Current Job Opportunites

Marketing & Sales Manager

Susan Hyatt, Inc, a fast growing Life Coach and Coach Training company, is looking for a creative, analytical and organized Marketing & Sales Manager. This position is responsible for leading the marketing and sales department and executing the organization’s marketing, sales, communications and promotional initiatives. Experience with online marketing tools, audience growth, advertising platforms, analytics and the connected sales cycle required.

Susan Hyatt, Inc’s mission is to help women and others get MORE of what they want in life and business. We provide inspiration, life coaching, coaching certification programs and business growth services for coaching and service businesses.

We are committed to doing our best to create an anti-racist business and to fight oppression inside our company and the wider world. We understand that we are not there yet, but we are committed to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive team and encourage BIPOC, LGTBQIA+, individuals identifying as non-binary and people from other underrepresented communities to apply.

This is a full-time, remote position. You will report to the CEO.

  • Help develop and manage execution of company marketing, communications and sales plans.
  • Manage our marketing and sales team and contractors to lead implementation of all marketing initiatives.
  • Align team resources and energy to achieve sales goals and constantly monitor and review our marketing campaigns to ensure they are effective and make adjustments as necessary.
  • Maintain detailed and updated marketing calendar for all launches, evergreen campaigns and program start-dates.
  • Ensure all content and creatives for each campaign are created by the team and campaigns are launched in a timely manner.
  • Review all company content to ensure messaging is on-brand and correct.
  • Help lead marketing and sales initiatives during online and live events.
  • Ensure tracking, tagging and sales pipelines are well managed and efficient and that the sales team can easily succeed. Plan for nurturing and follow up content before and after sales calls. 
  • Participate in our paid Masterminds and free social media groups to answer marketing related questions from our clients and prospects.
  • Specifically, the Marketing & Sales Manager will be responsible for:
    • The company’s email and social media strategy are on message, growing our audience, nurturing prospects and converting to sales.
    • Ensuring successful paid media campaigns on Facebook/Instagram, Google and other platforms are yielding a growing audience, a healthy profit and playing a significant role achieving our sales goals.
    • The Rich Coach Club Podcast, Go Time TV, our blog and other communications tools are produced and promoted and an ever-expanding audience.
    • Strategies to gain wider exposure through partnerships, public relations, content placement and other strategies are planned, implemented and analyzed.
    • Lead source tracking, goal-focused analytics and reporting focused on profitably scaling are used to help guide resource and allocation decisions.
    • The sales pipeline and follow-up process is designed and managed to maximize the value of each prospect and strong sales systems are designed and deployed during virtual and live events.
    • Operating systems for the marketing and sales department are constantly refined, clear and organized.
    • Collaborating with the program and operations teams to ensure smooth operations across the organization.
  • Motivated to get up each day and help women grow their businesses and break glass ceilings.
  • Strong Understanding of Marketing & Sales, specifically online marketing.
  • Strong Understanding of Lead Generation, Customer Acquisition Funnels and KPIs
  • Great with People and Managing a Team and Department Resources.
  • Strong Marketing Analytics Capabilities
  • Strong Time Management Skills and Ability to Work Remotely
  • Exceptional Verbal and Written Communication Skills
  • Exceptionally Organized and Attentive to Detail
  • Enthusiastic and With a Positive Attitude
  • 3+ Years in Digital Marketing with a focus on online marketing funnels, ideally for coaches/service providers. Highly creative with experience in identifying target audiences and devising digital campaigns that engage, inform and motivate
  • Demonstrable experience managing digital marketing campaigns and providing excellent client care. 
  • Proficient in Facebook/Instagram ads, management and performance indicators. Clear understanding of marketing funnels and how to track results.
  • Proficient with following tools:
    • Ontraport, Facebook/Instagram Advertising, Google Analytics, WordPress, Social Media Platforms, Asana or similar project management tools.

Community Leader

Susan Hyatt Inc. is looking for a Community Leader to join the team. This a work from home part-time position (10 hours per week, $40/hour.)

Does this sound like you?
  • You have experience with online business coaching including:
  • You love to give advice about emails, webinars, messaging and more!
  • You are an excellent problem solver
  • You are friendly and engaging
  • You are meticulously organized.
  • You love being on Facebook; posting, commenting and motivating others.
  • You have excellent social posting skills and communication skills.
  • You know your way around Facebook groups, how to go live, how to organize them, how to schedule and tag posts.
  • You like variety. You would love to do a variety of posting, commenting, coaching through comments inside groups, answering questions, leading discussions.
  • You are self-motivated and totally okay with working independently/virtually. You can work from home and get things done—no problem.
  • And (would be great but not required) you’re already familiar with Susan Hyatt Inc. and the programs we offer. You’re a fan! You read the blog, you listen to our podcasts, you’re in-the-know about what we do, and you already love the brand.
  1.  Engage members in conversation. 
  2. Coach in our groups through commenting
  3. Offer solutions to problems
  4. Offer members support. 
  5. Share on-topic content that is aligned with our company’s business philosophies.
  6. Facilitate challenges inside our groups.
  7. Enrich the community with insight, energy, and motivation. 
  8. Moderate and make sure there are no posts that are against our community standards. 
  9. Coordinate with Creative Director for graphics

1. Please record a quick video not to exceed 5 min answering the following questions:

  • Who are you? 
  • What advice can you offer coaches struggling with visibility?
  • Explain what a funnel is.

2. You recorded a video answering the questions above? Great! Next, apply for the position by attaching your video, resume and filling out this form:  https://susanhyatt.typeform.com/to/aKsMYEIW

3. After applying, we will follow up with you via email within 2 weeks to let you know A, B, or C:

  •  A – “We’d like to schedule an interview with you.”
  •  B – “We’re grateful you applied, however, we don’t think you’re a fit for this position.”
  •  C – “We’re grateful you applied, however, this position has now been filled and is no longer available.”

You could work anywhere on earth. We’re grateful that you’re interested in working here. Whether we ultimately offer you a job, or not, know that we will treat you with the utmost respect throughout the entire process.

Thank you!