January 31, 2021
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RCC 126: Commitment and Staying the Course with Crystal Thompson

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When was the last time you felt the need to reinvent your business? Maybe you change the niche in your coaching practice monthly, or maybe you constantly tear down your website in place of a new one. Coaches, the path to true success is paved with commitment and learning to stay the course, so let’s dive in.

If you find yourself tempted to flip-flop in your business, grappling with picking a lane that feels right to you, you’re in the right place. My guest today is someone who knows this struggle all too well, and she’s a beautiful example of what happens when you find your groove and own who you are with no apologies. Crystal Thompson is a Bare-certified coach and a Christian weight loss expert, and she’s here to share her journey of tremendous success with us. 

Tune in this week as Crystal shares her business-building story, the big lessons she’s learned along the way, and what it takes to truly be you and the effects that can have on your practice. I’m offering a few suggestions for ways you can start flexing your commitment muscle, and I guarantee you’ll have the results you dream of and more by just staying the course. 

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why you have to commit to your offers no matter what.
  • The truth about what the path to success often looks like.
  • What I suggest you try instead of reinventing your business.
  • The realization Crystal had that helped her business flourish.
  • What changed Crystal’s relationship with food and her body.
  • The difference between being inspired by a mentor and trying to be that person.
  • What will allow you to change lives and make you a millionaire.
  • What it takes to truly own who you are without apology.

Listen to the Full Episode:

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Rich Coach Club, the podcast that teaches you how to build your dream coaching practice and how to significantly increase your income. If you're a coach and you're determined to start making more money, this show is for you. I'm master certified life coach Susan Hyatt, and I'm psyched for you to join me on this journey.

Hey coaches. So a couple of weeks ago I posted a note on social media and I said to everyone, “Tell me something that you’re struggling with lately.” And I also said, “If you could get a pep talk on any topic, what kind of pep talk do you need most?”

And I got tons of replies. Numerous people said, “I need a pep talk about how to stay consistent.” And quite a few people said, “I need a pep talk about how to trust in the process and time that it takes to build a business.” Well coaches, you asked and I’m about to deliver.

Today’s episode is all about staying true to your vision, staying the course, and sticking with the plan long-term. I have an inspiring story for you about the power of consistency, and it’s a story about a super successful brand, one you’ve probably heard of, and you might be surprised to learn which brand it is, so I’ll give you a little hint. I’m a customer of this brand and I’m an obsessed super fan. Okay, pep talk is coming at you right now in three, two, one, here we go.

Y’all know I’m obsessed with my Peloton bike. I hop on that bike four to five times a week, minimum three times if I’m running. And whenever I need a big cardio boost or whenever I need to shift my attitude, it always gets me out of a funk and back into a high-quality mindset.

Peloton is so much more than just a stationary exercise bike. It’s a whole experience. Everything about this bike is A+. The sleek design, the incredible training videos, the music playlists, the instructors. Even though you’re riding that bike all alone at home, you really do feel like you’re part of a community, a wolf pack. It’s so motivating.

And many of you listening might be thinking, “Yeah, I know all about Peloton. They’re super famous and popular.” It seems like everyone has a Peloton bike these days. I have one, a lot of my clients have purchased them, even Jennifer Lopez is a Peloton fan. It kind of seemed like no one had ever heard of Peloton and then, boom, all of a sudden everyone is talking about them. An overnight sensation.

Well, not exactly. I did a little digging recently and I discovered something that might surprise you. Can you guess when Peloton was first founded? Any guesses? The answer is 2012. That is almost 10 years ago. They’ve been grinding away for almost a decade and it’s just recently that the brand is really exploding into mainstream awareness.

Peloton was not an immediate success. The founders pitched the idea to investors for three years. Talking to thousands of potential investors, and all they heard was no, no, no, not interested, bye. Tons of rejection. Nobody wanted to invest. Three years, people.

In an interview, co-founder John Foley said no investors wanted to look at this thing, they wanted nothing to do with it. Eventually, the co-founders got the company up and rolling and eventually, they built a decent fan base. They became profitable and things were going well.

Okay, they weren’t a household name like Nike, but they were doing well and making money. All good. For years they chugged along and then years later, the COVID-19 pandemic arrived and all of a sudden millions of people were hunting for new ways to exercise at home. And boom, that’s when Peloton sales surges upward by 61% and now seemingly overnight, Peloton is everywhere.v

While doing research for this episode, I came across a photo back from 2012. And from what I can tell, it seems to be a photo of the Peloton team at an early launch party for the company back in 2012. Not a super professional photo. It looks like maybe someone took it with their phone. Some balloons in the background, and the team is smiling and celebrating a happy moment.

And here’s what I noticed about the photo. I’ll see if I can drop it in the show notes for you so you can look too, but here’s what I noticed. One of the team members is wearing a Peloton tank top. On that tank top is the exact same Peloton logo that the brand uses today.

So there’s a big lesson here. Peloton was founded 10 years ago. And in those 10 years, the company logo remained the same, the company name remained the same, the company mission has remained the same. Their mission was to bring amazing exercise classes into people’s homes. That was their mission a decade ago and it’s the same mission today.

The company’s primary offer has remained the same. It’s the bike they’re most known for. Peloton has definitely evolved over the last 10 years. They’ve refined their bike to make it better and better. They’ve up-leveled their videos with even better lighting and sound. They are continually refining to make their services the best it can be. But they have never wavered from their original concept. They stayed completely committed.

There is such a lesson here for coaches and consultants and business owners. And the lesson is commit and stay the course. Stop changing your mission statement every two hours. Stop tearing down your website and building a new one every year. And stop changing the focus of your coaching practice every other minute.

One month you specialize in relationship coaching, two months later you want to focus on addiction recovery, and then in a year, you’re doing business coaching. No boo-berry, that’s too much wavering, too much reinvention.

It’s really difficult to grow a solid brand and business when you’re flip-flopping around every couple months. So pick a lane and stay the course. Identify something the world really needs, a problem you can solve. A gap you can fill. And stick with it. Stick with it fiercely. Be unwavering in your approach.

And that is the path to success. It’s true for Peloton, it’s true for you too. And it’s been true for me as well. For the first 10 years of my coaching practice, I went from $100,000 to multiple six figures, to a million dollars revenue each year. Not bad. Definitely great numbers and I felt proud.

But it was really around year 11 that my business really gained traction. And that’s the year that I started making multi-millions. It takes time to build an empire. It is never an overnight journey. And my timeline might not be your timeline.

I’ve had plenty of clients hit that million-dollar mark based on stuff that I learned that they did it in a couple years, three years, five years. But it does take time to build a strong foundation. And even though my coaching business has evolved a lot over the years, the core things have remained consistent.

On day one, my mission as a coach was to help women get more of whatever they want. More joy, more freedom, more energy, more money. And now, here we are on day 5110, that’s still my mission. That has not changed. I am still here as a coach to help women get more of whatever they want.

Time has never changed things in that regard. I have not wavered. So look, I know that it's tempting to reinvent, especially when things are not going so great. And there’s definitely a time and place for radical reinvention. While my mission hasn’t changed, some of my offers have.

But consider maybe this is not the moment to radically reinvent your coaching practice. Maybe this is the moment to double down on your commitment. More commitment. More persistence. Strengthen your resolve instead of reinventing yet again.

To quote Robin Arzón, Vice President of fitness programming at Peloton, “Put your crown back on your head and remember who you are. You are strong, you are fierce, you are someone who can commit instead of wavering.”

And here’s another thing Robin Arzón said once in the middle of a cycling class. She said, “I’m not interested in what you’re willing to do one time. I’m impressed by what you’re willing to do 10,000 times. That thing you’re willing to do three to five times a week every week, that is how empires get built.”

So don’t give up on your empire too quickly. Stay the course. Pep talk complete. And y’all, if you have a Peloton bike at home, come ride with me. I would love that. My Peloton username is hyattriot so come find me. And no, Peloton is not a sponsor of this show, although they may as well be. Peloton, feel free to send me a check or let’s work out an agreement. You’re welcome for all the promo.

It’s time to celebrate a community win. And so in every episode, I try to celebrate somebody who is either a member of the Rich Coach Club Facebook group or member of one of my masterminds. And today, I want to give a shout-out to Carla Webb. So Carla is a former Clear Coaches client. She also is an In Demand client, and she just created her first freebie and landing page for it, which if you’ve ever tried to decide on a free offer and create the landing page, you know what a celebration this is.

So congratulations to you, Carla. It’s amazing. It looks beautiful. And hey, if you’re not a member of the Rich Coach Club Facebook group, get yourself in there. It’s free to join. Come hang out with the most positive coaches on the planet. It’s like getting $10,000 worth of business inspiration and marketing advice for free, so get in there. Search Rich Coach Club on Facebook or you can join the link in the show notes.

Hey everyone, so today’s guest is Bare certified coach Crystal Thompson. She’s one of my favorite Canadians. I’ve known Crystal for a while and we first met, we talk about it in the episode when she sent me an email while she was pregnant, pre-becoming a coach and wanting some help.

So she was an amazing client who had tremendous success, and then started her own coaching practice and then trained with me and became certified as a Bare coach. And we chatted before the holidays and she had a confession to make.

She admitted that back in the day, she really tried to model her coaching practice off of mine. And she felt drawn to my brand, my services, my way of doing things. So she tried to kind of follow in my footsteps and she tried to create a very similar coaching business, and it didn’t work out so great.

Ultimately, she realized I’m trying too hard to emulate my mentor instead of being me. And so Crystal’s coaching business really exploded once she stopped trying to be me and started being herself. Because Crystal, just like me, and just like you, is one of a kind. Impossible to replicate.

She’s a Christian who loves Jesus and she curses like a sailor sometimes a little bit. She’s wonderfully unique and she’s a beautiful example of what happens when you stop trying to follow the people around you and decide to be and do your own thing. Be you.

So you’re going to love this conversation with Crystal about building a coaching practice, finding your groove, how she makes money, and big lessons she’s learned and all the things. So here we go.

Susan: Oh welcome to the podcast, I dare say, my favorite Canadian. Thank you so much for being here.

Crystal: Okay, this is like my joy and my honor, and I could literally pinch myself because this podcast has been a decade in the making.

Susan: Oh my God. Have we known each other a decade?

Crystal: You know, I’m not very good with years but I’ve known you for a decade. You may have only known me for eight or nine years though.

Susan: Fair enough. Fair enough. So I do - maybe we should put in the show notes the original email you sent me right back in the day. It was back when I was marketing weight loss coaching and you were - were you pregnant or you were immediately postpartum?

Crystal: No. I was pregnant and freaking out about the whole gig because I knew I would have to gain some weight. And I remember sitting in my hotel room in the middle of Canada because I had a very fancy job as a territory manager for a medical devices company at the time.

And I was waiting with bated breath for you to call me because I was so stressed out about my weight. By this time, I knew that diets didn’t work. The problem was I didn’t know what to do next. And I was sure you were going to have all the answers.

Susan: That began our love affair with one another.

Crystal: That is exactly what came to mind for me too. Love affair.

Susan: And so now you’re a Bare certified coach, are a full-time entrepreneur, you help so many women yourself. I know. And there are many reasons why I wanted to have you on the podcast. But I think you have a unique perceptive in terms of niching your business and owning who you are.

And then also a unique perspective on being inspired by people but not trying to become people. And we can talk about that because I had my time trying to be Martha Beck. So we can talk about that. Yeah, we can talk about that. So let’s tell everybody what you do and how you came to your niche, which I think is pretty unique.

Crystal: You have a lot to do with this. And so what I do, I am a Christian weight loss expert and I help women lose weight with faith, not insanity. And when I came to you in that first phone call in the hotel room, I knew diets didn’t work and I knew I needed some help because I had no idea what to do next. I was really freaked out. And you through one-on-one work, and then I don’t know if you remember this sweet little tele course called Life is Delicious.

Susan: I remember Life is Delicious.

Crystal: Yeah, when Zoom didn’t exist. And I took a lot of your courses and I got so much better in terms of not doing the crazy behavior. I binged a lot, I flirted with purging for a lot of my life. I had some big-time issues. And I could make this story long, but I want to make it very short because you set me on the path, I started to understand what a life coach was and what this could do for me, but there was still a piece missing.

And for my personal story, the final piece to end my weight loss battle was a God, a big old huge God-sized hole in my weight loss plan. And through a very long series of events, that’s what I grew to discover. And then fast forward a good six, seven years, you and I are on a call because I am in Clear Coaches because I want to be Susan Hyatt. I want to change the world too.

And we realized together that there was a big old God-sized hole in my business plan. And there are so many times in my life where you have changed my life, but you gave me probably the greatest gift for my business and that was Crystal - you probably said, “Crystal Thompson, listen up. You need to show women how to get God on their weight loss plan.”

And I freaked out. I would love to say - life was rosy and I started talking about Jesus and quoting scripture and it was great. But I flip-flopped around for a good year until I was like, you know what, darn it, this is part of my story. This is who I am. I’m just going to call myself a Christian weight loss expert, I’m going to talk about Jesus. If women want to get mad at me for charging them and tell me Jesus works for free, which is a load of crap, that’s okay. They can go in peace.

And ever since then, I have really - the name of my company is Flourish into You. I have flourished into myself finally because I recognize the God-size hole in my personal business plan and I got the guts to go do that with women, and I’m calling in the right women in the right way.

Susan: Yeah. I mean, I remember that coaching session pretty vividly because you were really hiding a huge part of who you are and what you believed. And so for those of you who are listening who are not religious in any way or not Christian or whatever, it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that Crystal is a Jesus-follower and Crystal feels very strongly about getting God on your weight loss squad. And so I was like, people aren’t talking about that, that’s really unique to you. Come out of the closet with it. And one of the things I say all the time is fly your freak flag. And for you, that’s your freakiness, right?

Crystal: Yeah, it’s kind of freaky. When people hear me interpret Bible verses and relate them to women and weight loss, my theme verse is Proverbs 31:25. Is it okay if I share it with you?

Susan: Yeah, say it.

Crystal: “She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future.” And when I read that, I was like, this is my verse because no matter who you are, no matter if you weigh 800 pounds when you come to me or you need to gain 20 pounds, you are clothed in strength and dignity now. And how are you going to treat yourself?

It goes to your question that really changed my life. What would exquisite care of yourself look like? And what would really understanding yourself and who the person I believe God created you to be, clothed in strength and dignity, let’s just treat ourselves with a little modicum of strength and dignity now. Because this is such a miracle for me because I was the woman eating out of the garbage can.

Susan: Yeah, I think it’s good for listeners to hear that. Eating out of the garbage can and what ended up happening for you that changed your relationship with your food and body?

Crystal: Well, do we have two hours on the podcast? One of the pivotal moments as it relates to our love affair Susan is, I remember very clearly walking down the sidewalk and you said - you were doing still the Go! Podcast. I can’t remember.

And you said, “Does this feel like love? Are you choosing love?” And I was like, I think I ate an entire pint of chocolate peanut butter Haagen-Dazs last night. That doesn’t feel like love last night. Sure doesn’t feel like love today. That was a big turning point for me because I was like, how am I going to start treating myself?

I got a tattoo as a pinky swear to myself like I am going to start choosing love. And then to make a really long story short, I got remarried, and before I got married, I said to my new husband like, “You got to know, I’ve got some big old huge problems here with eating. And it’s not just your simple stuff.”

And he said, “Well, you need to take that to church.” I got so mad. I got so mad because I said, “Obviously you don’t know what huge problem this is.” By the time that Blair and I met, I had spent I think $25,000 or $30,000 trying to fix myself. Going through coaching, hiring therapists, all of the things.

And he said, “I really think this is the missing piece of the puzzle.” I’ve only gotten mad at him twice in five years and that was the first time. Sooner or later…

Susan: Wait. You’ve only gotten mad at Blair twice in five years?

Crystal: Yes. Because I married a saint.

Susan: I’m just going to say, I’m going to tell Scott Hyatt, I’m going to be like, “You need to call up Blair, find out what he’s doing because you’re in trouble all the time.”

Crystal: Yeah, call up your friend Blair in the middle of Canada, also in real estate. But yeah, and the first time I got mad at him was like, how dare you trivialize my problem and tell me I need to bring it to church? But sooner or later, two years later, I did bring it to church, and I went through a retreat that was called Set Free.

And I’m sure you can imagine, this was to set you free of your chains. And I walked out of there and I grabbed a handful of candy from the nice volunteers on the way out and I shoved it in my face, and I was like, see God, you can’t fix me.

And what I realized over the next three months is that I was in fact being fixed. I used some of the tools that I learned at church and combined them with the coaching skills that I was learning. And it was at a Christmas Eve service actually where I realized I think a miracle has arrived. Because I was expecting an instant miracle. I was expecting to leave that place and be…

Susan: Healed. You are healed.

Crystal: You are healed, boom. And God didn’t work that way with me, and I was like, see? Watch me eat this bag of candy on the way out, you ding-dongs. And I’m serious, that was my attitude. This church stuff can’t help me, but what I realized is slowly but surely, it did.

And at a Christmas Eve service, there was a popular song, and the lyrics were, “Noel, come and see what God has done.” And I realized, oh my word, it has been three months since I binged on sugar. Oh my word, I think I’m free.

And it took what I call a step-wise miracle, instead of an instant turning-water-into-wine miracle for me. And that’s what I teach women now. God can get on your weight loss squad, but if you’re expecting an instant miracle, I know God’s still in the business of doing instant miracles. But it might be step-wise. It might be step-wise. We got to prepare our minds for this.

And that’s really the story. And once I figured out okay, these are Biblical principles that I can wrap my head around, that aren’t misogynistic, that speak to the power of women and I can combine these with coaching tools, and I’ve got something here and I can help women.

Susan: And so along that path, you had another pretty big realization that you emailed me about recently. And you were like, hey, hey, hey, I figured something else out. What was that?

Crystal: Well, I’ve heard you say on so many occasions and you can fix my wording here, but something to the effect like, being an entrepreneur is the greatest self-growth experience you’ll ever have. And when you’re an entrepreneur, you have to come face to face with your money gig.

And I’ve been doing that this year because before I went into life coaching full-time, I was a multiple six-figure earner for years and years and years. So I was dealing with some money issues, like some mindset money issues. And I was thinking, “Okay, I want to be a millionaire,” and that’s cool. God wants women to be millionaires. He really does.

And I was thinking, “Who in my sphere do I have as an example of a woman who is a self-made millionaire?” And I didn’t come up with anyone except for you. And what I realized is because I don’t know if you know this or not but we know each other very well.

And so I’m like, it’s Susan. And I realized in that minute Susan that because you have inspired more areas of my life than you can probably ever know and that we have not enough time to get to in this podcast, I was so inspired by you and saw so many changes in my own life because you were brave enough to do your work and get hate mail and all the things.

That I realized, oh Crystal, you’re trying to be Susan actually. You’re trying to set up your business how Susan has set up her business. And I think there’s a really fine line Susan between being really inspired and learning from your mentor, because you are my mentor in many ways, and wanting to be that person.

So I had a funny saying in the 90s or something. These bracelets went around that were WWJD, like what would Jesus do. And I used to think, okay, what would Susan Hyatt do? And in so many things have influenced my business like you said, like when we hit the pandemic. What’s a higher-quality thought? Where’s the high-quality solution?

And that’s all great to get that inspiration. But when you are subconsciously trying to be somebody who God didn’t make you to be, he made me to be Crystal Thompson. You’re going to get stuck at a roadblock. And I likened it to having like, swipe file syndrome.

Susan: Oh my God, this is really good.

Crystal: Where you grab somebody’s swipe file and you just put a couple of your own words in there and you think, okay, this is it. There’s a difference between being inspired by somebody’s even email, and thinking, “I’m going to use this email and put Jesus here and Philippians 4 right here, love Crystal, send.” That’s a problem.

Susan: Yeah. I think…

Crystal: Swipe file syndrome.

Susan: I think you’ve articulated it so beautifully that what the world needs is you. My first year in business as a coach, I found myself pretty exhausted for a multitude of reasons. But one of the reasons why was that I was trying so hard to be this image of what’s a good life coach look like, dress like, speak like, write like.

And it was really me trying to emulate my mentor, who at the time was Martha Beck. And Martha’s Martha. Martha Beck and Susan Hyatt are distinctly different personalities. We have some things in common, but - and so when I had the realization that you have had, like wow, I need to drop F bombs, I need to dress the way I dress, I need to just be me, everything changed.

And so I do think that I agree with you. Stand on the shoulders of your mentors, use their inspiration to motivate and fuel you, but be you. Because that’s what’s going to really make you a millionaire.

Crystal: Right. And that’s what’s really going to allow you to change lives. Nobody wants me showing up three quarters Susan Hyatt and a quarter Crystal Thompson because that just sounds weird.

Susan: Right. That would be weird. That would be very weird.

Crystal: It confuses your messaging and at some level, people feel that. They’re like, okay, and they just kind of move on because it doesn’t resonate, it doesn’t feel like the legit real deal. And so for your audience who are listening and who are like, I want to talk about my faith or my homeschooling or the fact that I used to eat food out of the garbage can, the more you you can be, I think in your business, for sure.

Susan: We all expand and grow over time and change and I’m still finding ways where I’m like, oh, I’ve been toning that down or I’ve been filtering that out or whatever. But I remember, I think it was maybe 2014, I was already really living out loud and being who I was.

But I remember I spoke at this event and I went with a coaching colleague of mine and there were a lot of other coaching colleagues in the audience. And I spoke and it all went fine, and there was another speaker expert who I remember watching her on the stage and she was really dressed to the nines and she had on Louboutins and I remember being like, wow. She was rocking that stage.

And when she finished, my colleague turned to me and was like, “Ugh, can you believe she’s up there wearing those thousand-dollar shoes?” And just went off. And I didn’t say anything. I remember feeling in my bones like, oh, this is what - I was really attracted to how this speaker presented herself. But I wasn’t speaking up or owning that. And I was like, this is why. Because some of the people I’m surrounding myself with are super judgy about certain aspects of me.

It was like, if they only knew that that’s how I really am, I wouldn’t have this circle. And guess what? When I decided to really come out full force how I was, I did lose some of those people as friends. And I’m glad now that I did. I mourned and grieved those friendships, but it was like, I was putting myself in this box trying to be like, a good life coach would never buy expensive shoes like that. How ridiculous?

Crystal: That’s right. That’s right. And it’s like, it goes to the question like, who am I to do this? Who am I to be the life coach who wears thousand-dollar red-heeled shoes? Who am I to be the life coach who talks about Jesus, even though I’ve done all these things? I’m divorced, I’m remarried, I got a kid, I got step kids. I don’t love everybody who walks down my street.

So who am I to talk about Jesus and Proverbs 31:25 and relate it to weight loss? But you know what, you know what’s coming. Who are you not to? Because somebody needs that coach in the Louboutins. I don’t even know how to say that properly. I don’t even know if we have those here in Canada.

Susan: Yes, you do.

Crystal: Who am I not to? Who am I not to show up and be like, hey look, here’s the woman who spent $50,000 trying to fix herself and basically called everybody at church a ding-dong. I remember I walked into this - and it took Blair so much time to get me here.

I walked in and this beautiful woman, I think one of the pastor’s daughters at the time said, “Are you excited to be here Crystal?” And I was like, no, no I am not. But I needed to be there. Anyway, so I think that this whole thing about being who you truly are and not apologizing for it, and being okay if some people drop away.

Like the woman who was so mad at me on Facebook when I told her the rights for my group program. She went on this tirade and was like, Jesus worked for free.

Susan: I once had a woman, she was a local woman who saw me doing - I used to, and I wish I could do them now, can’t because of COVID, but I used to do dinner parties called Girlfriends Gone Wild. And she…

Crystal: I wanted to be one of those girlfriends.

Susan: I mean, we’re going to do it post-COVID. She wanted me to do one locally and I was like, great. And she was like, “I’ll fill it for you.” And I’m like, great, here’s how it works, this is what I charge per head. And I think at the time it was like, $297. And that includes dinner, that includes the life coaching experience, the goodie bags, whatever.

She went off in Facebook. She was like, at my church, potlucks, the most expensive potluck is $50. And I’m like, this is not a church potluck, mofo. This is a life coaching experience. And so any time somebody wants to pop off about your rates, okay, not my ideal client. Yeah okay, Jesus worked for free. Guess what? Jesus told me I need to charge this. How about that?

Crystal: When I plan my day, I think about my sparkly notes from Jesus. For so long I was like, prayer’s going to be my business plan. That was a lie but now it is. And now I’m like, okay, sparkly notes from Jesus. But you’ll be interested to know Susan Hyatt that who funded Jesus when he was here on Earth was rich women.

Susan: There you go. I mean, come on. Jesus, I mean, rich women. And guess what? If we want social, economic, political equity, that is going to take money. And my college-age daughter loves to debate with me about capitalism and socialism and hey, I’m all for healthcare for everyone and all these things. And I can get down with some socialism.

But right now, we’re in a capitalist - it’s not changing any time soon. Therefore, we need to be paid for our services and we need to be paid well so that we can make change.

Crystal: Yes, so that we can be more lighthouses.

Susan: So Crystal, if a woman listening wants to get God on her weight loss squad, what’s the one tip you would tell her to do if she’s finished listening?

Crystal: I love that question. So I have a three-step process that is very simple. It’s called renew your mind, then renew your body, then renew your life. Or just then we’re going to be able to get a life here. And so the one tip that I would say is you need to renew your mind.

Bible says be transformed by the renewing of your mind, and when we go to church, we hear that verse in the context of what’s your finances, or with your relationship with your husband or your children. But nobody ever stops to talk about that verse as it relates to what we actually want, like weight loss.

And I really do believe that a woman can be transformed by the renewing of her mind. And that starts with a very simple morning practice. Every morning, having a spiritual practice, whatever that means to you, to renew your mind. That is the simplest most basic piece to getting God on your weight loss squad is spending time every morning, even if you start with five minutes, to renew your mind for weight loss.

Susan: You know, I love that. And for those of you listening, I think of God as higher self or a universal power or a woman. I use the she pronoun for God, but could be they. But I will say out loud in the shower, my latest spiritual practice you’ll love is that I’ll be in the shower and I will say out loud what I - please help me with.

And I will list the things that I would love to request help on. And I literally can hear the teams of angel spirit Gods, whatever you want to call them going, oh my God, she’s asking, oh my God, let’s get to work. Let’s get to work.

Crystal: She just asked for some help here. There’s another in the fire. There’s another in the fire.

Susan: They’re like, this bitch never asks. And I think most of y’all listening, if you’re like most women, have trouble asking, even asking a higher power privately. And so I love that her tip is like, renew your mind, ask, get your mind right because it all starts there. Then you can trust your inner guidance to do what you need to do.

Well Crystal, where can people - we’re going to put all the links in the show notes, but where do you hang out? Where can people find you if they want to get some more Crystal in their life?

Crystal: Yeah, thanks. I appreciate that. So my website is flourishintoyou.com. I’m everywhere at flourishintoyou because I’m helping women flourish into the women that God created them to be before the distraction of their weight got in the way.

Susan: Thank you for being here.

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Alright, one more thing. I have a little assignment for you. All throughout this episode, we’ve been talking about the power of commitment, choosing a mission, choosing a path, sticking with it long haul. So here’s your assignment.

I want you to think about your coaching practice and I would love for you to identify one area where you could be more consistent and committed. For instance, maybe you could promise your readers I’m going to post one new blog every week and then actually keep that promise and commit and deliver.

Or for instance, maybe when you say to a client I will email you that link I mentioned, then actually do it every time. Keep your word. Even with the little things like sending people a link or posting something you promised to post.

Find ways to flex your commitment muscle and make it stronger. Demonstrate to your clients you can count on me, I am here for you for the long haul, I ain’t going anywhere. That’s your assignment. In little ways and big ways, bring more commitment to your business. Less wavering and less unreliability. This will make a huge difference. Get on this.

Thank you for listening to today’s episode. I hope you’re feeling inspired to choose a course that excites you and commit like crazy. Grab on with all your might, put your whole soul in it, as Joe Biden said during his inauguration speech.

Your whole soul and nothing less. And stay the course. Success is never built overnight, but after one year, three years, 10 years, if you stay committed and keep showing up in doing the work, boom, now you’ve got a multi-million-dollar brand and you’ve got people’s trust, respect, and loyalty. Commitment is everything. Have an amazing week and I’ll see you next time.

One last thing. As a coach, it is so exciting when you reach that six figures in annual revenue, 100K per year. When you first hit that initial six-figure mark, it’s a big milestone. A moment of celebration. I still remember back when I hit that financial milestone and it just felt like such a huge win. Like okay, now my coaching practice is a business and we’re really going to do this. This is happening, this is legit.

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One thing that’s really nice is that when you join On the 6 any time of the year, any month, any day, we do ongoing open enrollment year-round. So whenever you’re ready to make serious money, we are ready for you. So go to shyatt.com and learn all about On the 6 and my other programs too.

And I want you to know it is absolutely possible to run a lucrative and inspiring coaching practice. A coaching business where you’re having a deep impact on your clients and making great money too. I’m doing it, my clients are doing it, you can do it too. You don’t have to choose between a meaningful career and making money. You can have both.

And I also - side note - train coaches at the University for Life Coach Training. So if you want to work with me in 2021, get yourself over to my website, get yourself into one of my programs. See you soon.

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Commitment and Staying the Course with Crystal Thompson