December 6, 2020
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Tired and busy.

I know a woman who is always tired and never has enough time. Every time we connect, it’s like a broken record.

How are you?


How’s your week going?


I say this with complete empathy, because I spent many years being that tired-busy woman, too.

What I have learned is that if you are perpetually tired and busy, there is a reason why this is happening, and it really doesn’t take a MENSA genius to figure it out. 

Tired and busy

It’s because you are doing a 9 PM Target run while your spouse relaxes in bed.

It’s because you are making lunch for your teenager when they are perfectly capable of making their own turkey sandwich.

It’s because you are doing the bulk of the schooling from home while your partner enjoys a Netflix break, reads a book, or takes a nap.

It’s because you have appointed yourself the household maid, cook, therapist, events coordinator, and tutor, and you hold on tightly to these identities, and refuse (for all kinds of reasons) to delegate and clear things off your own plate.

It’s because you have been tired-and-busy for so long, that you’ve forgotten any other way to be. 

Staying tired-and-busy comes with a cost. But it also protects you. It protects you from having to focus on your own career, business, or passions. It protects you from taking risks and doing new and uncomfortable things.

If you were no longer tired-and-busy, and you actually had the mental space to write a book, start a podcast, grow your business, or double your revenue…..?! Wouldn’t that be wonderful. And wouldn’t that be scary as hell. 

Now is the time to decide if you want to continue being tired-and-busy or not.

You do not have to keep living this way.

You can reduce your workload—starting with tasks around the house—and there are numerous ways to do this, whether you have the funds to hire a housekeeper or not. 

It starts with you saying, “I will not allow this to continue.” 

Stop allowing tired-and-busy to be your normal mode of operation. Dig within yourself and demand something better. Raise the standards.

Someone else can do the Target run. 

And you can spend that time doing something that brings you power instead of exhaustion.



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