April 16, 2018
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BARE Season Two Episode Three

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Hello and welcome to the BARE Podcast!

This is your host, Susan Hyatt. This is Season Two, Episode Three.

The BARE Podcast is a show where we talk about your body and your life.

We discuss things like…

– How to take really good care of your body, even if you’re very, very busy.

– How to get better sleep, feel less stressed out, and have way more energy.

– How to stop all the crazy dieting and detoxing and binge-ing and yo-yo-ing and create a balanced, happy, relaxed relationship with food.

– If you’ve been hanging with me for awhile, then you know that in my world, we are NOT into dieting, we are NOT into gimmicky weight loss systems, we are NOT into body shaming, we are NOT into negativity and shame, PERIOD. We’re all about celebrating this one body and this one life that you’ve got.

I am so excited for today’s episode.

Here… we… go!

The BIG QUESTION I’m answering today:

Today’s question comes from Amanda. She writes:

“If I want to lose weight, does that make me vain, or shallow, or… a bad feminist?”

And here’s my answer:

This is a GREAT question!

You know, back when I was in my early twenties, going to college, I started getting really interested in feminist theory. I was studying politics, and I was learning all about the oppression of women throughout history. I definitely identified as a feminist back then. AND… I still do today.

But back then, I thought being a “good feminist” meant that you didn’t care about your body. I thought if I covered myself up with baggy clothes, if I ate crappy food, if I didn’t work out, then somehow, I was giving the middle finger to the Patriarchy. Like I was saying, “I refuse to be objectified! I am not a pretty object for you to ogle! Don’t even THINK about it!”

This was in the early 90s, when the aerobics craze was at its peak. I would look at women heading to aerobics class, with their bouncing ponytails, and their spandex leotards, and I would think to myself, “Ugh, what a bunch of bimbos.” I would tell myself things like, “I’m better than them. I’m smarter. I care about REAL ISSUES, not frivolous stuff like going to the gym.” I had a very high and mighty attitude.

I still identify as a feminist today. But over the years, my views have changed.

Back then, I thought taking care of your body was frivolous and vain.

Today, I think taking care of your body is smart and powerful.

Because look, whether you like it or not, YOU HAVE A BODY. You only get one body, and it’s your home for your entire life. If your body is in pain, if your body is tired, if your body is being packed with nonstop junk food, if your body feels crappy, well, that’s going to impact your life on every level.

We have TONS of work to do in the fight for women’s rights. We’ve got marches to attend. We’ve got letters to write. We’ve got speeches to give. We’ve got fundraisers to run.

To do all of this important work, we need ENERGY, and we need STAMINA, which means… we need to take really good care of our bodies. We need to take really good care of our mental and physical health.

That’s why caring about your body does NOT make you a bad feminist. Because when you care about your body, and pay attention to your body, what you’re doing is you’re giving yourself more energy, more power.

And giving women more power… is what feminism is all about!


In my opinion, being a feminist comes down to one key word: choice.

As a feminist, you get to choose the type of career that you want. You get to choose the sexual partner (or partners) that you want. You get to choose whether to have kids or not. You get to choose the type of lifestyle that you want.

So, if you want to start taking better care of your body and lose weight in the process, you have the right to make that choice—and nobody has the right to tell you “You can’t do that,” or “That’s wrong,” or “That’s not for you.”

I encourage you to pursue YOUR personal definition of happiness.

If that includes losing weight, great. If that doesn’t include losing weight, great. If that includes getting a tattoo, great. If you want to dye your hair electric purple, great. If you want to get surgery to increase or reduce the size of your boobs, great.

It’s your body. It’s your choice. It’s your life. YOU are in charge. Whatever you wanna do with your body and your life, it’s all up to you.

And… if you meet someone who identifies as a feminist, someone who tries to shame you, or tell you that you’re “wrong” for doing something with your body, you can say to that person:

“You know what? I think we have different opinions about what it means to be a feminist. Personally, I believe it’s about personal choice. So, you can do whatever you want with your body. Meanwhile, I’ll do whatever I want with mine. “

Our next segment is called TELL ME EVERYTHING!

This is where I chat with an amazing woman that I L-O-V-E and we have a conversation about food, feminism, fitness, sex, or… something else that I am dying to talk about. Today we’re chatting with Dr. Lindsay Byron (also knows as LUX ATL). Here we go!

About Lux ATL:

Lux ATL is an itinerant preacher for the feminist revolution, a writer, podcaster, epic retreat hoster, and stripper with a PhD. She is the founder of The Take, a social network for women due to launch in 2019.

In this episode Lux ATL shares:

  • Helping women own & reclaim their sexuality.
  • What feminism is about for her.
  • The impact that coming from the stripping world has had on her relationship with her body.
  • Her new endeavor, The Take. The Take is a social media network where women can come and feel free to be themselves in the fullness of themselves and free of the misogynistic standards that govern current social media platforms that are so problematic and restrictive.

You can find out more about The Take at the website right here!

Get your Gala tickets right here!

Find The Take Instagram Account right here!

Find Lux ATL on Instagram right here!

From your desktop you can skip right to her interview here! From a mobile device manually go to 5:18!

Wanna watch the interview?? Click the video below!

Today’s BARE Victory:

Here’s a BARE Victory posted in my BARE Daily membership community. Larissa posted a beautiful picture of herself out on a walk and she said:

Walking is my soul food.

…but what if you don’t lose any weight doing it???

Walking helps me feel connected to my body.

…but it won’t burn enough calories???

Walking gets me in my perfect rhythm.

…but you need to lose weight shouldn’t you spend the time doing something more aggressive??

Walking is movement for the sake of movement. Every exercise you do can be. Find the movement that matches your rhythm. Do that.



PS. Check out the BARE Daily program right here. When you become a BARE DAILY member, you get daily inspiration for your body and your life. You get… Workouts. Recipes. Coaching sessions. Challenges. Prizes. Accountability to help you stay on track. Emotional support during tough moments. Kind people who will listen, who really care about you.

There’s so much awesomeness in there. BARE DAILY is truly one of the loving, most supportive corners of the entire Internet. You can get a membership for 1 month, try it out, and see how it transforms your body and your life.

Have a beautiful day—and I’ll see you in the next episode!



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