Martha Beck


Susan Hyatt is a tremendously talented and enthusiastic life coach. Her style, which is both empathetic and pragmatic, helps fuel her clients’ belief in themselves and their enthusiasm for making real change. Susan will help you establish clear goals that are based on your real innate preferences (in case you’re not sure what those are), and draft an empowering map to help you achieve them. Hire Susan if you’re ready for an authentic transformation–and would like to have some fun in the process. She really knows what it means to live from the “inside out.” If you’re ready to design a life that fits you to a T, Susan will be a fabulous asset.


Jen Mallinger


On Clear Coaches Select “Clear Coaches Select is BLOWING MY MIND.  Before signing up I had all kinds of ideas, but no clue how to implement them or even how to create a cohesive message!  Now, not only does my message feel clear, but I’m already creating fully formed marketable content left and right!  For years I’ve been super ambivalent about my coaching career, but without any overwhelm or sleepless nights, this program has transformed me into one of those coaches waking up in the morning going, “I was born for this!”  I can’t believe how fun, exciting, and fulfilling it feels to finally be ALL IN.  I have zero doubt I’ll be able to sell the programs and services I’m developing with confidence and excitement.  Clear Coaches Select is the best thing I could’ve done to take my Coaching business from “side hobby” to kick-ass CAREER.


Brooke Castillo


“Susan didn’t ask me to write a testimonial; but I hope she will post this on her site for others to read when considering hiring her. Anytime I talk to someone looking for a great coach, the first person who always comes to my mind is Susan Hyatt. I know that she takes good care of her clients and in genuinely committed to helping them. She is: Brilliant. Passionate. Committed. Responsible. Effective. I have watched her coach and seen her teach, and each time she inspires me. Every person I have ever sent her way writes me a thank you note saying how much they appreciate Susan as a person and a coach. Take her classes. Hire her to coach you. Read anything she writes. She will never waste your time or money. Susan practices what she teaches and she can show you the way. I am a raving, raving fan, and I guarantee you will be too.”


Danielle LaPorte


“Hyatt, you are fresh and for real. And what’s more, you’re teaching is meaningful and wise. On stage, your A-league material is as grounding as you are sparkling. Pretty sexy combo, sister.”


Kendrick Shope


On Clear Coaches “Clear coaches was one of the first business classes I took and it was amazing. I learned so many business fundamentals but the most important thing was how to use video to attract clients.  Susan is fun, brilliant, and supportive. Since learning from her I have gone on to create a seven figure business that I love. You simply MUST learn from her.”


Maggie Reyes


“This is the thing about what Susan teaches, you show up for the strategies and practical tools, but the mindset breakthroughs are so profound… and the shift in thinking with the solid practices to back it up – that’s what makes you unstoppable.”


Rachel Rodgers


On Clear Coaches “Clear Coaches is a great program for coaches who want to learn how to build a profitable coaching practice their own way. It’s not about doing what everyone else is doing. It’s about using your unique story, talents, skills and interests to create a practice that stands out from the crowd and serves in a new and exciting way. Susan has a way of pulling the Real You out and you’ll be so glad she did.”


Jen Levin

On BARE “You know how much I’ve struggled getting dressed up in the past. How much I’ve struggled to find something to wear that fits (let alone that I love!) and how much I’ve struggled to feel good while wearing said dress. Well, I want you to know how easy it was for me to find a dress for the party I had last night. I want you to know that trying on dresses that didn’t fit well didn’t send me into a downward spiral of negativity. I was able to keep shopping until I found the perfect dress…one that I LOVE. And I want you to know that I felt 100% happy in my own skin last night. I was able to have fun with my friends and enjoy dancing. Last night I felt true happiness. I realize that I’m the one that’s done a lot of work over the last couple of years, but you must know how grateful I am for YOU teaching me how to love myself and my body. I couldn’t have done it without you and I am forever grateful to you for being by my side as I’ve grown! I love you so much!”


Margarita Castillo

On BARE “I used to feel unhappy with my body, I felt I didn’t deserve to be loved until getting a certain size…. I was not able to lose the weight and had my whole life paused…. I was looking for a way to LOVE ME… I KNEW that was the problem, but had no idea how to do it… I found myself googling: “How can I love myself?”……Until I found BARE! I began to appreciate me and my life, lost ALL the extra weight without doing ANY diet, just taking care of my body gently…. it felt really like love, not punishment, and I really enjoyed eating healthy and exercising… I felt it like a big hug to myself…. if someone ever told me I was going to be saying this and living like this… I would have laugh out loud saying how impossible and improbable it was….BARE really changed my life. THANK YOU Susan Hyatt!!”


Sharon M. Kelley ,M.D.

On BARE “Susan Hyatt changed my life. What happens when you stop shaming yourself about your perceived faults and instead decide to embrace your wonderful imperfect messy self? The life you were meant to live slowly peeps through and sees the light of day. Susan’s work is not a quick fix. It is a journey that takes commitment and love, but it will change and improve the trajectory of your life!


Brooke Forhan

On BAREMethod Certification “The BARE Method changed my entire life trajectory. Picture a woman with a husband and three kids staying up on the phone surfing the web for the latest diet craze. For some quick solution to make me feel young and worthy again. Something that would make me feel like I was worthy of my husband’s attention. Now picture a woman who now eats the foods she enjoys and doesn’t hide from herself or the world anymore. The first woman in the picture? Me. Who can eat a meal and not whine about it AT ALL? Me. Guess who has lost weight and kept it off? Me. Guess who is turning her husband’s head with her new attitude about life? Me. Guess who started her OWN BUSINESS?????? ME!!!! Everything changed the day I found Susan and the Bare Method and ladies, I have never looked back!”


Dr. Melissa Bird

On Dig Deep “I signed up for Dig Deep hoping to improve upon my already regular writing schedule and maybe get one or two things published. Dig Deep encouraged me to reach out and just “submit” to online sources, which until then had TERRIFIED me. What if I got rejected (only once), they didn’t like my writing (they love it), they thought I was an idiot (I have a PhD for hell sakes). Since starting Dig Deep I have become a regular contributor to my favorite blog Kind Over Matter, I have signed a book contract to write a book about careers in social justice advocacy, and I have outlined my book Modern American Virgin: Stories of reproductive life in America, and I have started a regular practice of posting on my blog at Bird Girl Industries. Without Dig Deep I never would have done any of this. Thanks Susan and Alex. Everyone who wants to write anything should do this program.”