January 31, 2021
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Something is about to happen.

I’ve been obsessively watching Bridgerton on Netflix (along with everyone else on the planet) and devouring the novels, too.

In one of the novels, the youngest Bridgeton child—Hyacinth—is talking to Lady Danbury.

Hyacinth says, “I think something important is about to happen.”

Lady Danbury replies: “Something important is always about to happen, my dear. And if not, you would do well to act as if it were. You’ll enjoy life better that way.”

Act. As. If.

Act as if you are a woman who takes excellent care of herself.

Act as if you are a woman with high standards and firm boundaries.

Act as if your business is about to sky-rocket and flourish.

Act as if you are serious about your goals.

Act as if miracles are about to happen.

And they will.

Today, when you get dressed, get dressed as if it’s your birthday, or your anniversary with your sweetheart, or like you’ve been invited to the social event of the season.

Wear the jewels. Use the good china. Open the best bottle of wine or use the finest loose-lea tea in your cupboard.

Talk to your potential clients with warmth, excitement, encouragement, and joy, as if they have already hired you and it’s a done deal.

Act as if you jut got a $10,000 deposit in your PayPal account.

Act as if today is going to be an incredible day.

And it will be exactly that.

And even if it’s not? You’ll enjoy the day a hell of a lot more if you take good care of yourself, adorn yourself, saturate yourself with pleasure, and move with gratitude.

Something is always about to happen.

Especially when you act like it already has.



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