Let me be clear: I’m not anti-yoga.

I love Lululemon stretchy pants and chill music and positive affirmations as much as the next lady.

But when my doctor advised me to stop running for a few months and switch to something low-impact, like yoga, I was not exactly thrilled.

I’ve tried a few yoga classes in the past and for…

Running a business is not always a slice of cherry pie.

Websites malfunction. Drama happens. Excellent work gets overlooked.

You slave over a blog post only to have it go unnoticed, unappreciated, with no “comments” or “shares.”

Or maybe “marketing” feels unnatural and you’ve got to hustle and sweat, putting yourself…

It’s still crazy to me that my daughter, Emily, is starting high school this year. Wasn’t it just last year that she we were attending Kindergarten orientation? We ended her summer with a big highlight….drove 6 hours home after the Nicki Minaj concert on Sunday night just so that she could make it to Freshman Orientation on…

I hang with a lot of business owners and professional coaches, and one complaint I hear constantly is:
I want to [write / blog / speak onstage / start a podcast / start a webTV series / make an e-course / etc] but it’s so hard to sit down and make it happen when I’m not feeling “inspired.” Ugh!…

I could NOT believe the words that were coming out of his mouth.

There I was, sitting politely at the dinner table, listening to someone (that I considered a “friend”) spewing words that rubbed against everything I believe in.

Every sentence was like sandpaper on my soul.

I felt my pulse start to race, as he continued. My face…

Check out my latest radio interviews. I dish about everything from raising teenagers to being a rape survivor.






“Transform your relationship with your voice via the deepest stirrings of your soul.”  That’s what Fast Company said about the work of…

Had a great time being interviewed by Stephen Lahey of Small Business Talent on Visibility, Credibility and Creating Your Own Luck. He dubbed me a “tornado of enthusiasm.” I’ll take it!

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