March 14, 2021
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The Diamond of the Season

Are you obsessed with Bridgerton on Netflix?

We need to talk about that spoon licking scene. Oh, you know which one I mean.

Recently, I hosted a Bridgerton-themed Tea Party for a group of clients on Zoom.

We had fancy tea, surprise guests, stories and hilarity, and several people even came dressed in glamorous hats and gloves. A proper British tea party, indeed!

On Bridgerton, there’s a character named Daphne who is called “The Diamond of the Season.” This means, the Queen took notice of Daphne and deemed her to be the most beautiful, exquisite, desirable, and interesting woman of the entire social season. A real catch. One to watch.

Being dubbed The Diamond of the Season is a tremendous honor and of course, everyone yearns for such a title!

This prompted me to ask my clients:

“If you decided that YOU were The Diamond of the Season, what would that mean for you?”

What would it mean for your career? For your life at home? For your health, self-care, boundaries, and how you treat yourself?

My Tea Party guests had so many beautiful ideas.

They told me:

“Being the Diamond of the Season means…”

“…I spend the next year transitioning out of the job I don’t like and into my dream career.”

“…I make the leap from writing to producing so I can have real decision-making power in my career.”

“…I feel braver about the future even though my husband just got laid off.”

“…I take more time just for me. More time to sit in a comfy chair and stare into my backyard and sip tea and just be.”

If you were The Diamond of the Season, what would that mean for you?

How would you get dressed? Eat? Move? Think about yourself? Talk about yourself? What kinds of commitments and social engagements would you put onto your calendar? What types of things would be an immediate “no thank you”?

Go forth into the rest of 2021 as if the Queen has dubbed you The Diamond of the Season. A rare jewel. A woman on the rise.

And obviously, you don’t actually need the Queen’s blessing.

Because you already are one.

PS. A great question: “If I was a woman who took exquisite care of herself, what would my day look like?” Go be that woman.



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