September 5, 2021
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Your growth will upset some people

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Haters, trolls, and bullies can unfortunately be a natural part of growing your business. 

Being a bold, unapologetic, unstoppable woman is like a magnet for unsolicited criticism.  

The only way to avoid haters is to stay small, remain quiet, and never make a scene. And those things are non-negotiable.  

So what should you do? Keep on growing, boo – and dive into today’s episode! 

Recently, I posted a job ad on my Facebook page searching for a local personal assistant.  

Within an hour, someone took the post from my Facebook profile and shared it in a group intended for virtual assistants – people who don’t work “locally.” The post lit up with comments like “is this person allowed to have their own life?” and “I can already tell this person isn’t going to pay well.”  

Another commenter gleefully wrote: “Oh my god! I know her. Do not take this job. Seriously.” (I do not know this woman.)  

This was disappointing for a number of reasons. Rampant misogyny. Lies. Women bullying other women.  

But, sadly, this wasn’t at all surprising. As you grow, you will upset people who want you to stay small – especially if that growth includes building a team and paying people (very well, I might add) to manage things like household duties.  

Success is about showing up, doing the work, taking risks, and putting yourself out there – despite the hate.  

But for some people, success is a mirror. Seeing others achieve serves as a trigger. Instead of focusing on their own goals and being active participants in making those goals happen, it’s easier to be a spectator and throw stones.  

I share these stories because: 

  1. I don’t want other people to feel alone when they get unfair criticism, and… 
  1. If you’re here in my community, I don’t want you ever to let the haters f*ck with your flow.  

I want you to keep striving, keep moving, keep achieving. And LET ‘EM TALK.  

I also don’t want you to speak up if that’s what you want to do.  

Women are often taught to just “deal” with this nonsense, as if it should be an acceptable part of our lives to take in mountains of unsolicited criticism and hate.  

Y’all, I call bullshit on that.  

Harassment, hate, bullying, and punishing women should not be ignored. That’s why I talk about this topic A LOT. I even did an entire episode on dealing with haters in episode #38.  

If you’re on the receiving end of hate, don’t ignore the situation. Know that it’s not “personal” – but it should be taken seriously.  

Take screenshots, block and report, don’t engage directly with the trolls, and get authorities involved if needed.  

Haters love to target strong, confident, successful women. They see your growth and want to shrink and shame you to be docile, obedient and silent.  

Don’t let them win.  

Just keep growing.  


Always remember that you are worth making a scene over.  

If you are experiencing injustice, make a scene for yourself and the people you love. Don’t stand on the sidelines of your life and allow people to push you around. Stand up. Say something. That might mean calling the authorities. It might mean speaking out like I’m doing today.  

You are always worth making a scene.  

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How to make a scene. 
  • How to avoid the haters.
  • How to keep moving and achieving past those who are determined to put you down. 

Listen to the Full Episode:

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