Signs that you’re playing it safe.

Signs that you’re playing it safe.

Are you playing it safe?

In your life—and in your business—are you keeping things neutral and bland? Are you diluting your opinions? Are you treading hyper-cautiously to avoid offending anyone?

These are the telltale signs that you’re playing it safe:


* You write generic-sounding articles (“5 ways to boost your Google ranking,” “10 really great date night ideas”) but you never share personal stories, difficult lessons you’ve learned, or anything with grit, vulnerability, and emotion.

* You have strong opinions about politics, the #MeToo movement, homophobia, transphobia, racism, and immigration policies, but you never share your thoughts publicly.

* You admire heroic women like Rosa Parks and Maxine Waters—but then when you’re presented with an opportunity to stand up against a bully, you stand on the sidelines and say nothing.

* Your podcast is so bland and boring, not even your BFF will listen to it.

* When you meet someone at an event and then follow up the next day via email, they don’t remember who you are.

* When you’ve booked a photo shoot, you’re very careful not to be “too sexy” or “too much.”

* Your inbox is empty. No inquiries from clients. No emails from appreciative fans. Crickets. Tumbleweeds. The most exciting email you’ve received all week is a spam message about all-natural herbal Viagra.

And now, the telltale signs that you’re leading your life—and running your business—with bravery.


* You write about real things you’ve experienced—rookie mistakes, painful moments, big lessons you’ve learned. You get emails from complete strangers saying, “Thank you. I’m crying right now. You said the exact words I needed to hear today.”

* You have a strong point of view and you share it publicly—at the dinner table, at the podium, on camera, onstage, online.

* When you see something that’s not ethical, not fair, not right, or when you see someone in danger, you swoop in like a superhero. You don’t stand passively on the sidelines. You step in and make a scene.

* When you meet people at events, you make a strong impression. You get home and you’ve already got five emails in your inbox from people who want to hire you.

* You have lots of beautiful ideas (podcasts, books, projects, movements) and you are an implementation machine. The time is now. The world can’t wait.

* You feel light, energized, and liberated. You’re so busy enjoying your life, you literally don’t have time to get bogged down by the occasional 1-star review or bitchy blog comment.

* Your inbox is packed with messages. Clients who want to hire you. Fans who are sobbing over your latest essay—so moved and touched by your words. Journalists who want to interview you. Hate mail from hysterical people who are triggered by how brightly you shine.

. . .

Do something—today—to shift your world from safe to brave. You can start with a tweet, an outfit, a photo shoot, a letter to your Mayor, or an email to your dream client.

“Safe” is the mud that keeps you stuck. “Brave” is the rain that washes the road clean, clearing the path to the life that you crave.

Be very unsafe today.

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