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On the 6

On the 6 Mastermind

On the 6 is a 6-month mastermind and business coaching intensive.

If you run a coaching practice or service business – or you’re ready to launch one. If you want to earn six figures in 2020. And if you’re ready to make big moves and really make this happen, On the 6 is for you.

The next round of On the 6 starts July 2020.


The Mastermind

More money. More press. More freedom. More impact.

The Mastermind is a 12-month mastermind.

If you’re running a profitable coaching or services practice and you’re already earning six figures—or multiple six figures—per year, now it’s time to bring your business to the next level…more money, more media coverage, more freedom and breathing room in your schedule, and more clarity about why you’re here on the planet and the legacy you want to leave behind.

The Mastermind 2021 starts January 2021.

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My Beyonce Refund policy

All of your payments — including your initial deposit — are non-refundable

I call this My Beyoncé Policy. Here’s why:

When you buy a ticket to a Beyoncé concert, and then decide you don’t feel like going, or it’s too far to drive, or you can’t find a babysitter, or whatever… what happens? You don’t go. You stay home. You miss out.

Are you going to write an email to Beyoncé and ask for a refund? Hell no. Beyoncé ain’t refunding your money just

because you decided not to show up, or mismanaged your schedule, or whatever. That was your choice. This may sound like “tough love,” but that’s my policy, too.

Bottom line: respect your time. Respect mine. Say “yes” to the experiences that you really want — and show up. Showing up is so sexy. Beyoncé would approve.

Refund policy = complete.

This is tremendous. You’re about to see what is possible when you apply 100% of yourself to your goals (maybe for the first time in your life…?). I’m so excited for you and I can’t wait to be your coach!

It's Time

No more waiting. No more covering up.

No more Shrinking. No more Hiding.

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