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Quick Scoop:

I’m Susan Hyatt — a Master Certified Life Coach, published author, webTV host and international speaker.
My motto: Life is precious. Go make it delicious.
My mission: To inspire millions of people to go after their goals — fearlessly.
No excuses. No waiting. No someday-ing. No hiding.
My stance: Lectures don’t motivate people (as the mother of two teenagers — I know). But stories do. I tell true stories from my own life. And it’s been… quite a life!

When I appear in the media, my aim is to leave your audience stirred up, excited, and maybe even a little uncomfortable (in a good way). Ready to create new priorities and put goals into motion.

Im qualified to talk about…

  • Weight loss. The kind that is slow, steady and permanent.
  • Fitness / exercise mindset. I went from couch potato to disciplined athlete. I’ve helped hundreds of clients do the same.
  • Entrepreneurship. I run a multiple-six figure business and many of my clients are business owners, as well.
  • Permanent lifestyle / habit change. Changing your thoughts = changing your life.
  • Women’s empowerment / confidence. Aka: girl power for grown-ups.
  • Self-care / self-love. Aka: treating yourself with extreme dignity and respect.
  • Just about anything that’s in the realm of personal growth, transformation, and reaching your full potential.

Need a highly-memorable panelist, commentator, or interview guest?

Im happy to offer my time and expertise!
Email is the fastest way to reach me: [email protected]
I am always SO grateful for the opportunity to appear in the media and share what I know.
Thank you, in advance, for the opportunity to do what I love.

Can’t wait to connect!

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