BARE Wisdom Card Deck

Take beautiful, loving care of your body.
It’s the only one you’ve got.

The BARE Deck includes 52 messages to remind you that your body is beautiful, precious, and worthy of care and attention.

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Your Bare Wisdom Deck Includes:

The BARE Deck includes 52 cards with 6 inspiring categories:

1 – You Are More Than Your Body
2 – Honor Your Cravings
3 – True Beauty
4 – Body Love
5 – Live Your Best Life Now
6 – Go Bare

Each card features a beautiful illustration on the front side—and encouragement and guidance on the reverse side.

Your BARE Deck comes with a love note from Susan Hyatt—the creator of the deck—plus a link to a special body-love podcast that you can stream or download anytime.


How To Use Your New Deck

BARE cards can be used to set an intention for your day, as a meditation prompt, a writing prompt, or to provide a quick burst of encouragement anytime you need it.

You can pull a card whenever you feel stressed… whenever you feel inadequate… whenever you need a reminder that you are powerful, capable, lovable, and hot-damn deliciously gorgeous regardless of your current weight or size.


The Team Behind the Deck

Susan Hyatt is a Master Certified Life Coach, motivational speaker, and author who specializes in helping women stop dieting, stop punishing their bodies, and stop obsessing over their size.

Susan knows—from personal experience—that dieting is a huge distraction, robbing you of your time and energy, and blocking you from focusing on priorities that really matter. (Like running your business. Or traveling the world. Or creating your legacy.) Susan wants to create a world where women can genuinely say, “I love myself. I know that I matter. I enjoy taking excellent care of my body and I make it a top priority, because my body is my home.”

Emily Hyatt is Susan’s teenage daughter and her offcial “shipping coordinator.” So if your BARE Deck arrives late, Emily has got some explaining to do. (Just kidding. It won’t be late.) Emily loves drawing, singing, rocking out with her band, and educating grown men about what the term “patriarchy” means.

Ros Webb is an amazing illustrator who lives in Ireland. She created all of the beautiful illustrations for The BARE Deck. (They’re so pretty, Susan started crying when she saw them for the first time.)

Blueline is a creative agency based in Indiana. Web design, videos, social media marketing, books, posters, stationery, and card decks—they do it all! The geniuses at Blueline made The BARE Deck look completely beautiful. (Bow down.)

Your BARE Wisdom Deck Includes:

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