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Tired of feeling stressed, exhausted, and disappointed with your body? Feel like all the “body drama” is holding you back from having the life you really want? You’re not alone—and it’s time for an exciting new chapter to begin. Join host Susan Hyatt for an empowering, feminist take on mental and physical health, body image, confidence, and tricky, emotionally-charged topics, like binge-eating, weight gain, and weight loss. Learn how to take excellent care of your body (even if you’re really busy), how to fall in love with exercise (yes, really), how to de-stress, sleep better, build energy, and feel stronger every day. Each episode will leave you feeling powered up, proud to be a woman, and ready to take on the world. You only get one body. Give it love. You only get one life. Make it count. Learn more about Susan’s BARE Daily membership community, BARE coaching certification, private coaching options, retreats and programs at


Episode 1: click here

In this episode, Isabel Foxen Duke and I discuss the difference between emotional and binge eating. She shares her opinions on the labels “food addict” and “sugar addict” and also the impact the success/failure model of eating has.

I’m also answering the question, “… if I stop tracking what I eat, won’t I just gain even more weight? I’m scared that if I ‘loosen up’ then I’ll just lose all control.”

Episode 3: click here

In this episode, I’m interviewing the amazing Lux ATL. We’re talking about feminism and the impact that coming from the stripping world has had on her relationship with her body.

In the full episode, I’m also answering the question, “If I want to lose weight, does that make me vain, or shallow, or… a bad feminist?”

Episode 4: click here

In this episode, I’m interviewing the lovely Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin. We’re talking about being a woman in the public eye, the importance of self talk and how we talk to and about other women. When we women are competing with one another and critiquing one another, we’re not working together to lift one another up, and that in and of itself just maintains the status quo.

I’m also answering the question, “Is religion ‘good’ for our bodies and our self-esteem?”

Episode 5: click here

In this episode I’m interviewing the lovely Jamie Silverstein. We’re talking about the “new normal” of motherhood, the tension that can exist between ourselves and our kids and the impact motherhood has on our view of body & food. We are talking about her recovery and advocacy work with eating disorders and also the importance of teaching ourselves to be present when maybe present isn’t the place we want to be.

I’m also answering the question, “How do you get to a place where you can LOVE your body?”

Episode 6: click here

In this episode, I’m interviewing the amazing Sara Dean. We’re talking about going from a business model in the fitness industry that was all about making women shrink to one that is about helping them grow and expand. She’s sharing tips about how to curate what you allow yourself to be exposed to on social media and the connection between confidence and beauty that has nothing to do with size.

I’m also answering the question, “What are some quick things I can do when I’m just feeling blah and unmotivated?”

Episode 7: click here 

In this episode I’m interviewing the INSPIRING Mirna Valerio (aka The Mirnavator). We’re talking about how when you “have a job to do” you do it, no matter what others might think. We’re talking about her history as a runner, the assumptions other’s make, and how to assert yourself no matter what is going on on the outside!

I’m also answering the question, “Do you ever have days where you look at your body and just feel… not so great? Do you ever see yourself in a photo and think, YIKES! Do you ever have days where you find yourself slipping back into old habits, mindless snacking on junk food, or whatever?”

Episode 8: click here

In this episode I’m interviewing the brilliant Sonya Renee Taylor. We’re talking about body terrorism and “the systematic use of fear to control the way bodies look.” The messaging of, “you are not good enough as you are.” Radical self love work and… her favorite tools for radical self love (be in community & give yourself some grace).

I’m also answering the question, “Hi Susan. I have a big family event coming up. Lots of people are going to be there, people I haven’t seen in a long time. I’ve gained a lot of weight in recent years and I definitely look different than I did the last time they saw me. I’m having a lot of anxiety about this event. I don’t want to deal with people looking at me, judging me, or asking questions… I feel like I have nothing to wear… I feel totally stressed about the whole thing. I wish I didn’t even have to go. I wish I could just stay home. How can I change my attitude about this? Because my attitude is really shitty right now.”

Episode 9: click here

In this episode I’m interviewing the illuminating Mel Wells. We’re talking about Her personal history with food and body image as a young actress in such a competitive industry. Her “Type A” personality driving her to be the “best at losing weight.” Starving and binging and using exercise as a punishment until the moment she realized she had to change her relationship with food and with herself.

I’m also answering the question, “…It amazes me how you’re always up at 5am, and how you go running or hit the gym almost every single day. I want to be that kind of woman! But I feel like no matter what I do, I always find some excuse to avoid exercising. I’ve tried literally everything…WTF is wrong with me?”


Introduction Episode: click here

This is the INTRODUCTION episode to The BARE Podcast. The revolution is burning strong, and really, ladies, we are just getting started. We are going to ditch diets. Ditch body shame. And begin to love ourselves RIGHT NOW.

Episode 1: click here

In this FIRST episode, we’re discussing the first step in the BARE process… I call it ENVIRONMENTAL DETOX. Cleaning up your environment can have MASSIVE effects on your health and wellness. It is SO important. Part of that is also about the people we surround ourselves with, so in the Q&A, we’ll also cover what to do when family members drain you!

Episode 2: click here

In this episode, we’re discussing the second step in the BARE process… PLEASURE. I firmly believe that women don’t have a WILLPOWER issue, but a PLEASURE issue. So buckle up and tune in to how to add more pleasure into your day! 
In today’s Q&A we’re also covering WHY you might be tolerating clutter in your environment! Are you someone who looks around and questions this? We answer the billion dollar question why, here!

Episode 3: click here

Today we discuss STEP THREE in the BARE process! This is a big one for many women. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to EAT with more ATTENTIVENESS, this episode is for you! Stop rushing, savor your food, change your life. 
In the Q&A we’re answering the question… If there’s a food that you struggle to control yourself around… is it best to throw it away? Or can you learn to have it around you, without overeating?

Episode 4: click here

Today we’re talking about EXERCISE. This is the fourth step in the BARE process. But not just exercising, EXERCISING WITH LOVE. This is so important. Movement isn’t a punishment, it doesn’t have to be anyway! Learn to move and ENJOY it. In the Q&A we’re talking about what you can do when you absolutely HATE exercising. There’s a way, I promise. Listen in to find out how.

Episode 5: click here

When you look into your closet, what do you see, and how do you feel? Every piece of clothing in your closet is sending a message to you. What kinds of messages are you getting? This is step five of the BARE process and if you’re anything like me, you might be holding on to clothes for a decade unnecessarily. Don’t. Tune in to this episode where we’ll also be answering the question of what to do with clothing you may want to eventually wear again?

Episode 6: click here

Researchers have found that 97% of women think at least one intensely negative thought about their bodies every day. Are you part of that 97%? Today’s episode we talk about step SIX in the BARE process. DETOXING your MIND. You deserve to overcome these negative thoughts. Tune in & let’s get started. Today’s Q&A I answer the question: If negative thoughts just keep coming, does this mean you’re doing something wrong?

Episode 7: click here

Today we cover step seven in the BARE process! Show up and be seen. YES ladies. SHOW UP. MAKE A SCENE. You were not put here to hide, so come out of your shell with me today! And the final Q&A of the season will help overcome the fear and belief that if you want to be seen… that would mean you were conceited. Let’s show up today!