My favorite question of the year.

My favorite question of the year.

Approximately 27 times per day, I feel like throwing my computer out the window, or punching my fist through the wall.

Because being a human is hard. 

Especially in 2020.

And a couple times per week, I get really frustrated. Because someone on my team accidentally double-booked me, or a payment button on the site isn’t working, or some other blunder that’s costing me time, money, or both. (Even though my team is stellar and I know nobody’s perfect and everyone’s trying their best…still. When these mistakes happen, it sucks.)

When I notice myself slipping into a frustrated, discouraged, anxious, or even panicky state of mind, here is the question that gets me back on track:

What is the high-quality solution to this problem?

This is my favorite question of the year. 


When you are facing a problem, you have two options. 

You can choose the low-quality solution—the solution that’s driven by stress, scarcity, fear, or impatience.

Or you can find the high-quality solution—the solution that is thoughtful, creative, brilliant, a solution where you are responding to the situation rather than just reacting.

Guess which option leads to a better outcome?

Example: Let’s say you need to make some extra money, and you need to do it quickly. An unexpected bill has come up and you need mo’ cash now.


You don’t have enough money to cover this bill. You need to bring in some sales. ASAP.

Low-quality solution: 

Panic. Yell at your spouse for no particular reason. Inhale a family-size bag of chips. Slash your prices down. Hastily throw together a newsletter announcing a 90% discount on your services. Immediately regret doing this. Maybe you make a little money, but not much, and the process doesn’t feel good. At all.

High-quality solution: 

Step away from your desk. Take a walk in the fresh air. Breathe deeply to regulate your nervous system. Ask, “What do my clients need most right now? What would feel like a miracle for them?” Come up with a brilliant idea. Put together a simple, powerful offer—at an appropriate price point, one that honors the value you provide—and announce it with excitement. Get tons of sales. Change lives. Feel amazing.

For any problem you’re having—you need more money, you need more time, you need more energy, you need to get more organized, you need more support, you need more connection and less loneliness in your life—there’s always a low-quality solution and a high-quality solution.

When you’re stressed, all you can “see” is the low-quality solution and it feels like that’s the only option. But it’s not.

When you take one minute, ten deep breaths, a brief walk, a tiny pleasure break, that’s when the high-quality solution appears. 

The next time you feel stuck or paralyzed or can’t figure out how to solve a problem, ask yourself:

What is the high-quality solution?

Or, ask yourself:

What is the best-possible solution that I can choose right now, given my present limitations? (Limitations like: the global pandemic, travel restrictions, kids doing online schooling at home, not much privacy, small budget, etc.)

Even with limitations, you can still find the high-quality solution. 

You always have this choice. 

The more often you pick the high-quality solution, the faster your life will transform. 

Let’s all make high-quality choices today.

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