The BARE Deck is here! (Your holiday shopping: HANDLED)


Hello & happy Wednesday!

I know it’s only November, but the holidays are just around the corner, which means… family gatherings, festive lights, big hugs, hot apple cider, and… GIFTS!

Holiday shopping can be time-consuming and tedious, so if you want to handle a huge chunk of your shopping in about five minutes flat, I’ve got a suggestion for you:

Get a BARE Deck for every woman and girl in your life. 

The BARE Deck is my newest product. It was a labor of love, almost a year in the making, and now it’s finally here! Such a wonderful gift for your mom, daughter, aunt, niece, best friend, or any other woman in your life.

It’s a deck of 52 cards featuring messages from me + original artwork by Ros Webb. (The artwork is so beautiful, I actually burst into tears the first time I laid eyes on it.) 

These cards can be used to set an intention for your day, as a meditation prompt, a writing prompt, or to provide a quick burst of encouragement anytime you need it.

LORD knows, our world can be a rough, scary place when you’re a woman, and we ALL need daily reminders that we are powerful, capable, lovable, and worthy of respect.

You can order your deck (or multiple decks) right here: 

Shipping is available WORLDWIDE.

Empowering, heartfelt, meaningful holiday shopping: officially HANDLED.

You’re welcome.


Here’s what a few ladies are saying about their BARE decks! So much love!



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