August 15, 2021
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Why giving up can be a good thing

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Fifteen years ago, I walked away from a lucrative career in residential real estate. If you listen to other episodes of this podcast, you may have heard me talk about this story before. 

At the time, people were floored by my decision. They thought I’d made a grave mistake, and that I would circle back as soon as that “life coaching stuff” failed. 

When it came to my real estate career, I knew it was time to give up and walk away. 

But when it comes to other things in my life, I know it’s NOT my time to give up.

How do I know the difference? I’m breaking it all down in today’s episode. Let’s do it, boo!

I’ve got two stories for you: one about a time I gave up, and another story about a time I wanted to give up- but didn’t. 

Let’s start with the time I gave up my residential real estate career. I won’t bore you with all the details, but let’s just say in those years I was an anxious, stressed, ball of mess. 

I would come home every day and vent to my husband Scott, my friends, and anyone who would listen- usually over several glasses of wine and a wheel of brie. I was good at real estate, but being “good” at something didn’t mean I had to do it forever. 

Deep down, I knew I wasn’t happy. There wasn’t a greater passion or purpose in my work.

It was nice to sell a home, but did I feel excited and inspired by it? The answer was no.

My real estate career was “good” but not good enough.

So, I walked away. I gave up. And I made space for something better.

Now onto my second story, the time I wanted to give up, but didn’t. And, wow, am I glad I kept at it.

Eventually I got my proposal into the hands of an agent who believed in me and my message.Then came the excruciatingly long and painful process of getting a publisher to say “yes.”Weeks went by, we got rejection after rejection, or we’d get no reply at all. I felt defeated and wondered if this was a huge waste of time.

I considered quitting… walking away.

But when I dug down and asked myself the tough questions, I knew this was something I didn’t want to give up on.

Would spreading the BARE message be “good enough” for me? Absolutely. It wouldn’t just be good, it would be great.

This work was uplifting and inspiring. I felt I would do it even if I never made a dime off of it.

Continuing to pursue a book deal had its ups and downs, but ultimately it was a delicious part of my life. It fired me up and fueled me to keep going.

My real estate career? Well, the only delicious thing about that was the cheese board I enjoyed at night after a long grueling day

When it comes to deciding if you want to walk away or not, think about these questions:

  1. Is this “good enough” for me?
  2. Is this inspiring/uplifting/fueled by passion?
  3. If not, ask yourself: “what do I crave in this area of my life?”
  4. Take meaningful action to create what you crave.

That might mean walking away. Or it might mean persevering because you know, deep down, this is your true desire. 

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why giving up can be a good thing. 
  • How to distinguish the difference between giving up and staying with it. 
  • What questions you should ask yourself when deciding between staying or walking away.

Listen to the Full Episode:

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