May 16, 2021
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Need a good Spring cleaning?

I love a good Spring cleaning. Let’s wash that mess out, shall we?

Oh hey,

No offense to winter, but Spring is here – and it’s time to thaw out.

Every Spring, I give my entire life a good cleaning, and I’m not talking about dusting off the knick-knacks.

The Hyatt Spring clean looks a bit more like this:

: Unfollowing or muting toxic people who drive me up a wall. Byeeeee!

: Flushing stale excuses and getting sh*t done.

: Washing something, or someone, out of my life who is sucking up all the energy in the room.

Maybe you need a good Spring clean, too? Here are some areas of your life that may need tidying, freshening, or a complete Marie Kondo-style overhaul.

Digital Detox

The concept of shutting off your phone or taking a hiatus from social media isn’t new. And often, when we make huge sweeping declarations that we are “leaving technology behind forever!!!” – we end up right back where we started days later.

I recommend going off the grid for just one day per week – a reasonable way to wring out your social media & tech usage and feel refreshed when you’re back online.

Sweep Away Toxic Relationships

Relationships can be romantic, platonic, professional, cordial – anyone you come in contact with regularly. If your employee causes you to have a daily migraine, it’s time to hire someone new. If your barista serves up your latte with a grunt and a frown, hit up the other coffee shop on the next block.

Scour Your Habits

Like taking a good sponge and scouring those hard-to-clean corners, take a look at the things in your life that you do out of “habit,” then ask yourself if you’re actually enjoying it.

Scrub your Schedule

Hustle culture is real… and real toxic. Constantly working and grinding through Spring will only lead to a summer of fizzle, not sizzle. Take a good, hard, honest look at your schedule and determine what you can scrub or outsource to give yourself more freedom and sanity.

How are you going to clean up your act this Spring?

Pop on over to the Rich Coach Club Facebook Group and let us know!

Here’s to thawing out & leveling up your life,

P.S. Looking to tackle your big goal before the end of 2021? Partner with Susan for private 1:1 coaching. Choose your #1 goal. Any topic (financial, business, health, confidence, creative, etc.)  And for 6 months, work with Susan to burn through anything standing in your way. All blocks: cleared. All goals: achieved.



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