shared an idea with you and you found yourself thinking, “OMG, yes, absolutely, this must happen!” You were sold, but not in a sleazy way—in a totally beautiful way. You felt inspired. That’s the best kind of sales!

This week, you’ll learn how to sell without feeling like you’re “selling.” You’ll be given a conversation format to follow. You’ll practice on your own—and later, with a partner. You can also call in for some “live rehearsal time” with Susan and Ellen on the phone.

We know that selling triggers panic for so many women, but after this week, you’ll have a different perspective, a lot more practice—and a lot more confidence.



Contact at least 7 people—and make a specific request.

You’ve chosen a specific career, business, or income goal.

You’ve learned tons of powerful emailing and writing techniques.

You’ve practiced the art of selling without really selling and you’ve had a full week of rehearsal time.

Now you’re ready to go after what you want in a big, gutsy way—by reaching out to at least 7 different people (friends, colleagues, heroes, mentors, potential customers and clients) to make a specific proposition or request that’s tied into your goal.

You might be applying for a job. Asking for a special favor. Laying out a new plan. Or sharing info about one of your current projects and inspiring people to get onboard.

It’s time to get out of hiding and really put yourself out there. You might be surprised by the level of encouragement you receive in response! Who knows what kinds of opportunities you’ll unlock?



How to bounce back from rejection faster and navigate setbacks without losing your momentum.

What do professional public speakers do to get “in the zone” before a high-pressure event? What do professional actors do to feel “brave” before a big audition—especially if they’ve been rejected hundreds of times before? Why do some people take action so consistently while others feel so much resistance?

We’ve wondered. We’ve researched. This week, we’ll share fascinating, science-driven techniques that you can use in your everyday life to pave new neural pathways and literally build a braver brain.


Let’s get you in the program!
Choose the enrollment level that’s going to help you most.


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Six weeks of coaching, training, booty-kicking, and community support to help you meet—or exceed—your #1 career, business, or income-related goal of the moment. Yeah!

[DEPOSIT: $97]
Your card will be automatically charged for the remainder of your enrollment fee in two weeks. Please read our Refund Policy before making your deposit. Questions on anything? Reach out to: support@shyatt.com


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You get the six week program PLUS a Virtual Brunch on Friday, December 2nd, 2016—which is a few weeks after the basic program ends.

We’ll ship you a box filled with OJ, Prosecco, coffee beans, and delicious breakfast treats to enjoy at home!

Unwrap your treats. Mix up a mimosa. Then, on December 2nd, call in for a 3-hour Virtual Brunch bonus coaching session with Susan and Ellen.

Coaching topic: What’s next from here? We’ll discuss what’s next for you—now that the program is over—and how to meet or exceed your next set of goals, too. This Virtual Brunch is also a great opportunity to ask any lingering questions that have popped into your mind since the end of the program!

[DEPOSIT: $197]
Your card will be automatically charged for the remainder of your enrollment fee in two weeks. Please read our Refund Policy before making your deposit. Questions on anything? Reach out to: support@shyatt.com


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enroll now

You get the six week program PLUS a Virtual Brunch on Friday, December 2nd, 2016 PLUS extra support to help you get big things done, including:

• 2 private coaching sessions with Susan
• 2 private coaching sessions with Ellen
• 4 hours with Ashley, Susan’s personal assistant, that you can use up however you want! Research, event planning, travel bookings, social media help… just ask!
• 4 hours with Woz, a proofreader and editor, to double-check your emails, articles, presentation materials, website language, or anything else you’d like her to scope out.
• An Astrology reading or Tarot reading—your choice—with a masterful reader. Find out auspicious dates for job interviews, business launches, and other big moves, and get an overview of the big themes and opportunities waiting for you in the year ahead!
• 4 inspiring books (our favorite reads of the year) shipped to your home.
• Discover Your Strengths—You'll take the Clifton StrengthsFinderTM and then have a 1:1 session with Vikki Nicometo, a Certified Life Coach and Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, to help you aim your super powers at your goal - and get it faster! When you work in your natural zone of genius, you get more done, do it more efficiently and love the process - all because you're using your natural innate talents. Vikki will help you take that raw talent and turn it into your super powers.

[DEPOSIT: $597]
Your card will be automatically charged for the remainder of your enrollment fee in two weeks. Please read our Refund Policy before making your deposit. Questions on anything? Reach out to: support@shyatt.com

Limit: 10 people for this enrollment level.


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After making your deposit… check your inboxl Look for a confirmation email filled with THANK YOU gifts, including:

Susan’s book, Create Your Own Luck

Susan’s video program, 7 Days of Boldness.

Ellen’s guidebooks —12 of them!—on topics like how to write a compelling cover letter, how to find a life-changing mentor. how to create a business plan, and more.


How many people participate in each session of this program?

Last session, we had almost 100 women in the group. It’s a lively, amazingly supportive community! Our private Facebook group was filled with conversation starting on Day 1.

Whoa! That’s a lot of people! How much personal time will I get with Susan and Ellen?

GO GET IT! is a six week program.

Each week, on Thursdays at 9am Pacific / 12pm Central, you’re invited to attend the “Ask Us Anything” coaching phone call.

This is your chance to raise your hand, ask a question, and get a few minutes of personalized coaching. We answer questions on a first-come, first-serve basis—in a group setting—which means you get to listen as other callers get coached, and vice versa. It’s like a live Q&A radio show.

If you want a more personalized experience, check out this enrollment level, where you get the basic GO GET IT! program PLUS 2 hours of 1-on-1 coaching with Susan, 2 hours of 1-on-1 coaching with Ellen, and other types of highly-personalized support.

My life is crazy busy! What if I join the program but then I fall behind?

We know what it’s like to be crazy busy. Both of us are entrepreneurs and moms who juggle multiple projects, commitments, and deadlines every week. We feel you!

That’s why—while building this program—we made sure to keep everything short, sane, and realistic for busy working women to complete.

The podcasts are short. The missions are short. The Q&A calls are limited to one hour. There’s no fluff. Everything is as tight as it can possibly be. Even if your schedule is busier than Beyoncé’s, we promise: you can start—and finish—this program.

That being said… if “life happens” and you find yourself falling behind, it’s OK! All of the program materials—the podcasts, the missions, the interviews, the worksheets, the Q&A call recordings, everything—is yours to keep for life. You can always take a break and dive back in later if you need to.

What type of person should enroll?

Great question!

You should enroll if:

• You want to spend six weeks pursuing one specific career, business, or income-related goal in an uplifting community setting with people from around the world.

• You’re familiar with Susan Hyatt and / or Ellen Fondiler—your program leaders—and you want a chance to learn from both of them.

• You love the idea of having a weekly “check in” where you can post a progress report and win prizes (chocolate, clothes, champagne, concert tix!) to reward your courage!

You should NOT enroll if:

• You’re looking for a program that focuses on “general” life coaching. That’s awesome—but that’s not what this program is about. With GO GET IT!, we specifically focus on career, business, and income-related goals.

• You can’t handle interacting with people who are different from you. We welcome all people—all ages, sexual orientations, faiths, careers, industries, and lifestyles—into the GO GET IT! community and everyone is granted the same level of respect and confidentiality. If you tend to become “judge-y” and “critical” when interacting with people whose viewpoints are different from your own, please don’t enroll.

What if I don’t have a specific goal in mind?

That’s OK!

Week 1 of the program is all about figuring out what you want most.

We’ll guide you along through some self-exploration and prioritizing exercises.

By the end of Week 1, you’ll have a very specific career, business, or income-related goal written out on paper. (You’ll announce it publicly inside the GO GET IT! Facebook group, too!)

What if I have too many goals and I can’t choose just one?

LOL. The dreaded Goal Tornado! We know the feeling.

When you enroll in GO GET IT!, we strongly urge you to choose just ONE goal so that you can give that goal your full attention for the duration of the program.

It’s amazing what can happen when your focus your energy and really apply yourself—instead of spreading yourself too thinly across too many commitments.

Our advice: just choose something and run with it for six weeks! See what happens. Six weeks from now, you can always choose something else.

What if I have a personal question that’s not addressed here?

Send a note to support [at] shyatt [dot] com and someone will respond within a day or two. Thank you!


All of your GO GET IT! payments—including your initial deposit—are non-refundable.

Once you make a deposit, it’s like signing your name on the dotted line of a contract—you’re IN. No backing out. No cancellations. No refunds.

If that sounds “strict” or “intense,” you’re right. It sure is! And that’s the entire spirit of this program. We’re here to push you and ensure that you meet—or exceed—the goals that you set for yourself. We’re not letting you hide or give up. Not this time.


If you’re excited about this program, then make your deposit and jump in with full commitment. We’re fully committed to your success, too. Let’s get things done!

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