August 3, 2020
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She did not give up.

I want to tell you about a friend of mine.

Ten years ago, 2010, she was in the very early stages of launching her business. 

She had no support team. She was a company of one. Doing everything by herself. 

Her “office” was a cramped corner of the hallway with no privacy and constant interruptions. 

She busted her ass to earn a piddly income and could barely afford to put her youngest into daycare. 

It was a rough time. Not fun. Not glamorous.

But she had a vision—financial freedom, peace, power, joy, a better future for her family—and she did not give up.

Fast forward ten years.

That friend?

Now, she leads a team of incredible employees. Her kids are attending the best private schools. She signed a book deal with a major publisher. Her office is a serene dream. 

And financially? 

Well, jet’s just say she’s doing…just fine. This June, her company generated $1 million in 1 month. Yes. For real.

To whoever is reading this: 

Whether you’re currently earning $100 per month through your business or $1 million, what matters is, you have begun. 

You’re on the path. 

Hold true to your vision. Keep marching forward…keep showing up…keep trying things and tweaking and figuring things out…and the pieces will fall into place. 

If you refuse to give up, you will reach unbelievable heights.

Because a lot can change in ten years. Or even ten weeks. Keep the faith. Keep going. Keep climbing the mountain. 

One day, you will glance back over your shoulder and realize:

“I can’t believe how far I’ve come.”

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