April 29, 2019
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RCC 36: Slacker Magic with Abigail Steidley

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Are you hustling way too hard?

I want you to answer that question as honestly as you can. If you’ve stripped everything out of your life besides work, barely have time for family, friends, or yourself, and are constantly sprinting from one task to the next, you might be hustling yourself into the ground. And even though there are a lot of people out there who claim that hustling is the only way to accomplish amazing things, today’s guest and I are here to tell you that that is just. Plain. Wrong!

I met Abigail Steidley about ten years ago at a life coach training and she had a special sparkle I knew would make her successful. Abigail has created a unique system of mind-body-spirit tools to help clients access inner wisdom and improve well-being. She’s the founder of Mind-Body Magic Coach Training and creator of Slacker Magic, a process for releasing self-pressure and trusting your inner wisdom to guide the way. She’s a firm believer that you don’t have to hustle so hard in order to make waves with your business, and that’s what we dig into today!

Abigail and I talk about her amazing concept Slacker Magic and how she’s used it to take the pressure off herself and bring joy, play, and fun to her work. We discuss how this approach is different from the super-masculine approach to business that we so often see in the entrepreneurial space. And we talk about how reducing self-pressure and slacking strategically can help your most creative ideas flourish.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The difference between grinding yourself into the ground and taking courageous action for your dreams.
  • How to use slacker magic to get stuff DONE without hustling yourself into exhaustion.
  • Abigail’s tips for integrating rest, play, and inner wisdom into your work.
  • Why you don’t need more willpower to get everything done – you need more pleasure.
  • Some of Abigail’s amazing slacker magic success stories from her business and clients’ businesses.
  • How she uses a “slacker vision board” to help make her work dreams come true.
  • Why it’s a great idea to plan lots of slacker time around huge projects like launches.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Rich Coach Club, the podcast that teaches you how to build your dream coaching practice and how to significantly increase your income. If you're a coach and you're determined to start making more money, this show is for you. I'm master certified life coach Susan Hyatt, and I'm psyched for you to join me on this journey. You're listening to episode 36, here we go.

Alright, coaches, are you hustling way too hard? I have a spoon that says, “My hustle is strong.” And it is. Whatever you want to create in your life, a profitable business, a fully booked client docket with a six-month waitlist, a strong and healthy body, a relationship that makes you swoon, nothing happens without effort. And I often tell my clients, “When you make a full-hearted effort you get full-sized results.”

And I also tell my clients, “If there’s something you really want, don’t be passive. Stand up and get after it. Take courageous action. Make a scene.” However, we need to be clear here; there’s a difference between taking courageous action and grinding yourself into the ground. If you’re hustling so hard that you’ve stripped all the pleasure out of your life – let’s say your health is suffering, your relationships might be neglected, you’re having no fun, you’re checking your email at 2am and binge-eating Lays potato chips just to cope with this avalanche of stress that you’re feeling, whoa, hold up. Things have gotten off-track.

And I see a lot of people who proudly label themselves workaholics and people who brag about their 70 to 80-hour workweeks and entrepreneurs who wear their exhaustion like a badge of honor, like you’re not really trying unless you’re working around the clock. Listen, that shit is not healthy. And I’m all for hustle, but not at the expense of an actual life.

So this is your permission slip to ease the fuck up. Yes, absolutely, sit at your computer and write, coach, email clients, do your work, whatever your work may be. Work diligently for, say four to six hours. If you focus intently, you can accomplish so much in four to six hours and then stop, enough. Take a walk. Make a smoothie. Watch an episode of Veep, watch two, drive across town to that museum you’ve always wanted to visit. Pack yourself a picnic basket and eat outside on a blanket under a tree. Remember what outside feels like? Remember trees?

It’s nice out there. My friend told me about a donut shop in Portland, which by the way is where Cora Hyatt is going to be attending college – not in a donut shop; in Portland, Oregon. But anyway, this donut shop closes at four o’clock every day. And when they close each afternoon, they hang a sign in the window and the sign doesn’t say, “Sorry, we’re closed.” It says, “Out to live, be back soon.”

Out to live, hell to the yes. I love that. What a beautiful reminder for all of us hustlers. Please get out to live today and every day, hustle with purpose, chase your goals, but please make space for the rest of your life to happen too because this is the only life you’ve got.

Now, on today’s episode, we’re discussing that question; how do you know if you’re hustling too hard? And for all of y’all who identify as hustlers, is there an easier way? My guest today, Abigail Steidley says that there is and she has something, she has this amazing technique that she calls Slacker Magic, and I can’t wait for you to hear the interview later in today’s episode. But before we get to that magical episode, here’s your Two-Minute Pep-Talk.

This is the part of the show where I share some encouragement and inspiration to get your week started off right. And I try to keep things to 120 seconds or less. Okay, so we’re talking about hustling, stress, burnout, working too damn hard, and something called Slacker Magic because, people, this is an epidemic and we need to talk about this often.

So I’ll start with a quick story about me. There was this one day about 13 years ago, back in a very different chapter of my life. It was a Sunday afternoon. My family and I had a blissful day by the lake, swimming, sunbathing, sharing a picnic, fighting over Pop Tarts. And then the day was ending and the sun was dipping down and it was time to load the kids in the minivan and drive home.

I had this, like, aqua blue Dodge Caravan. And let me tell you, I did not want to face Monday morning. I didn’t want to head back into the real estate office, which is where I worked back then. All the paperwork, the voicemails I had to return, the piles of emails flagged as urgent, I was dreading Monday morning.

As my husband buckled the kids into the van, something just washed over my body, a big wave of emotion, exhaustion, sadness, anxiety, and I collapsed. I slumped down on the dock by the lake and I just started sobbing. And Scott rushed over and he’s like, “Oh my gosh, are you okay? What happened? What’s wrong?” And he was just so confused and he kept going, “Susan, what’s wrong? What’s wrong?”

And honestly, I didn’t know how to explain what was wrong. What’s wrong? What’s wrong is I don’t like my job. But more than that, what’s wrong, I didn’t have any balance in my life because back then I worked non-stop seven days a week around the clock. I slept with my phone beside my pillow. I was constantly plugged in and I was afraid to step away from my desk for more than just a few hours. Even on the weekends and lake days I was always in work mode, always checking my phone, always worrying about the next thing on my to-do list. I never stopped working and it became totally unsustainable and my heart just couldn’t take it anymore.

I was collapsing inside and out and that day was a big turning point in my life. Slumped on the dock, that’s when I finally realized, this has gotten out of control. Being a workaholic is wrecking my quality of life. It’s impacting these kids. I mean, what is the point in working so hard to make money if I’m totally miserable? So what’s the point? What’s the point of hustle? What’s the point of crushing your business goals if you’re driving yourself into panic attacks and depression?

What’s the point of seeing all those digits in your bank account if you’re only one heartbeat away from cardiac arrest? And what’s the point of winning a prestigious industry award if your kids can’t remember the last time you spent a Sunday afternoon without your phone in your hand?

It’s great to be ambitious, but health and self-care and sanity and good quality of life, relationships with your loved ones, these things must come first. And unfortunately, I waited until I had a rock bottom moment collapsing by the lake before I woke up and realized this. And I hope you won’t wait that long.

I hope you won’t wait until you’re sitting in a hospital bed with adrenal failure and I hope you’ll choose to make changes now. As you’re making your business and career plans for the rest of the year, so here we are, it’s April, the beginning of Q2, here’s some questions you can ask yourself.

How do I want my life to feel? What’s the point of all this work anyway? What am I working towards really? How could I make my business more sustainable? How could I bring more pleasure into my life?

Please spend some time thinking about those questions, and maybe there’s some simple changes you can make right away to shift how your life feels, and maybe you could turn off your phone at 6pm or stop checking email at 4pm, like actually stop. Do whatever you need to do. It’s great to be driven, but please, I am begging you, put your life first, not your career. This is the only life you’ve got. It’s happening now and then it’s over.

So, please don’t work yourself into the ground. Please don’t burn yourself to a crisp. Please, take good care of yourself. Let your career be a beautiful part of your life, but don’t let it consume your whole life. Okay, that’s my pep-talk. Have a fantastic week. Work smart, slay your goals, but don’t work too hard, okay.

Now we’re moving into the part of the show where I give shout-outs to you; shout-outs to listeners, clients, all the wonderful people in my business community. And today, I want to give a shout-out to Doctor Michelle.

She gave me a beautiful five-star review and it says, “Fun and actionable insights. What’s not to love about Susan Hyatt? After listening to her podcast, I always feel happy and inspired, like no matter what challenge I face in my business, I’ve got this. I love the way Susan and her guests give actionable strategies to grow your coaching, or really any business.”

Thank you, Doctor Michelle. And hey, if you have something you want to say about this show, please send an email to my team, [email protected], or post a five-star iTunes review or post something on social media and you might hear your name on a future episode. I love giving shout-outs to folks in my community so holla at me. Thank you for the love; I love you right back.

Alright, people, you’ve been waiting. It’s now time for an interview. And today, I’m speaking with the inspiring Abigail Steidley. So, Abigail and I, as you will hear, go way, way back. She was a coach in Martha Beck Life Coach Training when I was in charge of Life Coach Training. And as I say in the interview, I can spot people who are going to be successful and I just knew that Abigail was going to be.

She is just so bright and shiny and the thing that I admire about Abigail – so, I want to say, she trained back in 2008 maybe 2009, so a decade, she’s been a coach for a decade and she has always done it her way. She has always taken marketing advice from me or anybody else that she’s learning from and she’s always curated it into something that’s uniquely hers and she has built a very successful business. She’s married with a small daughter. She’s her family’s primary breadwinner.

And the thing that Abigail can teach us, she coined the phrase that I use all the time, over-efforting. She is the queen of hustling without hustle and she calls it Slacker Magic, which is really not just lying on the couch and eating bonbons. She explains what Slacker Magic is and how to get what you want without creating drama for yourself in your mind and your body. So, let’s talk to Abigail. I know it’s going to be a brain-twister of a conversation, so let’s dive in.


Susan: Welcome to the show, Abigail Steidley.

Abigail: Yay, so glad to be here, Susan.

Susan: So, Abigail, I was trying to count up how many years we’ve known each other. Is it 11?

Abigail: I believe so, yes, it is.

Susan: So we go way, way, way back to Martha Beck Life Coach Training says and since I’ve known you, you have been able to – I mean, from the beginning of starting your coaching practice, you’re a coach that, when you went through coach training, I knew you were going to be successful just because of your mindset. And you came right out of the gate with business and it’s been really interesting to watch you over the years create your own training programs and become a force. However, the secret to your success, I think, is something really unexpected. So my question for you is, what do you think has been your secret sauce?

Abigail: Yeah, that is such a great question, and I think you’re right, it is unexpected because I have a natural tendency to play in my life and to be kind of a slacker, quote en quote. Not in the sense that we use it as a derogatory term, but in the sense that I have a way of resting when I need to rest and taking care of my body and bringing in a lot of joy and play and fun. And I don’t think people always know that secret sauce. So I’m kind of excited we’re talking about it.

Susan: And I also love that you call it Slacker Magic. I love it so much because, listen, Abigail, 99.9% of my audience listening, they are life coaches who are trying to get their business going or grow their business and they’re probably like, what is she saying?

Abigail: What is this crazy person talking about? I know…

Susan: So, let’s go way back. So, prior to becoming a life coach, talk a little bit about what you did.

Abigail: I’ve been a musician for most of my life prior to becoming a coach, so yeah. So I used to teach violin in private lessons, I used to teach high school orchestra. So I’ve been a musician really, very creative person, which is probably where a lot of this comes in. So that’s kind of my background.

Susan: And so, one of the stories that I love about when you were a musician is that, just like people love to say that it’s hard for life coaches to make money, they really love to say it about musicians.

Abigail: Oh yes, yes they do.

Susan: And back in the day, talk a little bit about what you did in terms of how successful you were as a violin teacher.

Abigail: Absolutely, well I guess it’s like I always see things as whatever’s a challenge, there’s also some kind of creative fun way to get around it. That’s sort of my mindset, like okay, here’s this challenge, how are we going to find some kind of different way to go about it? And my husband was a military man, and so we were moving a lot. And so my creative solution to doing the work I wanted to do was to set up my own violin studio and just be able to kind of relocate that whenever we needed to.

And so I did have a very thriving business as a violin professional, and mostly through Slacker Magic because – we’re going to talk about this I’m sure – the key part of Slacker Magic is trusting your inner wisdom, 100%. And I did things that were probably really random-seeming and unexpected and they turned out really well. I got 40 people per week in my studio, so it was a thriving, thriving studio, and it was lots of fun and it spread like wildfire. That’s probably the first example of me using this as an entrepreneur, really back when I was doing that.

Susan: And so, when you started your coaching practice, you already had success as an entrepreneur doing something that a lot of people said might be difficult to make money doing, and so you used that as evidence, like oh, you know, I can just do this. But what do you remember from those days of starting your coaching practice and how you approached it?

Abigail: It’s the same exact thing. There was always just, like, here’s a little challenge, how are we going to do this in a way that, A, feels good to me, that feels fun, because I’m not going to do something if it doesn’t, and how is it going to work? So I started out, back in the day, with a blog. That was really kind of the thing back then. So I was doing some blogging. And I just followed every creative idea that came through that felt inspired or fun or exciting or, you know, just gave me that sense of zing inside, like oh yeah, follow that, follow that.

Susan: I love it. So you’re following your inner guidance and you’re following fun. Something you just said that I want to highlight is that if it’s not fun, I’m not doing it, which is something that I sometimes say and people are like, what is happening? What do you mean, if it’s not fun I’m not doing it? So what do you think the mindset shift needs to be for somebody to go from building a business is hard and it’s not supposed to be fun, Abigail?

Abigail: you know, it’s so funny, I’ve had that mindset for a long time. And it doesn’t mean things aren’t scary sometimes or they aren’t, like, ooh what am I getting myself into. You know, I’ve had plenty of those moments. But something can be scary and still be fun and I think that’s the key. Like, maybe I’m terrified of whatever, asking somebody to be my client or whatever. But how can I do that in a fun way, because I know I want to do it?

So, that’s the thing I’m always focused on in my work; how is this going to be done in a way that really feels positive, fun, delightful, you know, exciting, because that’s the whole reason I went into this. This is fun, this is the whole reason. So that’s what I keep in the top of my mind all the time.

Susan: I love that you said it can be scary and fun at the same time, because I think what happens for all of us is that, particularly coaches who are listening who learn, North Star will feel shackles-off, the path to your right life, there’s a myth that everything will feel amazing. And there’s a wild discomfort that happens, but it can still be the most fun you ever had.

Abigail: Absolutely, yeah, I mean, I’m uncomfortable like a huge amount of the time. It’s just part of the things. I’m always pushing my own edges or challenging myself and I think that’s actually where the play comes in, because if you do that in a playful way, then you’re going to grow and go pat that threshold, wherever you were to create that growth, but in a way that actually leapfrogs you. And I think, if you stay stuck in the, oh my gosh, if it’s uncomfortable then it’s probably not going to work or whatever, then that’s where you don’t have that forward progress.

So yes, there will be discomfort, but you can tell. You can tell, if you’re tuning your inner wisdom, if this is discomfort that’s just because you’re doing something new or if this discomfort is like, you know what, this is really not for me this particular thing, you know, as you’re breaking it down in your whole business. Everything can be broken down into those little pieces.

Susan: For people listening, what’s the biggest, or the subtle nuance, to whether or not something is wrong for you or something’s just challenging for you?

Abigail: Yeah, I think, in order to know that, you have to take a look at the whole picture of whatever it is that you’re facing. I need to think of something. Let’s say I’m going to launch a program, for example, on X, Y, Z. So if I’m thinking that and I’m feeling this yucky feeling in my body of fear, discomfort, you know, I have to also be tuned into are there any other feelings present? Because if there are, you’ll be able to feel them. There’s going to also, for the most part, if it’s something you really want to do, you’ll feel joy, you’ll feel excitement, you’ll feel that sense of bubbling, like yes, yes, yes go for it.

So they will coexist in the body and I think, in our culture, we tend to do a lot of – we’re trained to ignore the body, but we’ll notice the discomfort signal because it’s kind of loud. And so you have to super tune in and go, what am I really feeling in here sensation-wise? And then, if you get that signal of, yeah I can hear the call, the whisper of yes, you can also then break down the whole project. Like, let’s say create a program or whatever it is, break it into pieces and subject each little piece to that same test because there’s going to be pieces of it that maybe don’t work for you or maybe aren’t right for you, but there are going to be pieces that are. And so that’s how you get your specific plan figured out that is aligned with your joy, your playfulness.

Susan: So let me ask you this, Abigail; have there been things in your business when you broke it down into the pieces and you started evaluating – I do this with clients all the time that come to me and they’re like, “I need to set my office building on fire. I need to quit and I am moving into the witness protection program.”

And I’m like, okay, hold up, let’s break it down. It could be you hate your commute, and let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. It could be like you need to move departments or your boss is a narcissist or there could be lots of things affecting the quality of work for you and it might not be that the actual work itself is the problem, or it could be. And so, when you are working in your business, Abigail, can you think of an example where you had to break it down for yourself an revise and realize, like, oh I actually enjoy teaching Slacker Magic, it just so happens that I would rather teach it live than digitally, or vice versa?

Abigail: Oh yeah, there’s an easy obvious one for me. When somebody says the word webinar to me, I just pass out. I do not enjoy the technology of webinars. And so, when I was thinking, okay what do I want to do in my business this year, the list did not include webinars because those are not my favorite.

But, I did figure out what feels really fun to me; actually creating a class where it’s a free master class and people can jump on with me on Zoom where we’re actually interacting and it’s not in Webinar format. That is like – you might as well just plan on me doing that every day for the rest of my life, it’s so much fun. So, for me, I broke that particular thing down into, okay, what feels really yucky to me about webinars? Partially it’s the technology and partially it’s that I don’t get to interact with people in the same way that I do.

Susan: So not Zoom Webinar, but Zoom, where you can see everybody?

Abigail: Yes, exactly.

Susan: That’s awesome to know, right? And so for those of you who want to pass out when someone suggests that you do a webinar funnel, you too can say no. So let's talk a little bit about Slacker Magic because I know people are dying to hear more about it because so much of our culture, whether it's in the Bare world where I'm talking about food and body issues, I talk a lot about hey, in this culture of no pain no gain and if you can't run with the big docks stay on the port and all that kind of stuff, what a delight it is to find out that you don't need more willpower. You just need more pleasure to connect with your body.

I think the same thing can be said about business and this hustle culture that - this very masculine attitude towards business, the pendulum is shifting but I think Slacker Magic is the most beautiful antidote to hustle all day and I would love to hear your definition of what you mean by Slacker Magic.

Abigail: Yeah, absolutely. Because it's easy to think of the word slacker and go oh my gosh, I don't want to be called a slacker. It's just kind of - to me, it's just hilarious to put slacker and magic together because our culture does do all of that. You should be doing this hustle thing, no pain no gain all the time, but to me, Slacker Magic is you are actually listening to that inner wisdom that's in there and you're letting it guide you.

And you're actually strategically slacking so you're taking the pressure off wherever you can, wherever your mind is saying x, y, z about yourself, you should do this, you've got to be this way, if you can take those little bits of pressure off as much as possible, then you can actually hear that inner wisdom and you can follow the guidance that it's giving you, which will be a million times more efficient than all of the things that your mind says you should do for any particular thing. Could be business, could be parenting, could be whatever. So that's the quick version of what Slacker Magic is.

Susan: So let me ask you something because I'm sure people are listening and they're like, "Well that all sounds lovely for you, Abigail, but I got to pay some bills up in here so you're going to have to give me some social proof." So I know you have so many stories and so I want to hear a story about your own business where Slacker Magic came into play and then if you have a client story, I know people are dying to hear that as well.

Abigail: Yeah, sure. Oh gosh, I do have a lot of personal stories of course. I think one of my favorites is last year, I had a lot of ideas going on and I just was like, I don't know which way I want to go and I was also feeling pretty overwhelmed because I have a child.

Susan: We did not mention, Abigail, she mentioned her husband but she also has the most adorable little girl.

Abigail: So let me just say, adorable and very energetic little girl. And so it was a little busy so I decided I really need to find a great person to help me out with her a few days a week. So I was also though just like, tired. I had a lot going on, and I thought, you know, I should really make this awesome vision board and put that on there, and it just did not happen.

And so I thought oh my gosh, I'm going to slacker this. And so I have this whiteboard in my office with all kinds of crap on it that is just like, things I want to remember. So I wrote on this top corner of this crappy whiteboard exactly what I wanted from the universe, and I actually wrote at the top "vision board," which was just the total slacker vision board.

And I wrote under there, a fabulous nanny who loves my daughter and who stays long-term and helps around the house and is amazing. So I wrote it on there and I think it was about three weeks later, here comes awesome nanny. And so my slacker vision board which I did literally nothing other than write this one sentence on, like revolutionized my whole working life for this year because now I have this partner in crime who can be here to help out.

Susan: So, one thing that I love about this is that whiteboards save lives, so I have a whiteboard that everybody listening to this podcast probably knows about. It rolls, it is amazing, and I am actually going to devote the flipside of it to now my vision board. I'm going to do Slacker Magic vision boarding where I just write a list of to-dos for the universe on it, which does include - did you use to watch the Brady Bunch as a kid or ever?

Abigail: No, I did not.

Susan: Well, the Brady Bunch, the best thing about that show was that that family had someone named Alice, and Alice's job was - she was basically the mom's personal assistant and she cooked, she cleaned, she did everything around that damn house. And I have somebody like that now who I've had since she was 14. She's now 26 and she's getting married and moving away in a month and so I need a new Alice.

I know, oh no is right. I'm like, who am I going to tolerate in my space? So I'm just going to do some Slacker Magic and I'm going to put it on my whiteboard and pull an Abigail and see if I get a partner in crime. If not, I'm going to call you, Abigail and say who's going to make my tuna salad?

Abigail: That's right.

Susan: So, Slacker Magic, it sounds like first of all, being willing to claim what you really, really want, but secondly, having trust and allowance in giving it up to manifestation, that it's going to happen, you're not graspy about it.

Abigail: Yeah. You know, it's kind of a funny mix and I think this is an interesting point because I do have a determination inside of me that many people around me would agree exists. There is a stubborn nature within me, so when something is resonating and it does feel right to me, I will go after it. But I will go after it in this slacker way because I know that if I do have that forceful energy or that pushing energy or that self-pressure energy, it just shuts it down really fast. So it's like a mix of extreme determination but the willingness to let the magic happen.

Susan: Yes. Okay, so I always say like, my mom used to always say pray with your feet. So it's like you can pray about it but you also have to do some stuff yourself, and that's what it sounds like as well. Like, spiritual grease meets elbow grease.

Abigail: Yeah, absolutely. I often tell my clients if you look in my daily life, I'm doing a lot. I'm very active. There's a lot of action going on, but in between the action is the slacking, and sometimes the actions are done in a way that is not full of self-pressure. So it's how to still - I think people can think well, Slacker Magic, I just lay on the couch and magic things happen. That's not really it. Yes, you will lay on the couch sometimes, but the rest of the time you're so inspired that you're taking a lot of action.

Susan: So before we started this call, you were talking about the fact that you're actually in a launch right now to sell a program. You sell a mind-body certification program.

Abigail: Yes.

Susan: And the thing you said to me was I said oh boy, a launch, and you were like, well, I made sure that I was a slacker all day yesterday. And so which impressed me because I do think that the key to sustainable business is understanding your energy and understanding what you need for self-care. It's not just a freaking bubble bath. And so for me, people are constantly like, oh my god, almost every single person I've talked to this week is like, you exhaust me. I don't even know how you're pulling off what you're pulling off and it's like, oh well, you don't see me when I'm in hermit mode. I bookend all the stuff I'm doing with what I think you're calling Slacker Magic. So let's talk about what your yesterday was like in preparation for what you knew you were going to have to do today.

Abigail: Yeah, that's a great point. And you know, I've learned this from experience with my own body and that's what the mind-body tools that I teach are all about is really learning what your body's telling you, and if I don't walk that talk, I am in trouble because I'm doing all this mind-body work with people all the time.

And my body, I plan all kinds of "slacking" around any sort of big stuff. So this launch, we're in the middle of it right now, and I actually planned well in advance to take a rest bit in the middle of the launch because that's when my energy dips and I know that from prior experience. So I have all of the things done for the launch that need to be done up to this point and a little bit ahead of myself so that this week I'm actually not just taking one day, I'm taking three.

So this week is a three days off of work, go play, go outside, go to my favorite river, hang out, do whatever, literally whatever the hell I want. So that is specifically, purposefully planned into my launch process.

Susan: Dude, this is one of the best things I've heard because I always joke with people. Entrepreneurs love to complain about launches and launching and people are like, I have launch fatigue, and it's a real thing. And I think that for me, launches haven't usually felt that difficult to me because I already have a communication plan in place so it's not necessarily - I'm just turning up the volume. I'm not creating a whole new news station.

But I also enjoy a couple of things you said. One was from past experience, I understand that my energy dips in the middle of a launch, therefore I'm building in a slacker day, and not only one, I'm building in multiple slacker days during a freaking launch. Hello, right? That can be done, you guys. That can be done. She's living proof. And then I would love a client Slacker Magic story because I know you have really good ones.

Abigail: I do. You know, the one that comes to mind is a client of mine who - she's been wanting to get her business up and running and get started, taking those very first steps for a long time and she just was not having success. And we started working - this was a one-on-one client and we started working last year.

And immediately, I put her on this rest program. She was hilarious because she was like, I don't do anything, except actually she did a million things. It was just that they weren't giving her what she needed. So we just stripped it down and she went into play mode and really playing and restoring her spirit.

And now, last month, she finally was like, a-ha, now I can hear my inner wisdom, now I know who I want to work with, now I'm ready to start coaching people, now I can go out there. And she used her slacker vision board and already made all these connections around local things she had been wanting to do. So she's like, on fire now after just doing this whole slack it plan.

Susan: The slack it plan. Listen, we have a whole new line of products for you, Abigail, the slacker vision board, the slack it plan, so like a slack it planner. I am like, so oh my god. So when this client - when you talk about a slacker vision board, what's on a slacker vision board? Because I think everybody listening, that's going to be your challenge after today's podcast.

Abigail: Oh my gosh, I have a whole video I can give you to send out to everyone.

Susan: Shut up.

Abigail: I do. It's my slacker vision board, how to do it. It's about two minutes long because it's really easy.

Susan: I'm going to need to put that in the show notes, for sure.

Abigail: Yes, it's literally like, grab your crappy whiteboard, grab your random to-do list and use the back of it, grab a Post-It, and that's what my client did. She just grabbed a piece of paper and wrote on it what she wanted to do in her local area and stuck it beside her bed and then three days later it happened and she was freaking out in my Facebook group. She was like, this is crazy, I can't believe it.

Susan: Slacker Magic. So let me ask you this, Abigail, I'm going to ask you two things. One is if people want to connect with you, we know it's not in a webinar. So where's the best place for people to find you if they want to learn more about you?

Abigail: Well, I do have a website because that is actually fun. Websites are fun for me. So abigailsteidley.com and I also have a Facebook group if anyone wants a little Slacker Magic. That's my mind-body Facebook group.

Susan: Nice, and then Abigail, the name of this podcast is Rich Coach Club, but it's a double entendre. It's really how to live a rich life but also be unapologetic about making money. So my question for you is what's something that makes you feel rich that either doesn't cost any money at all or very little money?

Abigail: Well, usually for me, I feel pretty rich when I'm in a library.

Susan: I just posted about the library. Say more.

Abigail: It's like you go in there and there's so much knowledge sitting in all those amazing books and so much joy, and I'm a big fiction reader so I get 20 books at once and bring them all home and use that for my Slacker Magic time. But it's just like going into a library fills me with that feeling of richness in my heart and my soul. So I think that's the easy one for me, libraries.

Susan: Oh my god, I posted a thing about this yesterday that when I was a kid, we had this tiny - I grew up in Savannah but I grew up in an area of Savannah called Thunderbolt and it was technically it's own little town. And we had a little library that honestly looked like the school house on Little House on the Prairie. I mean, it was tiny.

And my mom would take me into the Thunderbolt library with a grocery bag and she would let me fill it and I remember as a little girl like, loading up on Nancy Drew and Sweet Valley High books and I mean, I would go home and feel like I had won the lottery. And I had a moment the other day because someone took a picture of my book that they got from their local library and it was in that plastic cover and it had the library barcode on it and I was like, oh my god.

I knew my books were being ordered my libraries but to see it, I just had this emotional response because I'm with you, like going to the library as a kid and even now, I love it that even now that that is what makes you feel rich. That's so beautiful.

Abigail: Oh yeah. Any time I really start to feel overwhelmed, I'll take a slacker morning and just go to the library. It's just the rejuvenating, restoring place for me.

Susan: So Abigail, I know because of your Slacker Magic, that you're going to have an uber successful launch and all of you, we are going to continue this discussion in the next segment of the podcast because I'm going to give you some Slacker Magic homework. So thank you so much Abigail for your Slacker Magic time.

Abigail: You are so welcome. Thanks for having me.


Okay, I told you it was going to be a brain twister. Isn't Abigail fabulous? We've been talking about ease, flow, and Slacker Magic, and as you've been listening to this episode, you may be thinking, "Oh my god yes, I would love to figure out how to work less and have more balance in my life."

Listen people, listen up, I've got something to help you out. It's my program called Clear Coaches Select and it's where I teach business and marketing skills with an emphasis on sustainability. So it's all about making a great income without burning yourself out, and this program is geared towards coaches and consultants, life coaches, wellness coaches, nutrition coaches, writing coaches, business coaches, all kinds of speakers, healers, people who do inspirational work in the personal growth industry.

I'm going to teach you how to take your skills, put it into a signature program and create a sales funnel that makes sense so that you aren't collapsing down by the lake on the dock. So we're going to put a link in the show notes to Clear Coaches Select and a member of my team can answer your questions live if you need that.

But listen, no matter if you sign up for something with me or not, I'm grateful for you. I'm grateful that you're listening to today's episode. I hope you're feeling a little calmer about business, that you don't have to hustle yourself into the ground, that you too can practice something called Slacker Magic.

Alright, thank you so much listening to Susan Hyatt's Rich Coach Club. If you enjoyed today's show, please head over to shyatt.com/rich where you'll find a free worksheet with audio called Three Things You Can Do Right Now to Get More Clients. You can download the worksheet and the audio, print it out, there's a fun checklist for you to check off. Just three things to do. Check, check, checkidy-check.

This worksheet makes finding clients feel so much simpler and not so scary. So head to shyatt.com/rich to get that worksheet. Over there, you're also going to find a free Facebook you can join especially for coaches. Bring your coaching practice and your income to the next level at shyatt.com. See you next week.

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