February 7, 2021
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RCC 127: Money or Excuses

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What’s holding you back from running a profitable business, earning significantly more money, and having the life and career of your dreams? Is it not having enough time? Not having enough energy? Too many distractions? 

I’ve heard so many excuses over the years from my clients, and from my own brain as well. Well, prepare to have your excuses obliterated so that you can really see what is standing in your way when it comes to making six figures and beyond, the real obstacles, and most importantly, the real solutions.

Join me on the podcast this week to discover why all of the excuses you’re using right now are not real obstacles you need to overcome, and what you need to focus on instead. I’m sharing how to get crystal clear on the real obstacles and your reasons for wanting to overcome them, so together we can put you on the path to your first six figures.

If you’re ready to finally hit that six-figure income milestone in your business, to run a lucrative and inspiring coaching practice while having a deep impact on your clients, you have to check out On the 6. If you want all the info on all the programs I run to see which one is the best fit for you, click here!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The excuses I see entrepreneurs making for why they’re not making progress, and why they are all BS.
  • Why you are never alone on this journey.
  • How having more discipline around your time will actually create more freedom in your life, not less.
  • Where to look to see the real obstacles standing in your way as you build your dream business.
  • What you can do to get crystal clear on your reasons for wanting to make more money.
  • How to embody the energy of being unstoppable, and why this is an option available to all of us.

Listen to the Full Episode:

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Rich Coach Club, the podcast that teaches you how to build your dream coaching practice and how to significantly increase your income. If you're a coach and you're determined to start making more money, this show is for you. I'm master certified life coach Susan Hyatt, and I'm psyched for you to join me on this journey.

Oh hey, coaches. What’s holding you back from running your profitable business, earning significantly more money, having the life and career of your dreams, or sending out that damn newsletter to promote your services and get more clients? You know, the newsletter you promised your business coach that you’d blast out three weeks ago except you haven’t done it yet?

What’s the issue? What’s the block? Is it not having enough time? Not having enough energy? There’s a bluebird gently chirping outside your window and it’s really distracting you and interrupting your flow?

I’ve heard so many excuses over the years from my own brain and from my clients too. And if I typed them all out, the excuses would reach to the moon and back. So, for efficiency’s sake, I’d like to erase all the top excuses right here, right now. So, listen to this episode, y’all, all of it. Consider your excuses obliterated once and for all.

Okay, let’s get into it. So, how about the excuse, “I can’t achieve my goals because I’ve got kids. I’m too busy parenting.” Listen, my friend Rachel has four kids. She runs a multi-million-dollar business as an intellectual property attorney and business advisor. She’s Black, she wasn’t raised in an affluent family. She had every disadvantage you could imagine.

She’s wealthy not in spite of her kids, but because of her kids. Those beautiful kids are Rachel’s number one motivation to earn more. She works hard to make millions because she wants them to have private school education, experience international travel, inherit real estate one day, and she wants her kids to remember their mom as an ambitious woman who fiercely pursued her dreams.

You can allow your kids to hold you back. Or you can decide, “These kids are my fuel. They’re my reason for hauling myself out of bed, getting to work and making big things happen.” I know that’s the case for me. I was really motivated to leave a legacy for my kids that we could all be proud of.

Okay, next up, “I can’t achieve my goals because I’m too old or too young.” Okay, Greta Thunberg is 17 and changing the world. Oprah Winfrey is 66 and still changing the world. Grandma Moses picked up a paintbrush at 76 years old and painted right until the end of her life at 101.

She created more than 1000 paintings over the span of her career and her work has been enjoyed by crowds at MoMA in New York City and praised by US presidents. Too old? Get over yourself.

Alright, next, “I can’t achieve my goals because my internet connection is slow. There’s noisy construction outside my office window and there are so many delays and distractions.” Okay, I have a client named Sundae and she lives in one of the poorest nations on Earth.

You want to talk about distractions? People literally stole the copper of her phone wires while she was on the line with clients. Yet, she finds a way to make her business work. Her motto is, “Get results no matter where you live.” It’s literally the tagline on her website. So, if you want to complain about your first-world internet problems, please, you’re fine. You have everything you need.

How about this one, “I can’t achieve my goals because I don’t have enough time. Life is busy.” You’re damn right life is busy. It’s full, it’s demanding, that’s why my alarm clock goes off at 4:15am daily before dawn. I actually love it. Not because I’m being like all bro hustle culture about it, but I get up early so that I can have my run or my Peloton, workout with weights, coffee, gratitude time, journaling, just mentally prepping for the day, and all that before 7am.

So, organize your time like a #boss. Treat every hour of your day like it’s worth $10,000. Discipline actually creates more freedom, not less.

Okay, here’s a good one. And by good, I mean common, “I can’t achieve my goals because I’m all alone. I don’t have support.” Okay, no one is alone. If you’re reading this message, that means you have internet access, which means you have the ability to find grants, scholarships, and yeah, plenty of low-cost and free options like free business mentoring through the US Government-funded SCORE Program or through my free Rich Coach Club Facebook group. Support is at your fingertips 24/7. Help is everywhere.

This is one I heard recently, “I can’t achieve my goals because hiring help is too expensive.” Okay, hiring help isn’t as expensive as many people think. You could pay a local teen or college student $150, so 10 hours times $15 an hour, to run errands for you.

Imagine that; the post office, grocery shopping, dinner prep, walk the dogs, fold the laundry, pack school lunches for the kiddos, freeing up 10 hours of your precious time. What could you do with an extra 10 hours this week? I know, a lot. That’s 10 hours where you could market your services, enroll clients, and make big money. So, $150 is a relatively small investment in hiring help that can quickly turn into $1500 or more in client books, deposits, sales. Totally worth it.

Another one that I heard recently, “I can’t achieve my goals because I have a physical or mental illness and disability.” So, I just want to recognize that yes, plenty of my clients have physical or mental disabilities. Your challenges can be your strengths. Your pain can be the source of some of your most inspirational work.

So, I’m going to put some links in the show notes to some people who inspire me in this way. Esme, she doesn’t hide her mental illness. She writes openly and honestly about the challenges of being ambitious while dealing with health limitations. Her vulnerability has led to a devoted fan base, a media platform, a book deal, and beyond. And she’s helped thousands of people feel less alone.

Grace has battled numerous illnesses over the years, inspiring her to create trailblazing wellness. And it’s a company that’s all about helping people with illness and disabilities pursue their dreams, get plenty of self-care, be well, and thrive.

And Kyeli is a plus-sized, body-positive queer photographer, poet, wife, and mom who cruises around in a wheelchair or using her cane due to injuries that’s he sustained after being hit by a car in 2014. And she does it with her signature nose ring and beaming smile looking cute as hell. So, being unstoppable is an attitude.

Alright, what else you got? Throw your best excuses at me and I’m going to rip them to shreds. Why? Not because I want to mock you, but because I want you to have more of whatever you crave, more money, more freedom, more power. Creating more starts in your mind. So, if you’ve got excuses, reach out. Email your #excuses to my team, [email protected]. You might get a personal reply from one of my team members. I might address it in a future email or podcast episode. I might invite you to be on the hot seat and get coached by me live, you never know. So, send it in.

Okay, hey, I have a five-star Apple Podcast review I want to read you about Rich Coach Club from Glitzy Fit Chick. She says, “I absolutely love Susan. I recently found and love all things Susan Hyatt. How did I not know her before?” I don’t know, Glitzy Fit Chick, “She is a motivator, driver, encouraging, real, lovable, smart, beautiful, kind, and relatable woman.” Thank you, “I’m super-excited to continue binge-listening to her podcast and dive deeper into the Rich Coach Club. Love you Susan.”

You know what, Glitzy Fit Chick? I need to send you a present. You need to email into [email protected] so we can get your email. So, listen, if you listen to this podcast and you haven’t yet left us a review, please take the time and do so. You can do it on Apple Podcasts, you could do it on Stitcher, wherever you listen to podcasts. Please show us some five-star action and I so appreciate your time.

Okay, here we go. This is meaty. Now, you all know I’ve been doing this about 14 years. I’m a master certified life and business coach. I’ve written books. I run three different companies, if you didn’t know – so, Susan Hyatt Inc. which is my life coaching practice, Susan Hyatt the Agency, which is a full-service marketing and branding agency, and Bare, which is a wellness company. It’s all about mental and physical health, where we help women shed their insecurities, shed their body image issues, and feel healthier and stronger than ever. And my latest endeavor is the University for Life Coach Training.

I am training and certifying coaches. And I am so proud of our faculty. I’m so proud of the content and the tools we’ve created. So, if you’re interested in that, check out the show notes. But this has happened over time.

I’ve grown my empire from zero dollars to multi-millions over the past 14 years and it’s been a lot of consistent work. And I am determined to help you make serious money too.

So, I run a couple of mastermind programs. One of them is called On the 6. It’s a year-long program helping women get to that six-figure mark. And once you achieve that, you graduate onto The Mastermind, which is all about scaling, multi-six and seven figures.

We want to get you earning 100K per year through your business, or more, 100K minimum and we build upward from there. and I created this program because I’m tired of living in a world where women earn less than men. I’m sick and tired of it and I bet you are too.

So, let’s talk about change and let’s talk about dreams. So, what is your dream? My philosophy is, if you crave it, you can create it, meaning whatever your heart desires, you can find a way to make it happen. There’s always a way.

But first, you need to get clear on what you want. So, what is your dream business, or your dream side business? What kinds of services would you offer What kinds of clients would you serve? What kinds of problems would you solve? Because that’s what entrepreneurship is all about.

You look into the world, you notice a problem, you come up with a solution. Then you bring that solution to the marketplace so you can help people and make money at the same time.

With your dream business, what would your daily routine look like? What’s your workspace or office like? How many hours are you working each week? What are you wearing? What kinds of things are on your calendar and not on your calendar? What are you known for? Who’s on your squad, your business team?

I want you to think about all the questions I just asked, and I want you to spend some time considering these questions and really connect with what you crave. So, if you need to go back and relisten, do that so that you can write down your dream, your vision, the kind of business you want to have, the kind of woman you want to become.

If you crave it, you can create it. every empire starts with one person’s vision. So, write down yours and then we’ll move onto the next part of this. We just talked about dreams. In the next segment on this podcast, we’re going to talk about blocks.

So, what are the obstacles in your path? What’s standing between you and 100K or seven figures, or eight figures? And how can you start clearing those blocks out of the way? We’re going to get into it, so stay tuned.

Alright, let’s talk about the blocks. You know what you want. Okay, maybe you don’t have every single microdetail figured out, but you’ve got the general vision. You’ve got the dream. You want to run a thriving business. You want to help people. You want to improve people’s lives. You want to make a difference. You want to wake up, go to work, and feel lit up and energized about what you’re doing. You want a beautiful workspace, an inspiring space, not a cramped little sad cubicle. Unless some of y’all want a cubicle. I doubt it though.

You want to make serious money, so the minimum is 100K per year. That’s the dream. There’s a path you’ll need to take to move from where you are now to your dream. And there are certain roadblocks in your path, challenges you’ll need to overcome, obstacles you’ll need to burn through.

So, what are the blocks in your path? What’s in your way? You know, as life coaches, we live for this stuff. I know I do. I love it. To me, it’s so fascinating to figure out what’s blocking you and then figuring out how to clear all the blocks in your way.

So, let’s discuss a few different types of blocks that might be arising for you. So, there’s always the mindset block. You might be experiencing low-quality thinking. Some of your low-quality thoughts might be things like, “There’s no way I can earn that much. It’s not realistic. It’s not possible for me. I don’t have what it takes.”

Mindset blocks suck. But they can be cleared, absolutely. We can work on that together. I definitely teach some cutting-edge strategies for changing from low-quality thinking to high-quality thinking for the conscious mind and then also some strategies for dealing with the subconscious.

Okay, there could be, in addition to a mindset block, a time block. You might be experiencing some kind of time block where you think you don’t have enough space on your calendar to work on your goals. So, you’ve gotten yourself into a situation maybe where you’re just too damn busy.

You’re like, “Yeah, yeah, I know there’s work I need to do if I’m going to build that six, seven-figure business. But when? I don’t have time.” That was me early on in my career. I was like, “Who has the time to write a book? What?”

Time blocks suck, but those can absolutely be cleared as well. You can learn how to be a time-creator. You can create all the time you need for your dream. This is one of my favorite things I teach my clients.

You might have an education block. So, this would look like you’re super-smart, but there’s a gap in your knowledge. So, maybe you’re an amazing wellness coach but you have zero training when it comes to sales. Or maybe you rock at sales, but you have zero skills when it comes to delegating or running a team. But this limitation is just making it super-hard for you to grow.

So, I want you to think about this. Think about where you are now, think about where you want to be, and then ask yourself, what are the blocks I my path?

Write down any blocks that you’re experiencing right now, or you could anticipate blocks that might arise for you soon as you start moving down this path.

So, we’re talking about mindset blocks, time blocks, energy blocks, education blocks, financial bocks, maybe even community blocks. Like, you feel isolated and don’t have a supportive squad right now. You want to make that 100K or seven figures and beyond, but you don’t have very many female friends who are actually doing this, so you don’t have the kind of mentorship or sisterhood that you need to get there.

Alright, so write down your main blocks. And then here’s what I want you to know. No block is permanent, and all blocks can be cleared. No matter how big these blocks feel, I want you to understand that you can clear anything and everything that’s standing in your way. There is always a way.

A big part of my mission as a coach is to teach you how to become an unstoppable woman. And eventually, I want you to feel so unstoppable that clearing blocks practically becomes a game. It’s no longer scary and overwhelming. A block arises and you’re like, “Cool, interesting, here’s a block, here’s a problem. So, what’s the high-quality solution to this problem?” It becomes a puzzle to solve rather than a crisis. You will get there. and figuring out what your blocks are, that’s the first step.

Okay, and the next segment – it’s so good. You’re going to love it. Let’s get into it.

Okay, we’ve talked about your dream; the beautiful business you want to build. We’ve looked at some of your blocks; the mindset blocks, time blocks, and other blocks that are standing in between you and your dream. And now, we’re going to talk about, again, the money, honey. Let’s talk cash.

So, why do you want to make 100K and beyond? Why not settle for 50K or 75K? Why reach for more? Why bother? Why does this matter to you? I want you to think deeply about this and I want you to write a list of seven reasons, at least seven reasons why you want to earn what you want to earn.

So, I’ll use myself as an example here. I want to earn big money because I want to feel financially strong and independent. I love the Silver Fox. We’ve been together almost 28 years. Oh my god, my anniversary is coming up. I’ve got to think about this anniversary. But we’ve been married 27, almost 28 years, and I like having my own money. I never want to feel financially dependent on anyone, ever.

Number two, because I want to provide an amazing quality of life for myself and my family. My kids are 20 and 22 now. They’re in college. But I want them to have the education they want. I want them to have the privilege of attending college and graduating debt-free. I want to leave behind a legacy for my family.

Number three, because for centuries, women have earned less than men and women have ben oppressed and mistreated and our brilliant minds and ideas have been valued less than men. And that’s messed up and I want to break this pattern. I want to disrupt the status quo. And making tons of money is part of that.

I want to earn big money because I want to be a role model for the next generation of girls and women. I want young women to see me running a company, being the boss, making millions and think, “Huh, I can do that too.” Because I want my ass to be covered in the event of an emergency.

God forbid, if something ever happened to me or my husband, if we couldn’t work for a while, if we got sick, if we passed away, I want to know that my family, the people I love, they’re going to be just fine.

Number six, I want to give back in a big way. Earning more has enabled me to have a college scholarship fund. It’s enabled me to pay for daycare for low-income working single moms in my city. It’s allowed me to back political candidates and other causes I care about. With more money, I can do more good.

And I want to earn more money because having more money is fun. Yes, it’s okay to admit this. It feels delicious to be able to invest in a personal chef who delivers beautiful organic food to my house, beautiful trips to visit – well, in non-COVID times – to visit other countries and expand my mind, buy gorgeous flowers and trees to redo my yard. I also bought a hammock and an inflatable unicorn.

I have been broke as hell in the past, on such a tight budget. I could barely even afford a $37 Christmas tree for the holidays. And let me tell you, that situation is not fun. Having more money is a lot more fun.

Okay, so your turn. Come back to this episode and write down seven reasons why you’re determined to earn whatever you want; 100K, a million, five million, 10 million, whatever it is and above. Why do you want more money? What does this mean for you? Why does this matter for you and your family and your community?

Make your list. And while you’re writing this list, if you feel emotional, if you start to laugh or smile or cry, good. Get emotional about this. You should get emotional about this because this is your life we’re talking about, your one precious life.

So, make your list of reasons why you want lots of cash, cry, soak the paper, then dry your tears and commit to making this happen. Because it’s go-time. It’s money-time, for real. And I’m here to support you.

I would love to have you inside my programs, like my On the 6 Mastermind, so I can help you commit to your dream, set specific financial goals, and clear anything that’s standing in your way.

So, if you want to reach out to [email protected], we can schedule a call. We’ll put some links in the show notes too. There’s a quick application you can fill out. Talk to somebody on my team. Because remember that earning more money is never just about the money. It’s about making history. It’s about smashing the patriarchy. It’s about having funds to give back in big ways. It’s about taking care of yourself and the people you love. it’s about independence and it’s about damn time, am I right?

Alright, thank you for listening to today’s episode. I hope to see you in On the 6.

One last thing. As a coach, it is so exciting when you reach that six figures in annual revenue, 100K per year. When you first hit that initial six-figure mark, it’s a big milestone. A moment of celebration. I still remember back when I hit that financial milestone and it just felt like such a huge win. Like okay, now my coaching practice is a business and we’re really going to do this. This is happening, this is legit.

And I love helping coaches hit six figures and beyond of course. I would love to help you reach that milestone in the next year, so here’s how we can work together. If you go to my website, shyatt.com, click on Work with Susan and then click programs.

Again, it’s shyatt.com, click Work with Susan, and then programs, and then you’ll see all the info about On the 6, which is my program for coaches who want to make six figures per year and above. So when you go check out that info, you’ll see the program curriculum and everything you need to know to enroll.

One thing that’s really nice is that when you join On the 6 any time of the year, any month, any day, we do ongoing open enrollment year-round. So whenever you’re ready to make serious money, we are ready for you. So go to shyatt.com and learn all about On the 6 and my other programs too.

And I want you to know it is absolutely possible to run a lucrative and inspiring coaching practice. A coaching business where you’re having a deep impact on your clients and making great money too. I’m doing it, my clients are doing it, you can do it too. You don’t have to choose between a meaningful career and making money. You can have both.

And I also - side note - train coaches at the University for Life Coach Training. So if you want to work with me in 2021, get yourself over to my website, get yourself into one of my programs. See you soon.

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Money or Excuses