June 6, 2021
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Showing up with some boss energy.

This story had me shook. We all need to take ownership, stat.

Oh hey,

Whether you’re a fan of Taylor Swift or not, you cannot deny that this woman is showing up with some serious BOSS energy lately.

If you don’t know what’s been popping for Taylor, let me school you real quick.

As a budding singer and songwriter back in 2005, Taylor signed her first record deal. The contract stipulated that the record company would own the original recordings of her first six albums. This is typical in many new recording deals, and in later negotiations, Taylor made sure to secure the ownership of her future recordings.

Once her fame exploded, Taylor tried to buy back those early recordings – but the company refused, only to later sell them to another company owned by a man who repeatedly bullied Taylor throughout her career. Gross.

Instead of shrinking away and backing down or chalking it up to a mistake and moving on, Taylor is taking OWNERSHIP by re-recording and re-releasing her old music.

While you may not have an album recording saga to deal with, I’m willing to bet there’s an area in your life that you’re not OWNING right now.

One example? Whenever something crumbles into a Lifetime-movie-worthy mess in my own life, I take ownership of the situation by asking myself:

“What role did I play in creating this unpleasant situation?”

Did I ignore my intuition? Overlook a red flag? Put my needs aside to please someone else?

I get brutally honest with myself to understand how the situation happened, and like T-Swift, I look at how I can course-correct for the future.

Instead of re-recording songs, I might hole up in my own mental “studio” and create a firm set of boundaries, so that things don’t devolve into a hot mess again.

Another example of taking ownership? In your work.

Often, we get certified, schooled, or mentored using a specific system. This is especially true for life coaches.

But to truly make an impact, you have to evolve from that system and create your own tools, frameworks, and intellectual property. This is something I teach to all of my clients and the coaches who are certified in the University for Life Coach Training.

Many coaches never create their signature system because it feels too big and daunting, just like most artists won’t re-record their old songs for the same reason.

But, taking ownership means putting in the work to create a unique system of your own that will attract more clients, enable you to help them get better results, and hone your unique perspective.

Now that you know what ownership looks like, I want you to play detective and investigate your life.

Are there places where you can take ownership?

I’d love to hear what they are! Come on over to the GO TIME Facebook Group and tell us how you’d like to show up with more boss energy in your business or life. 

Then turn up your Taylor Swift playlist, and let’s do this.

P.S. Are you looking for ways to level up your life? Sign up for my FREE online workshop. Spend five days with me by engaging in daily challenges, having the chance to win amazing prizes, and participating in 5 days of 30-minute live classes (held in our Facebook Group). Get ready to become unstoppable.



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