Keep working the moves.

Keep working the moves.

I was not an athletic teenager. Not by a long-shot. Mouthing off in class? Yes. Organized sports? Not so much.

But one time, my high school put together a volleyball tournament and I decided to try it out, just for kicks. I signed up with my best friend and we figured, “We’re probably going to be awful, but maybe this will be fun!”

We had a gym coach named Sister Pat and she explained to us: 

“Okay, girls. Don’t make this more complicated than it needs to be. I want you to stick to three simple moves: pass, set, spike. Just work those three moves. Over and over. Pass, set, spike. That’s it. Trust me on this. Keep working the simple moves that I teach you, and you will do great.”

The tournament day rolled around. My friend and I took to the court. 

We were volleyball newbies. The opposing players were definitely more seasoned than us. But we followed our coaches advice. All throughout the game, we focused on those three simple moves: pass, set, spike.

And much to everyone’s shock and amazement…we won!

(Honestly, nobody was more surprised than us!)

There’s a big lesson here that applies to all areas of life, including your business and income. 

You want to get more clients? You want to make more money? You want to write a bestselling book? Or launch a podcast? Or fill your online club with additional members every month?

Whatever you want to accomplish, keep it simple. 

Don’t panic. Don’t rush. Don’t add unnecessary complexity. Just be persistent and consistent. Keep working the simple moves. Over and over. 

– Email 3 potential clients every day and ask them to hire you. 

– Tell 3 people (yes, friends and family count!) about your coaching practice every week, and tell them what you’re offering.

– Send your newsletter out consistently, week after week, like clockwork.

– Keep doing consultation calls. Keep following up. Keep asking for the sale.

If you keep working these simple business moves, over and over, your efforts add up. 

3 emails per day because 15 emails per workweek which becomes 780 emails per year. I guarantee some of those emails will lead to new clients and lucrative sales. It is inevitable. Because simple moves add up to big things. 

Keep working the simple moves that lead to new clients, enrollments, and sales. 

Don’t make this more complicated than it needs to be.

Pass, set, spike.

Inspire, ask, sell.

Keep it simple. 

Be consistent. 

And you will win.

Susan Hyatt

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