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Welcome! If you’re a journalist, producer, radio host, freelance writer, blogger, podcaster, or anyone else who works in the media, this page is for you.

I’m always grateful for the opportunity to appear in the media and share what I know. Thank you, in advance, for the opportunity to do what I


I’m available for interviews and media appearances including TV and radio segments and panel events.

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I’m a Master Certified Life and Business Coach, motivation and mindset expert, and the author of two books.

I work with clients who want more out of life—more freedom, more happiness, more financial security, more  energy, self-esteem, and confidence.

I’ve run my coaching practice for the last 11 years, helping over 1,000 clients to reach their goals. In 2017, I was a Finalist for the Athena Award, an award honoring people who have dedicated their lives to empowering women and girls.


I’ve been interviewed, quoted, and profiled in places like O: The Oprah Magazine, Woman’s World, Cosmopolitan, The Huffington Post,,, the Evansville Courier & Press (part of the USA Today Network) and I’ve done over 100 podcast, radio,  blog, newspaper, webTV, and TV appearances. I also host two podcasts of my own: GO! and The BARE Podcast.


  • Tips on how to find more clients/customers and make more money.
  • Tips on how to stay focused instead of getting overwhelmed by your to-do list.
  • Tips on how to cultivate a winning mindset and believe in your vision (even when nobody else does!)
Health and Body Image
  • Why dieting doesn’t work–and why it’s robbing you of your time, energy, and money.
  • How to take excellent care of your body even when life is insanely busy.
  • Tips for creating healthy new habits and sticking to them, long term.
  • Why “willpower” is not the secret to losing weight or upgrading your health.
Women’s Empowerment
  • Why so many women lack confidence—and how to change this pattern.
  • How to stop postponing important decisions, experiences, and actions until “someday later” and lead your best life now.
  • How to build the confidence to ask for more—more money, more vacation time, more help around the house, whatever you need most.


Email me at [email protected]. Thank you. Can’t wait to connect! Susan


Susan Hyatt is a Master Certified Life and Business Coach based in Evansville, Indiana. She specializes in helping women get more of whatever they want—whether it’s more money, more media recognition, more pleasure, more passion, or more time to pursue meaningful goals.

Susan is the author of two books, Create Your Own Luck and BARE. Her work has been featured in places like O: The Oprah Magazine, Woman’s World, Cosmopolitan, and The Huffington Post. She’s the creator of The BARE Process, a trademarked system for upgrading your mental and physical health, building more energy and confidence, and creating the life that you want.

Learn more about Susan—and find over 100 hours of free podcasts, training webinars, and motivational pep talks—at

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