Set new goals. Make new friends. See the world. It’s your life. Show up for it.

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What’s included?

Your retreat payment includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, every day, prepared by our private chef. 7 nights accommodation in a gorgeous room. Private or shared suite. Your choice.



All of the field trips and excursions. A car service to take you to and from the airport. Basically: everything but airfare.


And of course…

Life coaching, galore. My #1 goal is to make sure that you leave the retreat feeling clear-headed, energized and ready to put some new goals and life policies into practice once you get back home. All you need to do is show up and be ready for the time of your life.


Each retreat is a life coaching seminar swirled together with unforgettable field trips and adventures. Led by Susan Hyatt (that’s me!) a Master Certified Life Coach who has been featured in O: The Oprah Magazine and on national TV, you’ll embark on 7 days of exhilarating conversations, adventures, and personal transformation. Groups are cozy and intimate: just 8-10 women per retreat plus me, our chef, and a special guest instructor or two. I host several retreats each year. Keep scrolling down for upcoming cities and dates.


A workshop on the topic of the day: clarifying your purpose, owning your personal style, setting goals, saying “no,” dealing with fear and resistance, or clearing distractions—for starters.



A guided field trip, like: a tour of a local castle, a gourmet cheese tasting, a trip to a hidden beach cove, or a bicycle ride to an open-air market. Plus independent time for writing, reflecting, and exploring the grounds surrounding our retreat venue.



Dinner, lively conversation and laughter with all of the ladies into the night!


Where we’ve been, where we’re going…

APRIL 23-APRIL 29, 2017



JUNE 17-24, 2017

SEPTEMBER 9-16, 2017

PAST EVENT: OCTOBER 25 – November 2, 2016


JULY 19-23, 2017




PAST EVENT: AUGUST 15-22, 2015


OCTOBER 12-18, 2017

What people are saying about Susan’s retreats

Deanna McHugh
Deanna McHugh
Susan Hyatt is a super-talented Master Coach who helps her lucky clients leap huge obstacles and live their most authentically fabulous lives. But, as a mind-blowing bonus, Susan is the most badass fairy godmother anyone ever imagined, sprinkling every shared experience with her own personal blend of glitter, grit, and grace, as she brings together extraordinary women in magical sisterhood. Run, don’t walk, to your computer to sign up for any forthcoming retreats with the amazing Susan Hyatt.
Deanna McHugh
Rachel Rodgers
I am so grateful to Susan for bringing together this amazing group of women in an absolutely breathtaking location. This retreat provided an education on living an abundant life. Truly one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Upper limit problem = gone. I came home with incredible memories, a great group of friends that I cherish, decisions made on things that had been holding up my life and even a few business strategies that I am implementing as we speak. Do not hesitate to grab a spot in one of Susan’s retreats, it will definitely change your life for the better.
Rachel Rodgers
Tamsyn Hawkins
Beautiful week, inspiring women and wonderful you. Thank you. Life changing. I have no words. It was worth every single mile and then some.
Tamsyn Hawkins
Jennifer Elston
I can’t even put into words what Italy 2016 awakened in me that had been dead for what felt like SO long. I mapped out my business goals and awoke with ideas that I didn’t realize were inside of me. I let go. I let go of setting unreasonable expectations for myself that I cannot possibly meet. I let go of worrying about every decision and if I am making a mistake at every turn. I learned to manifest – and it’s working for me so far. I met women that I was MEANT to meet and to be lifelong friends with. We still text or talk daily. I miss them as if they are my family. Because they are. I realized that I have missed out on years with Susan Hyatt who lives on the same street (why oh why?!)…It was wildly out of my comfort zone to fly to Italy totally alone to meet up with 8 women whom I had never met before. Who does that? Well, I do. And I will do it again and again and again.
-la vita è magia


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My Refund Policy

… is very simple.

All of your retreat payments — including your initial deposit — are non-refundable.

Why? Because I know, from personal experience, how easy it can be to second-guess your instincts and say, “Oh, no, I don’t reeeeally need to go” or “Ugh, life is just so busy! Oops! Changed my mind!”

I’m putting my foot down and saying, “Nope. None of that.”

When you buy a ticket to a Beyoncé concert, and then decide you don’t feel like going, or it’s too far to drive, or you can’t find a babysitter, or whatever… what happens? You don’t go. You stay home. You miss out.

Are you going to write an email to Beyoncé and ask for a refund? Hell no.

Beyoncé ain’t refunding your money just because you decided not to show up,
or mismanaged your schedule, or whatever. That was your choice.

This may sound like “tough love,” but that’s my policy, too.

Respect your time. Respect mine. Say “yes” to the experiences that you really want, in life — and show up.

Any questions before you commit? Email [email protected]for a speedy, caring response. Prefer to talk on the phone? Mention that in your email and we’ll set up a date to chat.