December 27, 2021
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How You Feel at the Finish Line

Oh, hayyy,

We’ve all got things we want to finish.
But it’s how you FEEL at the finish line that really matters.
Once upon a time, when I was a newbie Life Coach, I would set specific goals to grow my client roster and bring more money in the door. 
Things weren’t exactly a smooth ride back then. I surrounded myself with lots of naysayers, many of them well-meaning, who constantly chirped in my ear about what a “mistake” I’d made leaving my lucrative real estate career to become a Life Coach.
I had so many broke-ass beliefs about my business and my potential. Every project I tried to pull off in my business left me in a puddle of exhaustion and filled with resentment.

For example, the first time I created an online class, I felt totally overwhelmed by the project. 
I patched together a team of people I’d never worked with before – people I thought had the right skills to help me. 
A few of my peers gave me (unsolicited) advice: “Make sure the course looks professional, Susan. Don’t cuss or use slang. Stick to the script.”
So many things went wrong. The sales page crashed. A recording was mysteriously deleted. We forgot to send the link for people to join the webinar (even after spending tons of money to promote it.)
Even worse, I didn’t feel like myself. I wasn’t showing up authentically as “bold and fun” Susan. Instead, I pretended to be a bland robot reciting an even blander script. I didn’t have the energy or enthusiasm to lead my team correctly.
By the end, I was discouraged, depleted, and happy it was all over. Not exactly the vibe and energy you want when you’ve got a new offer to sell!
So I asked myself a high-quality question: how can I finish future projects on a high note?

I did an investigation into my own thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors around the project – Murder She Wrote-style. 

I realized that I needed to get rid of the things that were messing with my energy levels and motivation (broke-ass thoughts, people who didn’t support me) and let go of any lingering disappointment – moving ahead feeling focused and in control. 

Y’all, this month, this week, this day isn’t over yet. 

There is still time to finish what you want, dial-up your confidence, and make miracles happen. 

Make big moves. Make each hour count. Keep your mindset rich. 

We are all capable of accomplishing great things, but if your accomplishments leave you in a pleasure-sapped desert of misery – have you really won?

Focus on achievement AND pleasure. 

Now that’s a winning combo. 


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