How to sell *anything*!

How to sell *anything*!

“I can sell anything at any priceas long as I believe in it.” 

That’s what a client told me the other day. I nodded and raised my hands in the air. Preach, sister. I couldn’t agree more.

Whatever you’re selling—life coaching services, tickets to a wellness retreat, a pair of ultra-soft leather boots—if you genuinely believe, “This is awesome!” “This feels so amazing!” “Omg, you will love this!” then selling is no problem. 

Once upon a time, I sold real estate. It wasn’t my greatest passion, but I was damn good at it. A top seller in my company. Why? Because I believed in what I was selling. Real belief, not fake. 

“This is a beautiful home at a great price. I can’t wait to show you the bedrooms, the yard, and oh my gosh wait ’til you see the bath tub!”

That “Oh my gosh wait ’til you see this!” enthusiasm—that’s the exact same way I feel about the coaching programs I sell today.

Sell Anything

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When you believe, selling is easy.

If you don’t believe in what you’re selling, you have two options: 

1) Start selling something else. Something you do believe in. Or,

2) Figure out a way to start believing. 

How can you convince yourself to believe in your own work? 

You can read grateful emails from previous clients (“This really helped! Thank you!”).

You can make a list of professional victories. Helping a client save their marriage. Priceless. Helping a client finally feel comfortable in her body. Priceless. Getting an article published on a healthy living website. Big win. 

You can hire a therapist or coach (like me) to help you build a new mindset, shifting from insecurity to solid belief in your skills. 

Ultimately, you either believe in what you’re offering—or you don’t. 

If you don’t, selling will feel awkward and painful. 

If you do, selling will feel natural and easy. 

You can sell anything at any price when you believe.

So if you want to significantly increase your income, before you start redesigning your website or start buying Facebook Ads or start hiring a new publicist, first, step one:

Start believing. 

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