No hiding. No stalling. No shame.

No hiding. No stalling. No shame.

Years ago, I had a client who was a genius. And I mean, a literal genius.

She has a Stephen Hawking-level IQ. She holds a PhD. She’s a MENSA member. She’s also a business owner and product inventor.

She hired me for coaching and told me, “I’ve invented a new product that could change the world. I need to file the patent paperwork. I need to write a press release. I need to contact the media. I need to do a bunch of different things to get this product into the marketplace. But I’ve been procrastinating. Can you help me stop stalling and get moving?”

I told her, “Sure! That’s what I do best.”

I was curious to find out, Why is this woman procrastinating?” By the end of our first coaching session, we’d identified a big issue. THE issue.

This woman—this brilliant, beautiful, genius woman—was embarrassed about her weight.

She thought she was “too heavy.” She didn’t want to appear on camera, be interviewed, or speak at conferences. She felt anxious about being thrust into the public eye. That’s why she’d been stalling with her product launch. She didn’t want to be seen.

I wish I could say this woman’s story is unique. But it’s not. This used to be my story—dodging away from the camera, avoiding big decisions about my career because I felt ugly and fat. This might be your story, too. This is a story that so many women share. And it’s story that we must bring to an end.

Can you imagine what’s being lost? The products that never get launched. The movies that never get filmed. The classes that never get taught. The speeches that never get delivered. Why? Because 97% of women intensely dislike their bodies and feel ashamed to be seen.

What is the solution to this horrendous problem? The solution is not “yet another diet.” The solution is not “let’s all lose weight, get skinny, and then we’ll be more confident!” No. The solution is you, right now, saying to yourself, “I am smart and kind. I have gifts to share. My ideas should be heard. Not someday later when I have a different body. Today.”

Today, I urge you to show up and be seen. One conversation. One Facebook Live video. A 5-second clip of you dancing in your kitchen. A hand raised in the air instead of tucked down low. Today, let the world know, “I am here.”

Let the world see you, know you, and hear you. Not someday later when you’re a size 12, 6, 2, or whatever number you’ve decided is “correct.” Not someday later when you’ve got Botox or perfect nails. Now. Here. Today.

So much has been lost, for centuries upon centuries, because women have been ashamed to be seen.

It’s time to take back everything that’s been lost.

It’s time to make sure the cycle is broken.

No hiding. No stalling. No shame.

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It's Time

No more waiting. No more covering up.

No more Shrinking. No more Hiding.

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