Martha Beck
Susan Hyatt is a tremendously talented and enthusiastic life coach. Her style, which is both empathetic and pragmatic, helps fuel her clients’ belief in themselves and their enthusiasm for making real change. Susan will help you establish clear goals that are based on your real innate preferences (in case you’re not sure what those are), and draft an empowering map to help you achieve them. Hire Susan if you’re ready for an authentic transformation–and would like to have some fun in the process. She really knows what it means to live from the “inside out.” If you’re ready to design a life that fits you to a T, Susan will be a fabulous asset.
Brooke Castillo
Susan didn’t ask me to write a testimonial; but I hope she will post this on her site for others to read when considering hiring her. Anytime I talk to someone looking for a great coach, the first person who always comes to my mind is Susan Hyatt. I know that she takes good care of her clients and in genuinely committed to helping them. She is: Brilliant. Passionate. Committed. Responsible. Effective. I have watched her coach and seen her teach, and each time she inspires me. Every person I have ever sent her way writes me a thank you note saying how much they appreciate Susan as a person and a coach. Take her classes. Hire her to coach you. Read anything she writes. She will never waste your time or money. Susan practices what she teaches and she can show you the way. I am a raving, raving fan, and I guarantee you will be too.
Danielle Laporte
Hyatt, you are fresh and for real. And what’s more, you’re teaching is meaningful and wise. On stage, your A-league material is as grounding as you are sparkling. Pretty sexy combo, sister.
Laura Wagner
Laura Wagner
To say that working with Susan changed my life would be a vast understatement; she has been one of the most pivotal people in my life in terms of how I have evolved as a woman. That’s a big fucking statement, but I stand by it with my whole heart.

Susan refuses to see you as anything but a magnificent human being with the capacity to create exactly what you want in your life — your mind, your body, your career and your relationships.

Abigial Steidley
I was ready for a business makeover, and Susan helped me get the clarity I needed to speak my truth in my writing, marketing and work. Stuck places? GONE! Playing small? GONE! Results? My biggest offering sold faster than ever this year, and I created a new membership community that I love with all my heart. Thank you, Susan!
Alexandra Franzen
When you hire a life coach, you need to hire someone who is living a life that you respect and admire. There are few people on this planet that I respect and admire more than Susan Hyatt. And that’s the truth. PS. She taught me that whole “surround yourself with people you respect and admire” thing. Yeah. She’s good.
Caroline Greene
Investing in a relationship with Susan Hyatt was the most courageous and rewarding thing I’ve ever done for myself. Thanks to her wisdom, compassion and spunk, I’m finally living into my passions, learning to love and care for my whole self, and losing weight while doing it. If you’re ready to stop dreaming about changing your live and actually start doing it, hire her NOW. You won’t regret it.
Shawna O’Hagan Morrow
Shawna O’Hagan Morrow
Working with Susan has changed my life! She has helped to see what’s not working and how I can change it. Now, my relationships are better than ever, I’m more successful than ever and I’m living the life I’ve always craved. I will be forever grateful for her compassionate and humorous coaching style. My life would not be as amazing as it is today without Susan’s wisdom, guidance and truth provoking questions. She is the best!
Maggie Reyes
I am big believer in congruency. If you are going to teach me about fun, you better be having some! This is one of the things I love about Susan – she embodies everything she teaches. I have worked with her privately, in groups, on retreats and attended her fabulous dinner parties and what you see online is only deepened and enriched when you work with her in person. I also love how she has a way of getting to the core of any issue with compassion and humor. Susan is a great role model for creating a richly layered life, that honors your passions as well as your responsibilities.

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Hyatt, you are fresh and for real. And what’s more, you’re teaching is meaningful and wise. On stage, your A-league material is as grounding as you are sparkling. Pretty sexy combo, sister.
Danielle Laporte ,
Terry DeMeoSusan Hyatt is a coach extraordinaire, a whiz at soulful, authentic entrepreneurship, and a smart, fun, high-energy dynamo. She gets more done in a day than other six people do in a month, and she makes all it look fun and easy, as if it just fell into her lap from the sky. That’s of course her special kind of magic. Knowing how to create fun, ease and luck in any endeavor is her specialty, and if you want to create your own fun, ease, and luck, too, don’t hesitate to work with her. She’ll teach you exactly how to do it. I highly recommend her.

Terry DeMeo /

martha beckAs a coach, mother, woman and human, my time with Susan has been priceless! She doesn’t allow me to wallow in my own destructAs a coachive thinking, always prodding me on to be my best. She is a FUN, SASSY and insanely BRILLIANT coach! I would recommend that you spend time with Susan AS MUCH AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN!!! Seriously, she is an amazing coach and if you want to kick your life up a notch, HIRE HER!

Becky Richardson /

Nona JordanSusan Hyatt, you are a firecracker! Working with you catalyzed me in my business coaching practice and helped me connect the dots between my anxiety over launching my business and my strong pull to the cookie jar. Thank you for your clarity, your humor and your no bullshit approach to helping people creating a life that is by design.

Nona Jordan / The Business Yogini /

Kelly PrattSusan, your energy and spark has been a major catalyst in my success… and being a part of the Clear Coaches program was by far the best business decision I’ve made! Being a part of the group kept my toes to the fire, taught me the meaning and importance of connection and has given me some kick ass business tools that I will use for the rest of my life! I want to be you when I grow up! Thank you for helping me to reboot my own mojo!

Kelly Pratt / Creative Life Design /

Joan ShepherdIf Susan Hyatt were a precious stone, in my opinion, she’d be a pearl.Why? A pearl is formed when an irritant in a mollusk shell causes it to secrete a substance that hardens around it. After many years a lustrous, prized pearl is formed.Susan uses the ‘irritant’ of various situations and limiting beliefs to create her life, and this is what she teaches.She builds her practice—and herself—on continuous presence, persistence, and perseverance. Like the pearl, she is classy, charming and tough. She can giggle like the second-grade hostess of a sleepover, swear like a sailor and ask the ONE question that will take you to the core of your issue. And you know how some people casually throw on a string of pearls? Well, as successful as Susan is, she is astonishingly available and down to earth.

A great deal of my coaching is in a family practice and substance abuse setting. Not a day goes by that I don’t use coaching tools with my patients. With Susan’s tutelage and butt-kicking through her Clear Coaches program, I am now creating and teaching classes to bring coaching techniques to other Health Care Providers. How can you tell an artificial pearl from a fake one? If the pearl is genuine, the surface will have a” bit of texture, a bit of tooth”.Susan Hyatt’s got texture and tooth out the wazoo.

Joan Shepherd / Wild and Precious Life Coaching /

Lorie LemmonsI was introduced to the fabulousness of Susan at a speaking engagement she did for my Creative Memories team. After the brief introduction to her mad skills as a coach I knew that I had to learn more. She has taught me how to get out of my own way. Her style & enthusiam for her work make her a one of kind coach. She has the ability to make you simply “get over yourself”. You don’t realize it but she allows you to become the you that has until now only been a glimmer of a dream. My personal business has reached heights I did not know were possible. Our family business has achieved the first round of “index card” desires and is now on it’s way to the 2nd. But the most exciting thing is Susan has taught us the skills to always reset and conquer the seemingly impossible.I would recommend Susan to anyone who wants to achieve their goals; be those goals personal, business or couple based. She is a woman who I have seen achieve her goals by walking the walk she teaches.

Lorie Lemmons / Photo Solutions Specialist

Melissa Foster Cook I love learning from women that inspire me. That’s why I signed up to work with Susan in 2010. What she has built in her business is nothing less than extraordinary and it was a truly unique and fabulous experience to learn from her! Her transparency is a breath of fresh air. You get an inside look at how she runs her business as well as inside knowledge from that genius noggin of hers. She’s your number one fan, which plays out in the most generous ways. Bottom line: SHE WANTS YOU TO SUCCEED. And Susan always gets what she wants.

Melissa Foster Cook /

Cookie RosenblumI worked with Susan this past year on building my coaching practice in her Clear Coaches group. Although I had been coaching for many years, I stayed small and local. My clients came from referrals and I wasn’t sure what my next steps were. Susan showed me how to make the leap into the bigger fishbowl…the world outside of my small town. She met each of us where we were and helped us clarify our desires AND make our next moves. Of course, the buck stops with you, but with Susan on your team, you’ll know exactly what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and you’ll develop the mindset that will enable you to take action.

Cookie Rosenblum /

Deb DrozTo be totally transparent, I came into the Clear Coaches program wanting to practice, practice, practice my coaching. For some reason, this is what I thought a big part of it would be. It was not. And it’s a damn good thing. I could have ‘practiced’ for a long, long time, never getting around to doing it for real. Susan, via Clear Coaches, gave me the courage, subtly and gently and persistently (though Susan can be known for her ‘boot in the bootie’), to actually get on with my business. She helping me realize the only thing holding me back was the fact that I was hiding – from my own self, sure, but also from those I could help. So I stepped out there, bigger than I thought I could…and I had a blast. I did not ‘do’ her class perfectly, but I started my coaching business, coaching for free in the beginning, and getting paying clients in the process. But that’s not all – I remembered her telling me I was allowed more than one passion, so… I also started a little side dream business of mine, that I had been ‘practicing in my mind’ for over 10 years. I don’t know exactly how she does it, but you might just need a little of that Susan magic.

Deb Droz /

Bridgette Boudreau People! If you want to move forward as a full-time coach with a kick ass fully booked coaching practice, take this course! Susan is a good friend of mine, but what you may not know is that she has also been instrumental in helping me grow my coaching practice. She’s helped me develop ideas, see and realize my potential and kick me in the pants (with love) when I talk crazy-talk. I know she’s done the same for all her Clear Coaches because I see those coaches out there rocking it. If you are ready to move from dreaming to doing, Susan will help you get there.

Bridgette Boudreau /

Yvette McIntireBeing a member of Clear Coaches held so many benefits for me. First there is the awesomeness of being in Susan’s orbit, which is so motivating and inspiring. Her energy is uplifting and kept me striving for excellence. Second is the benefit of having a group of like minded solopreneurs who are experiencing the same highs and lows as you. Working from home is isolating at times and the camaraderie of the Clear Coaches group is priceless.

Yvette McIntire /

Susan RobertsonI highly recommend Clear Coaches if you want a fun, powerful and affordable way to take your coaching practice to the next level. I went from sitting in my kitchen with my laptop, spinning my wheels, to having a full coaching schedule and moving full steam ahead with exciting programs and offerings. I now have a completed website, a solid business plan, systems in place, clarity on my niche and the fire to create what I want in my business. Susan is so authentic, supportive and inspiring – she creates a safe space and provides guidance and great coaching to help you move past your fears & limiting thoughts and beliefs. Her authentic energy and style is just plain contagious & motivating! She’s smart and offers solid, useful content in every class to help you create what you want in your business. This program is a great investment. Apply now – you won’t want to miss this!

Susan Robertson /

Jen LoudenExperiencing Susan speaking is like drinking champagne while getting a root canal. See, Susan talks about the stuff we hide from, she pulls it out of the dark so we can see it – and wow, it doesn’t seem so bad anymore (like a root canal, it’s the pain of the infection that hurts, not the actual procedure). Then she infuses you with sparkling hope (champagne!) because she has mined her ick and come out living the lucky life. She knows amazing ways to tell you how to do the same – ways that really work. She is one of the most real and helpful speakers I have ever encountered.susan hyatt is a treme

Jen Louden /

Debbie PhillipsWhat happens when you combine mega amounts of cool with huge helpings of smart and a big dash of adorable? You get Susan Hyatt. After seeing her speak, I wanted to bottle her up and bring her home so I have the formula in my hands 24/7 for staying happy, healthy and motivated!

Debbie Phillips / Author of Women on Fire /

Jana SchuberthI went looking for a mentor coach when I was just at the beginning of my full-time coaching practice. I didn’t just want any coach, I was looking for the best I could find and afford. Interviewing 10 different possible mentors in the UK, the US and Canada, Susan stood out like a bright light, bursting with energy, enthusiasm, experience and love. Already after seeing her video on the website I had made my mind up before even speaking with her, because I knew she would be the gal to rock my boat, help me excel, share her skill and experience and take my business to the next level.Over the course of 4 months we worked on me as a newly fledged entrepreneur, my fears, ideas and new life as well as my coaching practice. In this time I took on 19 clients, some paying, some still for free to get my business off the ground. Susan shared marketing strategies that worked for her, discussed client issues with me, shared lots and lots of resources with me and was always just a mouse click away by email.The Biggest Results for me whilst working with Susan were attracting the right (paying) clients so I could sustain myself, trusting my instincts and building my confidence in my new skin of a life coach.Something I love most about Susan is her everlasting positivity and confidence in me as a coach and individual. I felt so supported and never alone.

Jana Schuberth /

Kirsten MarionIf you want to take your business, project or goals through a quantum leap, jump in and jump in immediately to work with Susan Hyatt! She is so innovative and creative in her thinking and strategies for life and business that I can guarantee she’ll help you reach a higher level of success. I started working with her last fall and since that time the business that was just a germ of an idea in October has become a launched product by March! Susan gives warm, real-life advice and guidance, she shares her successes as well as her mistakes and she’s quick to share her resources so I’ve been able to fast-track my success. Best of all, working with Susan is fun – a truly joyous and uplifting experience!

Kirsten Marion, CMA, M.Sc. / Co-Founder & Partner:The Energetics of Wealth /

Mary Ellen TeleshaI hired Susan Hyatt for life coaching during a time of intense upheaval and transition in my life and will never forget some of the “aha” moments we had during those coaching sessions. She guided me to re-frame my experiences in a way that brought me hope and inspiration for the future, instead of despair and fear. She coached me in a relaxed, friendly way combined with laser sharp focus that went right to the heart of the struggle. Her coaching seems to gently, firmly say, “ There is no need to stay in fear here, let’s come up with something different.”Susan’s coaching supported the process of discovering my own painful thoughts while encouraging peering into those thoughts with a playful, lighthearted energy. It’s hard to describe the miracles that occurred from those coaching sessions! Now that I am a Life Coach I’m sure my own coaching style is influenced by what I learned from her by being her client. The positive impact she made on my thinking, and my life, can’t be measured in monetary value, I consider it priceless!

Mary Ellen Telesha / Life Coach /

Amy Pearson I have worked with Susan individually and have also participated in her Clear Coaches program. As a busy mama and entrepreneur like me I felt connected with her immediately. Getting to know her, I learned that she is so much more than a devoted mom and a successful entrepreneur. She is one of the most inspiring people I know. A true leader. I love that she is humble, down to earth, fun loving and funny. Below the surface though she is one smart mama – resourceful, creative, intuitive, and insightful. On top of that she takes no bullshit! It’s kind of a combination of coaching and chearleading mixed with a little tough love. But whatever you call it she has taught me how trust my own brilliance. Or as Ann Lamott says “to be militantly on my own side.” There were times when I was very close to giving up on my dreams and I can thank Susan Hyatt for reminding me to stay the course. And here I am. Thank you Susan Hyatt!

Amy Pearson /

Kristyn Kapetanovic<As an artist working in the corporate world, I was miserable. I felt hopeless about getting to the place I wanted to be from the place where I was, so I sought Susan Hyatt’s coaching. I didn’t even know that there was a path to the place where I wanted to be, but Susan showed me it was possible.Working with Susan was nothing short of a dream. She painstakingly worked with me to develop a transition plan into a less stressful career in a new area of the country. Her boundless enthusiasm and fiery passion make her an excellent coach and an inspiring role model, but Susan isn’t just a great motivator–the lessons you learn from her are lifelong. She teaches powerful tools that I still use on a regular basis, two years after our formal coaching arrangement has ended.Susan continues to inspire me with her fearlessness, boldness, integrity, and strength. It is exciting, too, to watch her evolve her business and realize her own dreams.

Kristyn Kapetanovic

Ned RiosOk, here is the thing about Susan Hyatt…

She is intuitive, she is real, and her energy is magical.She has her own style and she wants the very best for you even when you don’t want it for yourself.

I had the opportunity to work with Susan on many occasions (including Clear Coaches) and have realized that she is determined to reach you and bring out your best self as well as get down to the core of your issue.When I worked with her on the phone she could always feel when I had something deeper that I was resisting.I am an impatient overachieving entrepreneur and needed to get things out on the surface in order to get clear and move forward. That’s how she has helped me.

Ned Rios /