(Professional Training)


Make a powerful difference in people’s lives as a Certified Life Coach.

Are you massively curious about human minds and how they tick?

Are you obsessed with figuring out how to clear the blocks that stop people from achieving their goals?

Would your *dream job* involve coaching clients and helping them accomplish things that previously seemed unlikely or even impossible?

If that’s you, stay tuned. The University of Life Coach Training is for you..

BARE Coaching Training

Does your heart break when you hear women saying, “I hate my body,” “I feel so ugly,” “I can’t stop eating!” “I feel like crap” or, “I feel stressed and exhausted all the time.”

Do you feel called to step into a new career? Or maybe you’d like to coach part-time, and start a side-business to generate extra income while doing meaningful work?

Becoming a Certified Bare Coach might be a beautiful path for you.

Learn how to coach women who are struggling with health, body, and confidence issues. Watch your clients transform before your eyes. It’s the best job on earth!

Next class starts Fall 2021