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Asking for an opportunity.

Asking for an opportunity.

Hello and happy Monday! This is Susan Hyatt and it’s GO time. This is episode number 159.

This is a show where we talk about goals, and courage, and going after what you really want in life.

Today we’re talking about tuning in to the clear signs that there’s something you’re craving. Once you know what you’re craving, it’s time to take action to either create it yourself, or ask for the opportunity that you want.

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Wanna read the full transcript? Here ya go:

Can you remember the last time you saw someone doing something… and you felt really jealous?

Maybe you thought, “Oh my god, she’s doing a TEDx talk? I WANT TO DO THAT.”

Or maybe you thought, “She’s on TV… again?! Why can’t I ever get booked for a TV appearance?”

Or maybe you saw one of your friends posting photos on Instagram of her amazing vacation to Barcelona or Paris. And you’re like, “UGH… I might need to unfollow this woman because I am DYING of jealousy over here!”

If something makes you feel jealous, that’s not a bad thing. It’s a great thing! It means you’re getting a clear sign that there’s something you crave… something you want to add into your life, or pursue.

One time, years ago, I felt so jealous about my friends who live in bigger cities like LA, San Francisco, Seattle, New York City. It seemed like practically every week, someone was posting photos of an amazing farm-to-table restaurant… an amazing performance… an amazing fashion show… an amazing party… and meanwhile, I’m like, “I live in Evansville, Indiana. We’ve got a Walmart and lots of corn fields. We don’t have ANYTHING cool here! Ugh!”

It really bothered me. After moping and stewing for several months, I had an idea…

I thought to myself, “If I want to attend a glamorous party… why not throw it myself?”

I decided to throw a masquerade ball. Totally ridiculous. Totally over the top. I set the date. I chose the menu. I hired a band. I bought myself a fancy mask. I told all of my friends, “You’d better show up wearing RHINESTONES and SEQUINS from head to toe because this party is going to be BANANAS.”

It was the WILDEST night. So much fun. I will never forget it. I danced all night with my husband and fell asleep covered in glitter.

The best part was… it was my own fairy tale, my fantasy, my dream, and I made it come true… for myself.

The moral of the story is… if there’s an opportunity or experience that you really want, don’t wait around for an invitation to arrive in the mail. ASK for the opportunity you want. Or CREATE the opportunity you want.

That’s my challenge for you today:

Think of an opportunity or experience that you really want. Something you long for, yearn for, dream about.

Maybe you want to give a TED talk. Maybe you want to get a book deal. you want to be a guest on a podcast. Maybe you want a 5-day vacation ALONE in a cabin in the woods so you can write poetry and meditate in silence. Maybe you want to serve on the Board of Directors of a local theater company.

Whatever you want… today… I want you to reach out to (at least) one person and ask for it. Ask for the opportunity. Ask for the gig. Ask to be considered for the role. OR… find a way to create that kind of opportunity for yourself. Create your own stage. Create your own show. Create your own party. Create whatever you crave.

Ask for the opportunity that you want. Or create the opportunity that you want. Either way, I want you to take ACTION today.

It’s GO! time.

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